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I keep hearing this refrain from the Apple geeks, but long term I see the opposite happening. I see the Air replacing the Pro. Apple wants the mainstream market, they want thin and light and MBAs get more powerful every year. Eventually the lines between MBP and MBA blur so Apple kills the less sexy machine, thins the sexier one and gives it all the mod trimmings such as new keyboard, new trackpad, new display and eventually—yes, eventually, an Apple chip.
You make it lighter by making it thinner and reducing bezels. You make it thinner with keyboard tech. Not as thin as MacBook but perhaps new Magic keyboard thin.Existing MBA didn't get force touch because they want the new models to stand out on their own. They'll call the new Machines probably the MBA with Retina display.
 I disagree. You're thinking like a geek. Apple doesn't think or operator like that. What you're describing is a future you want, not one Apple wants IMO.
The MacBook is thinner and lighter with less ports and less power. Eventually I see the MacBook Air replacing the MBP in Apple's lineup. I think it would make far more sense for MacBook to be 12", MBA to be 14" and MBP to be 16" if they want to continue selling it.
Was it said to be tri-core before testing?
It seems insane for the app to show you in-app notification for receiving $950 when the buyer has no money to give you in their account. Seems like a huge oversight for the developers of Venmo, which I believe is eBay now. Surely there has to be a simple method to solve this, like the app do a check to see if the money is there before sending it—duh.
Which group has killed the most innocent people in the past 14 years? Clue: it can be a small or large group
You cannot invoke edge gestures, so no.
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