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Too minimal and you lose valuable features. Without volume buttons the remote would be 'simpler' but you then need to get out the TV remote to adjust volume.The home button takes you to the home screen in one click. The menu button takes you one step backwards. Perhaps they should have taken this opportunity to rename it the back button. Here's the sort of thing you can do with Menu: say your viewing a two-up stream in At Bat and you devide you want stats on the focused...
The Siri Remote is the main reason to buy the product. Until we get the Siri Remote included in the box in my country I won't be getting the new TV. It makes no sense not to include it. The product is far worse without it. Sure, Siri may not be as accurate, but we've had Siri on our iPhones for years now in other countries. I use it all the time to type on my iPhone. Not to mention the swipe part of the controller is the main reason I want it.
 From a third party. We're assuming it takes 6 minutes to charge, but that is not conclusive yet. People may not wish to plug into their iPad to charge for one reason or another. Chill out.
 I'm sure Adobe is looking closely at porting Photoshop to iOS for this device. People could literally sit in the park with this and Pencil and do their work. And given the right price point I'd say they'll hit the ball out of the park.
Yes overall it's the right tradeoff. The fact that 15 seconds gives you 30 minutes of a charge tells us everything we need to know. Just plug it in during bathroom breaks and never think about charging.
Nat that's a messy solution. They should have thought up an mag-inductive method of placing the remote down on the Apple TV during standby whereby the Apple TV would only charge it when it reached a certain level of battery to extent the life of the internal battery for a long time. All the user would need to do is get in the habit of leaving their remote on the Apple TV and Apple could take care of the rest.
Wouldn't surprise me to see such a dock this year.
You missed a golden opportunity to title this article: Llightning strikes twice.
Carpal tunnel is a psycho somatic condition.
Keeping the free tier at 5GB and base iPhone storage on latest and greatest models at 16GB in 2015 is greedy. I'm blaming Phil for this one. Phil, you're greedy. I spent €899 on an iPhone you shouldn't be trying to squeeze an extra 99c a month from your loyal customers. Free tier should be a minimum of 25GB and the only paid tier should be $4.99 per month for 1TB. I'd hazard a guess that 99% of all people on the paid tier would go nowhere near the 1TB, Apple would perhaps...
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