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 I understand that. But fast food is still junk.
 That's a fair point, but it doesn't make organic food any worse for you. It doesn't make it any less healthy. It doesn't stop corn fed cattle stomachs from exploding, or pesticides from killing bees. We need to start rethinking all of this and what we put in our bodies. Where there's a will there's a way.
 For general interaction, yes, but not for drawing. For drawing or painting a stylus is superior.
Megapixels matter, but only to a point. I'm sure if they are not adding pixels this year they have their reasons. Phones are very thin, anyway. Perhaps phone manufactures including Apple should consider stacking the cameras vertically inside their phones so they can put in better cameras than the physical thickness will allow.
I wish Apple would buy 53 and for now sell their Pencil as an optional accessory and provide an API for it for all drawing apps out there for some consistent practice in this area. And make Paper an iWork app. Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Paper. And make that team for now work away by itself inside Apple to work on more cool ideas iOS users would benefit from having them as part of every iOS device. Facebook are swallowing up all the great iOS dev teams. It's time Apple...
I only eat non-preserved/processes organic grass-fed mince prime cut beef with a ciabatta bun when I make my own beef-burger. A world apart from what you get in the King. The buns are one of the worst parts one these burgers and organic mince is way better for you. 8 times the vitamin K for example. When you can leave a patty under your bed for a year and have it look the same as the day it has been served something is seriously, seriously wrong. Exercise is important for...
Diabetes, now even more convenient.
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, AI, but at that size 3.7 GB is a lot.
I haven't seen a reason to buy a watch yet. If my watch was a wireless music-to-my-ears music player designed for fitness it'd be a little interesting. At least Apple are apparently cramming lots of sensors into their watch for people with blood pressure, breathing, blood sugar, health, fitness concerns. All I see here is a bunch of gimmicks. "Open garage door"? Really? You still need to buy an automatic garage door. Jelly fish warning? You never checked on magic seaweed...
Do you work for Motorola? Who are you? Something's fishy.
New Posts  All Forums: