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 Are you arguing against or for the Air? :P I don't see the point of a car. All they do it just you from A-B like a truck does for less money.
 Honestly I don't think they've switched to an all or nothing produce roll out. I'd just say that's the way it went last year. The big issue they're facing now with releasing a new product is they are entering a couple of new categories, and those products can't be rushed like a Samsung or Google roll out. With TV the true revolution would be to make a batter TV, but as Jobs succinctly pointed out there doesn't seem to be a go-to-market strategy. And seeing as the only...
Guys, what about an Air that ALSO has an ARM chip for basic tasks and switches to Intel silicon when required?
 The 11" Air is 135 PPI, the 13" Air is 128 PPI.  Honestly the base model 13" Air is a great machine. And yes, so the RAM is soldered on, it's annoying, but if you need the extra 4 GBs of RAM it's no longer a total ripoff to get the Apple upgrade at checkout. It's $100. $1,199.00 all told.
 It that another way of saying the 12" iPad rumours are completely wrong. I think so.
 I buy want you need and can afford.
I bet ya will see the fanless, Retina Air launched at $999 with impossibly low storage, thus forcing most who want it to pay extra for a larger storage version. OR... the Retina model is sold as the premium model along the lines of the MacBook Pro setup where they keep the non-Retina models around.
I'm running 10.9.2 on the newest model Air. Now and then I see graphical glitches like a line across the screen, it goes away after a moment.   Ongoing OS X bugs I'm seeing:   1. Graphical glitch. Probably Air/firmware related.   2. Finder app+desktop freezes sometimes when I try to name a desktop file, usually a video file. Finder cannot be force quit in this scenario and the only way I know how to get around this is to restart my Mac via the restart keyboard...
$8 per month for this junk? Where was NYT in the lead up to the war? Thank God for privately held publications like The Guardian. Only for the few journalism would be dead.
They have still yet to make their iOS Trailers app global. I don't get it. The Apple TV Trailers app has been global since forever.
New Posts  All Forums: