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Tidal is one too many streaming services. Long-term I see Apple taking the lead and Spotify taking second place.
The Apple TV has both those apps.
 Dvorak, you visionary ;)
 I graciously do.
 Just about to purchase my third Kuro soon. It's going into storage as a spare :)
Good idea.
That was a bit harsh, but it was funny.
And you obviously know everything about sound. All hail the sound king. If you know anything about the TV industry you'd realise that surround sound systems are selling worse than ever because people are realising they are too complex and messy with too many parts, AND ADDITIONAL REMOTES (a pet peeve of mine). Going forward the soundbar reigns supreme. This is the way things are and are headed. It's a far cleaner setup in the living room and these things sound a lot better...
Wrong. I complained about the speaker quality in the newer iMacs with the 5mm audio-funnel chin that were created after Jobs died. But who cares about facts.
New Posts  All Forums: