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I hate when people respond like you just did. You're not making a point. Besides, you only find how what he wrote after reading it.
Truly embarrassing company.
Irish roads? No thanks. Huge inconvenience to get a genius to look at your iPhone, but it'll be a start.
Who gives a shit whether they're women, men or Mexican, all that matters is are they good at their job. It's refreshing seen a woman on bios, but by far and away the important point here is just how impressive she is as a person. It's her results and how she thinks which I find most impressive. She's a visionary and quite unique indeed. Look her up on YouTube and TED.
Apple store in Ireland please, Angela. Long time coming. We need at least 3, but 1 will get us started.
Good idea.
All this secrecy is dumb. We need to grow up as a species.
 Yeah, it certainly does make one think the 5.5" iPhone is a load of bull. Getting rid of the 3.5" iPhone and providing a 4.7" model as the alternate iPhone screen size to the 4" model seems to work well I think.
Aren't 3D printers just amazing! Ive and Co. can print out models like this in-house and test them out in the hand, against the ear, pick them up put them down, pocket them and then make a decision. (Apple has had 3D printers in their design studio for several years now)   I know my sister doesn't like the shape/hard edges of the 4, 4s, 5 and 5s, and actually chose to buy a second hand 3Gs on eBay instead when her old 3Gs broke. She'd love this phone.
New Posts  All Forums: