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If this was an app on the Apple watch that worked with an advanced hydration sensor built into the Apple watch itself that could literally detect when you needed water that would be cool. Other than that this is nothing more than an interesting gimmick. Agreed with above, if you feel thirsty, drink. God forbid the population grew without a cup telling us when we had to drink.
 That's what choice is all about. It makes sense to offer a range of size choices for iPhone and I think 3 sizes is perfect.
 Didn't happen yet. That doesn't mean it could happen. It'd be thicker but smaller and have all the same features. After all the charge the same for a half-length Lightning cable. Yes, I did use a Lighting cable as an example. Give it 3D touch; the works. On equal footing with 6s. And for that matter, don't give the plus OIS and not the other models.
The 4" version shouldn't be a second class citizen, but rather a slightly thicker version of the iPhone 6 with a 4" display and a parody of features and battery life at the same price. If this was the case even if at price parody I'd consider switching back to a 4" phone. I find the 4.7" too big for my pockets and I never much use my iPhone to watch videos and certainly not long videos.
You're looking for a Mac notebook.Another thing Apple is doing by keeping iPad touch-only and releasing a Pro tablet is forcing develops who want pro apps on this platform to custom design them for it. If Adobe ever does a touch-first full version of PS it'll be because of Apple and no one else. You'd think a company that will produce less than $5B gross profit this year Apple could persuade them to work on this version, but I guess we will see. The Pro iPad platform is a...
Cook's comments deny nothing of the sort.
Is this the first officially approved third party product with a lightning port?
 The kooaid still has some juice left it seems.
 I hear more and more people talking about how greedy Apple has become lately. Frankly, I wouldn't bet against move on myself someone. I never would have said that 3 years ago. There's only so much shafting you can take before you get sense. Even myself I've begun to vocalise this with my non-hard core Apple friends. And they're not Android defenders or anything or the sort. Most of them use iPhones.
No, that would be terrible because it wouldn't push iOS as a platform forward. MS may have their desktop apps for the interim on their tablet, but they are only hurting their tablet developer ecosystem long term. Apple's given devs like Adobe no option but to make better apps for the tablet which makes the platform what it needs to be long term.
New Posts  All Forums: