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Honestly I'd stick with iOS 6 on a 4s or older myself.
The sheer size and weight diff from the iPad 3 to the Air 2 is quite something. Perhaps you should consider upgrade while the iPad 3 still has some resell value left in its chassis?Upgrade while the going's good. I think the Air 2 is going to be as good as it gets for iPad for a while yet on the consumer front. If iPad Pro ships I see that aimed at a slightly different user: enterprise, design and artisan.
I think focusing on making the iPad as thin and light as they have while making graphics 85 times faster and keeping battery life above 10 hours is serious innovation when it comes to the platform. Just because sales are down year over year doesn't necessarily mean Apple's doing anything wrong with the platform. I think a strong future focus for iPad should be speaker loudness or audio quality innovation; an area that requires some kind of miracle given the physical...
Who knows. Has dumb move written all over it.
Filed in 2008. Slow news day around here.
Wang Dongling gets his 15 minutes. Hope he gets some gigs from this. More power to him and all other artists who pursue their passions.
 True. Just look at what her love for cars did for this girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mtm-rBEaU4
Cool looking city. I would if success had anything to do with the price of a stock.
Cool looking city.
  This is such a terrible image. They should have shown the top of the display profiled next to the iPad Air 2 to demonstrate thinness better, not the hinge. It is interesting though, from the looks of this image, that the outside of the hinge is part of the aluminium display bent over, making the hinge and screen more one-piece-like than any previous Mac portable. And the inside of bottom of the display is black rather than the inside of the hinge as per usual, no...
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