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Engadget got a dig in for the iPad Air 2 getting only 11 hours 15 minutes battery in its video watching tests. Idiots.   If the iPad Air 2 was getting 5 or 6 hours I'd use that as a complaint about the thinness, but as the battery is well good enough and far exceeds Apple's claims I'd say the weight and thinness reduction were super decisions. I think when it comes to tablets weight and thinness were always going to be the most important factors to having a great device...
It can't get it to work. Help. I think I've everything set up right for it to work, but my Mac doesn't want to display this key-code.   CAN'T SET IT UP :-(
Look at the price reductions of the MacBook Air. Clearly the reason for these numbers.
It also might get you a gold iPad mini if that's your bling, I mean thing.
It's being unreliable to me to the point of not functioning.
 Are you sure this wasn't Marketing?
Barclays bough some AAPL I see.
troll harder
Just stop
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