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 Nice attitude.
 I thought you said music was dying away?
 A sound engineer that convinced the record business to sign up with iTunes after seeing the iPod. The iPod which was the foundation for what Apple is today. Don't underestimate the power of the dealmakers — they make things happen.
 That comparison isn't going to fly. But I think if this guy could manage to get Apple a TV subscription deal I'd certainly consider him well worth this acquisition. With the right TV subscription deal I think the future of television is, without doubt, a great all in one subsidised TV as part of a contract. Just like how signing a contract gets the average person the best phone on the market today, future TV hardware could work just like that. Not to mention that no...
 Tell us what you really think, Slurp.
More exterior images:       And some interior shots:    
 Certainly a mouthful. Here's the building in question:  I find that Starck-designed super yacht hideous.
This should negate a lot of these distracting court cases. I just wish Samsung would stop copying. They are nothing but a bunch of unoriginal charlatans. In other news, I used an s3 yesterday for about 10 minutes; wow, what a terrible experience. I never knew they were such utter junk! Scrolling wouldn't keep up with your finger, the Chrome browser on it is garbage, and their App Store is riddled with crapware and the search function in the store (Google run store; search...
New Posts  All Forums: