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 You're always so positive.
When the prices come down a bit these will make a super birthday present. They are very cool. Just a tad overpriced right now.
So expensive. The pricing situation on iPhones is not right right now IMO.   When they introduced the 8 GB 5c I think the should have killed both the 4s and the 32 GB 5c, and rearranged pricing. That's my opinion.   I really think they should adjust the pricing of iPhones to this:   4s 8 GB = EOL   5c 8 GB = €399 5c 16 GB = €499   5s 16 GB €599 5s 32 GB €699 5s 64 GB €799  
Someone on Reddit solved the size of this thing at 4.7" via one simple line:     Quite embarrassing for that developer. But he gets attention either way I suppose.
They should acquire MyScript, rename it Calculator and bundle it on the iPad.   The should acquire 53 because they are very, very clever and have probably the best app for iPad on the entire App Store. Heck, if they are going to FFS acquire Color for talent they certainly should acqu-hire 53. Mark my words 53 gets acquired by Google or FaceBook in the next year. And I will be sick to my stomach when it happen.
More agressive, very good move. Only $70 to go.       Is that $83.88 per year?
 Good idea. A cellular mini hacked to shows CP sounds cool.
 The 4" iPhone will be staying around. The only question is are they going to add one new size or two.
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