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  They need a cool catchy name like Air Force One, even 2 Infinite Loop would be better than Campus 2, but that's taken.
 You guys are so cute to think your laws matter. I think your government has proven nothing is off-limits to them. Ask for permission when you get caught is their policy. Denial is another great one.
Anyone else think the name Apple Campus 2 is a terribly underwhelming name for one of the coolest buildings ever to be built? The Eiffel Tower The Empire State Building Campus 2 ?
That would be awesome. Or just keep your iPhone in your pocket or your Watch on your wrist and simple open the door or walk away.
Heard them mentioning this on the AI podcast. Yuck!
The ONLY way to integrate Pay into a new Apple portable computer like the rMBA is to make the entire trackpad a Touch ID Trackpad. That's the Apple-way and that's what needs to happen. Apple is thankfully run by marketing and design and then it's engineering's problem to figure out how to make it work. Let's hope Ive and Schiller won't add Touch ID to any Mac notebook until this is feasible for them. The last thing people who care about humans and design want is an ufly,...
 You're comparing a hospital's budget to Apple's budget and you think you're making a point?
 Wow that's embarrassing for 9-5.
You can do that with your phone. And that's not a functionality of the watch, it's third party functionality that's readily available.
 Who says they were shelved?
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