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 Define successful? I think if they waited to release Watch when they could make it as small as it is now and have it last a week it'd be too late to market. They did the right think in getting a polished v1.0 out the door. When major advancements in battery technology come along they will be ready. And making it fully waterproof will happen eventually too. Not so easy when you have a mic and a speaker to do that to an Apple-quality when the project is already so complex.
 You're joking right?
It's not for everyone.
 Yeah sure light sensors that read blood sugar have existed at lab-level for a while now but are notoriously inaccurate so they've yet to make it to a shipping product. If and when they do it'll be a revolution for diabetics: and people will get able to buy an Watch through their medical plan. And imaging when it can tell precisely how dehydrated you are? You could receive a notification telling you when you need to drink water. That would be incredible.
 Perhaps you're right, but maybe it's because Steve simply thought products were more important than people. Perhaps that thinking is why I'll never be the next Jobs.
 Even more than CarPlay is building a car. Car companies won't relinquish any more control to Apple than CarPlay and Apple knows this. What if CarPlay is Apple's stop-gap measure for the consumer and owners of iPhones while they work on producing a car? There's too much smoke here for there not to be something to this. I think they're working on a car. Whether it'll see the light of day is another question. Google is working on cars already, perhaps cars will be the next...
 That's like how I feel about outdoor ad signage. Look at what they did in São Paulo: it's beautiful!
Note all times criticism of car design pops up in said piece. From Ive to Jobs. Interesting.
Respectfully disagree.
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