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 Agreed. This is one of those where secrecy hurts Apple.
Not buying that argument. To the average person who wants an iPad they don't want this. I'd say one thing if they displayed one or half the iPads along with keyboards, but all of them? Doesn't look attractive; you don't need data to tell you that. And the whole controller thing is clearly a precursor to Apple bringing out a better Apple TV that supports gaming.
Because it's a feature. If this ever sees the light of day it'll be optional.
It was kind of stingy of Apple not to add 2GB RAM to iPhone 6. If Apple's goal is to make the best products in the world the 6 should have gotten 2GB RAM.   'Yes, but Apple needed a way to get as many people as possible to want to upgrade to the 6s'.   If that is the case what's Apple's goal then?   On the feature of Force Touch I don't get why a smartphone would need that feature. A smartwatch or a tablet would have reasons, but a phone, not so much.
You may be right about where this issue is occurring. It's happening across many different Macs from old to new. I hope they are just choosing not to mention this and are working very hard to squash this issue. I just saw it in iTunes on my iMac 5K.
Whining? You've no idea what you're talking about.
One thing for sure is AuthenTec was one of the best acquisitions Apple has ever made.
Lest they forget the graphical bugs and issues I keep seeing on my mid 2013 MacBook Air and my brand new iMac 5K.
Seems an odd move to me.
Yeah, makes no sense. The only point of focusing so much on portability with the new Airs is to allow the rMBP to exist in its own space with great differentiators for it to be.
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