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I hope for your sake that was sarcasm. If it was not you may be unable to be help at this stage.
I think the brilliance of Apple's marketing team escapes you.
I'm torn in that I think this is quite possibly the best billboard, bus-stop, magazine advertising campaign/idea I have ever seen in my life. It's beautiful. The level of beauty and simplicity of this campaign is something Steve would be proud of and I think he would give a charismatic special mention to it at the upcoming  event. But why I'm torn is I believe slightly more beautiful than this is what São Paulo did several years ago in banning all outdoor advertisements:...
This product doesn't have to be for you you know.
How offensive that you throw in the word Muslim there. Presuming you are Christian Jesus would not be proud of you for letting your own fears choose your words like that. Religion is the excuse in this case for terrorism. None of these terrorist are peace loving religious people. Or peace loving atheists. They are simply and deeply afraid and have let their own deep-seated fears take control of them. Obama is no angel either btw.
 So you're admitting you don't have the money for a product you cannot afford. Seriously though, if you one get the Watch Sport. But I'd work on getting an iPhone first.
Trying to make a search engine that competes with Google would be a HUGE distraction for Apple.
Gruber seems a bit too adamant. I have never heard him this adamant about pricing. Expect upwards or $8,000 for the gold model.
I myself think Apple needs to be more aggressive with iPad pricing and the killing of older models. I wish they'd get rid of the non-Retina models and the Air 1 and price the Air 2 and mini 3 $100 cheaper. After all most people aren't going to choose the 16GB model so it'd be mostly a marketing stunt to say look how low the barrier to entry now is to get 'a proper iPad'. And it'd mean educational institutions who buy iPads are now prepared well into the future making it a...
There's no conspiracy. Apple are adding a street view. No biggie.
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