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 Years of watching Apple keynotes and yet still not one clue about the company. Congrats ;-) Innovation is the buzzword of the decade. It has lost all its meaning. Do you like ports? Lots of ports? Apple will continue to sell those Macs, at least for a while. Obviously eventually basically-all electronics devices will have zero ports Read: eventually. This will not be for a while. If this product ships with just one port it will be a multifunctional port of sorts most...
 Yes, many people have already speculated as much, and no they are not the same product.
Since it runs OS X isn't not an iPad with a keyboard. It's merely a far more portable (and limited by design) Mac. Design is about making choices and compromises. This product wouldn't be for everywhere, but most good products are not.
 You can't fight hate with hate and fear with fear. It doesn't work. You lead by example.  If people were afraid those twelve people would have been saved? Living in fear of persecution is not living at all. People should be free to believe what they like. And people should also be free to satirise what they like. Murder like this isn't going anywhere for a long time because it stems from inner fears people have. The reason these guys were offended to the point of murder...
 Perhaps it's to simply the location of the volume buttons? Having the corner key be volume up makes it easier to locate, in the dark, light, through muscle memory and for new Mac users the most used keys on the top row: volume up and volume down. Worth considering.
He's not talking about feedback.He's not talking about feedback he's talking about pressing the trackpad as opposed to tapping or clicking it and the computer being able to distinguish but that's only needed for touch screens. Personally I much prefer clicking over tapping a trackpad.
 Apple will keep it around. Chill. I personally wish they would kill it to have a more focused product lineup, but recent history suggests we'll see them hang around at the same price with more speedy internals. And who knows, this new thinner product the may optionally include some kind of clever hub for this one-port device. My gut says they it will not however. If this mega-thin Retina MacBook Air has 15+ hours of battery consider me sold.
 Or they could burn the existing 11 and 13" models in a fire.
In the bin ;-)
 So you're saying this product is not for you. Interesting.
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