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 He's an Apple employee selling his own music through Apple. Collusion? WTF.
It's like the Force Touch trackpads that don't have as nice of a click as a physical trackpad has—as described by Marco Arment. And I'd believe it because I typed on that new MacBook keyboard, wanting to buy the device, but I walked away in disgust at how awful the typing experience was. As Marco said, he could get used to typing on a MacBook, but he'd never love it. Getting rid of the home button better be because it's a better experience, not because they can.   'Look...
Apple could make $100B from Beats hardware and music and there'll still be people trying to argue it was a waste of $3B.
FU Sammy
It's a super, duper watch. Perfect combination of style, choice and function. I honestly don't think Apple could have done any better with their first get watch. But. But. But. I will never wear a watch. That explains why the numbers are low for an Apple product. Very high for a smartwatch—mind you.
Because that would mean announcing new hardware too an Apple wasn't ready for that.
I disagree on both counts.
Waiting for a 14" version with 2 USBc ports.   Also waiting for the price to reduce a bit and the baseline processor speed to improve. It's a good first step, but not there yet for me. I'll jump on board in two years.
Tim should do a Steve on this and put many people from Apple on fabbing their own chips and displays. Buy Sharp and LG display? Poach employees away? Poach employees away from Samsung display? Anything to kill this soulless copy cat company. There needs to real consequences here.
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