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The EU and Eurozone is a joke. Greece will hopefully be the first of a long line of countries to break up this power-grabbing sham. Ireland has gotten completely f******* by Europe.
 He's an Apple employee selling his own music through Apple. Collusion? WTF.
It's like the Force Touch trackpads that don't have as nice of a click as a physical trackpad has—as described by Marco Arment. And I'd believe it because I typed on that new MacBook keyboard, wanting to buy the device, but I walked away in disgust at how awful the typing experience was. As Marco said, he could get used to typing on a MacBook, but he'd never love it. Getting rid of the home button better be because it's a better experience, not because they can.   'Look...
Apple could make $100B from Beats hardware and music and there'll still be people trying to argue it was a waste of $3B.
FU Sammy
It's a super, duper watch. Perfect combination of style, choice and function. I honestly don't think Apple could have done any better with their first get watch. But. But. But. I will never wear a watch. That explains why the numbers are low for an Apple product. Very high for a smartwatch—mind you.
Because that would mean announcing new hardware too an Apple wasn't ready for that.
I disagree on both counts.
Waiting for a 14" version with 2 USBc ports.   Also waiting for the price to reduce a bit and the baseline processor speed to improve. It's a good first step, but not there yet for me. I'll jump on board in two years.
New Posts  All Forums: