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Why are you lifting your finger for a double-press for Touch ID Daniel? You are aware you don't need to right? Just click once without breaking contact.
The rick roll easter egg would have been far better if Apple hadn't have done it already in another way. This once mentioning the song would have been enough.
The clock is ticking: Apple will switch to their own chip designs in mobile Macs this decade? Seems like an obvious logical inevitability.
Where to start.
There in the same group as those who knew Apple weren't making a phone or a tablet. Two private messages I received when iPad was announced to apologise for dismissing my idea as stupid that Apple would produce a 10" tablet. Most people admitted nothing however. Some even boldly claimed they said this coming when a week prior they were ridiculing the idea of an Apple tablet. No redeeming character at all for some. It's sad. When you're wrong your wrong and my belief is...
It is my understanding that Jony Ive has attended this "event" for a few years now.
36% adoption is 3 days? Wow!   Apple needs to have efficiency, speed and battery life be tent pole features in iOS and OS X going forward, indefinitely. I've gave feedback and emailed Tim and Phil about it. This is key to enjoyment and use of both platforms.
Sadly I think BMW made it look less attractive than their existing cars on purpose. What they should have instead done is made electric versions of their existing lineup with an i in the marketing as they are doing now. Literally used the same body shape in a light material.
You ought to check your memory. But, yes, some people were thinking it's for an Apple dashboard hardware product for car manufacturers to install, which is clearly a ridiculous idea: no car maker would employ this in a million years. I'm frankly shocked so many allowed CarPlay and Android Auto. Rest assured that's the limit of control they release.People were out of their minds to think Apple would want literally hundreds of mechanical car engineers to build a dashboard...
Are you taking about the country who has dog therapists? The US market I would argue would be the key market for a self-driver. Personally self-driving only appeals to me if it's optional. It's a slippery slope. You just know once we go down this road cut to 30 years into it and human driving is banned on public roads. Sad day indeed when that happens.
New Posts  All Forums: