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It seems insane for the app to show you in-app notification for receiving $950 when the buyer has no money to give you in their account. Seems like a huge oversight for the developers of Venmo, which I believe is eBay now. Surely there has to be a simple method to solve this, like the app do a check to see if the money is there before sending it—duh.
Which group has killed the most innocent people in the past 14 years? Clue: it can be a small or large group
You cannot invoke edge gestures, so no.
The lack of an eraser is a glaring oversight. I've seen many artist on video already yearn for this ability. I'm surprised Ive didn't include it, it's so clearly a good idea. Especially not the likes of note taking apps.
Respectfully disagree, and feel it's nice to have that option. With the end an eraser I'm sure there'd be a healthy consistency across apps enabling users to not need to learn eraser location on a per app basis.
To the user the only thing that matters is the experience. Pencil has a better experience. That said, they should have included an eraser feature on the end.
This is one thing that will never see the light of day.
On my phone on mobile site your avatar looks like a naked man interacting with Apple Watch with his wiener.
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