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 Wow, I missed that tidbit. But got in on the beta yesterday anyway:  Back on 10.9.3 now.
 Just go will you.
Amazing keyboard. Love the new icons in 10.10. All beautiful.   The UI aka toolbars need some work to be considered beautiful. Not a big big fan of translucency on the Mac.   EDIT: but won't make a final judgement until I use the GM.
The new ii. Like a real pair of glasses.
Apple's new retail hire ;-)
Beats hardware is junk, fashionable junk. But Apple will now be designing Beats. Apple knows hardware.And no, you are not considered a troll. You are a troll.
Players! Players! Players!
Beats will be Apple's music brand going forward. Don't expect a Beats phone. Expect Apple designed Beats headphones. Expect a more focused Beats lineup. Expect Apple engineered Beats headphones. If Beats in-ear are continued expect just one model of them going forward. And I wouldn't be surprised to see them drop the speakers entirely. And obviously they are keeping the Beats music service. I must be the only guy who likes this deal. Beats is a name and a logo when it...
Imagination much?
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