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Less is more DED.
It would weigh the same. If they use stronger thinner alloys then they lose the advantage of the stronger material
Naive much?
 Thunderbolt is reversible?
Truest article title DED has ever written. Didn't justify the length of the piece though.
U2's worst album in years.
 moan moan moan
Yes, but rename it. It's one terrible name.   And even with a better name the issue will be getting people to move from Facebook to Path as people won't use two networks indefinitely. I can see the synergy with Path, but could have seen a lot of synergy with Twitter too. I'd bet the could have bought Twitter at one time or another if they really wanted to. Jack Dorsey said as much at one stage I believe. 
16 hours to find out just how full of shit NYT is.
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