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Can I use your bugs, please?
Kuo's 2013 roadmap was more than 50% wrong.
We don't need 40 GBps, what we need is more Thunderbolt products, more affordable Thunderbolt products and Thunderbolt should have been reversible from day one.
Just because it look them that long to include Siri doesn't meant it wasn't ready. And Siri is still in beta so it's not a great analogy. Touch ID was a very fast turn around and helped lay the groundwork for authenticating payments via your fingerprint for ease of use.
"Staffing up".   So 2015 then.
Anyone remember when the History channel was a history channel? MTV a music channel? Discovery a decent channel?
I think the two likely possibilities are Nessy is real or that's a wind pattern on the water. But I'm only guessing.
A ship in a loch?
 I respectfully disagree.
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