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Film Riot can never be trusted again being part of that sponsored ad. Any rep they may have had is dead to me now.
Seriously have to question your writing this. Try low light or evening or light with dark concurrently. I tried to gravitate to filmmaking with an iPhone 6 but it's not up to snuff. It's going to be years before this goes anywhere near DSLRs even of today. This guy is just going for clicks.
 That sounds like a very good thing for the long term health of 3D touch.
Or wired now. None. Also, their mice suck from my point of view. Even Ive defended their old puck mouse design recently: a terrible creation. Turns out he is human after all.
 I had an idea a while back that when you start typing numbers on your apple keyboard your trackpad revealed these white numbered lights below its surface in the layout of a number pad via microscopic holes in the glass like how the power light is hidden. Or simply beneath the glass in a well done manner and you can continue from there to type the numbers via your trackpad. Don't type numbers via trackpad for a given period and they fade out.
 Ive looks visibly more relaxed and healthy than he did before taking on his new role. I'm so glad for him, and for us.
The signups for the app must have been low.   And yeah, wouldn't rule out bait and switch.
Wonder if the Magic Keyboard is an Apple keyboard and Magic Trackpad combined into one product: Chances of it being backlit: doubtful.
Iovine is right. Freemium music doesn't pay the artists nearly what they are entitled to. Apple could offer free music in the morning, it doesn't need the money, but they avoid freemium to ensure the artists get paid. It's a rather straight forward argument. You prefer freemium because you couldn't care if the artists get paid.
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