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To be fair to Musk as of now the Apple product doesn't exist and the media is talking about the death of his company. He's a brilliant guy. There's no denying that. He also had a big head start over Apple regarding EVs. There's no denying that.
 Screens and cameras.
 They are great design is only the rear passengers need to get out of that tight squeeze. That demo made no sense.
Exactly. Steve took his assholary seriously.
Your comment isn't any better.
Now he's just talking crap.
Film Riot can never be trusted again being part of that sponsored ad. Any rep they may have had is dead to me now.
Seriously have to question your writing this. Try low light or evening or light with dark concurrently. I tried to gravitate to filmmaking with an iPhone 6 but it's not up to snuff. It's going to be years before this goes anywhere near DSLRs even of today. This guy is just going for clicks.
 That sounds like a very good thing for the long term health of 3D touch.
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