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Already in the works.
Knows his stuff. Apple as a whole company right now I think need to focus on BUGS BUGS BUGS; hardware and software. Take a deep breath and fix everything!
To be fair I don't think loyalty to any platform is necessary. I don't use Android because it's made by Google and it's junk, not because it's not made by Apple.
Comment on MacRumors: "Hahahahahaha. Go home Amazon, you're drunk."
You don't know Apple. And you don't physically have to do it to decide how it will look.
I think this is gorgeous.
Don't try to pawn off John Gruber's comments are your own.
CONS: Exceedingly bulky. Mini USB and not lightning.
Yeah totally secret, shush.
8 hours driving (both ways) and crossing a boarder? Thx but I'll stick with Cork. Cheers for your help btw
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