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 I'd so love for Apple to open up iMessage and FaceTime by releasing those apps on Android. To be able to send iMessages to everyone (Android users would download iMessage) would make my usage of my Apple devices far more seamless and enjoyable. Juggling messaging apps is quite annoying.
I so want a cross-platform iMessage.
 Quit giving your countrymen and women a bad name. I know there are great Americans out there, you'd do well to learn from them.
Highly doubt that.
Tim just allow Amazon to add their app or just add an App Store to ATV4
Samsung = copying. It's what they do.
 Agreed. This is one of those where secrecy hurts Apple.
Not buying that argument. To the average person who wants an iPad they don't want this. I'd say one thing if they displayed one or half the iPads along with keyboards, but all of them? Doesn't look attractive; you don't need data to tell you that. And the whole controller thing is clearly a precursor to Apple bringing out a better Apple TV that supports gaming.
Because it's a feature. If this ever sees the light of day it'll be optional.
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