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Don't link to CNet, seriously.
HUGE thread!   /s
We don't need an overly-long article to answer that question. The answer is the iPad is 50X the stronger platform when it comes to tablets.
I think this building and grounds will prove as important to Apple as the iWatch. Given the plans, attention to detail and the beautiful and hugely ambitious design I in a way think of this building as an Apple product. It will be certainly have pro PR repercussions, make Apple a more inspirational and enjoyable place to work for employees and make putting on Apple events great for Apple amazing for the media and the viewer. The only annoying thing for an Apple fan and for...
€2,500 or €20?
That's because it's free. My idea ;-)
One of the first in my list would be Blackmagic Design
 I haven't, but that was deliberate. If I watch TV news I get a headache.
 Are you arguing against or for the Air? :P I don't see the point of a car. All they do it just you from A-B like a truck does for less money.
 Honestly I don't think they've switched to an all or nothing produce roll out. I'd just say that's the way it went last year. The big issue they're facing now with releasing a new product is they are entering a couple of new categories, and those products can't be rushed like a Samsung or Google roll out. With TV the true revolution would be to make a batter TV, but as Jobs succinctly pointed out there doesn't seem to be a go-to-market strategy. And seeing as the only...
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