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You missed a golden opportunity to title this article: Llightning strikes twice.
Carpal tunnel is a psycho somatic condition.
Keeping the free tier at 5GB and base iPhone storage on latest and greatest models at 16GB in 2015 is greedy. I'm blaming Phil for this one. Phil, you're greedy. I spent €899 on an iPhone you shouldn't be trying to squeeze an extra 99c a month from your loyal customers. Free tier should be a minimum of 25GB and the only paid tier should be $4.99 per month for 1TB. I'd hazard a guess that 99% of all people on the paid tier would go nowhere near the 1TB, Apple would perhaps...
Don't be a jerk.
They're always out in force. And after 10 years of it they've still yet to learn. Apple TV is more than a product—it's a platform. iPad Pro is for professionals who need true precision on a thin, light, portable, sizeable touch screen for designing or shaping whatever it is they're doing. Expect this to be a huge platform for them going forward in several niche and not-so-niche markets. This is going to depend greatly on professional developer support, so we'll see over...
This has put me off buying the device 100%.
An Englishman who cannot speak English. Translation: several years.
Give it 10 years and Apple TV will be the big home game platform.
I think these boxes are 100% fake.
Decriminalise drugs FFS. I personally don't really take drugs, but I think it's no business of mine what others take. Whole thing is ridiculous. The war on drugs was lost 1000 years ago. Time for a new approach. I applaud tech companies who try to protect our data. FileVault on the other hand is another matter. It has seriously bugs and shouldn't be turned on by default in Yosemite in a million years. I wasted my whole night the other night setting up my niece's new MBA...
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