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Imagine if Apple's long, long term goal was to go private. Knowing Apple if that was possible they would do it. Will probably "never" happen though. It'd be interesting to see what the press would be like around Apple were they fully private right now.
Common sense and intuition is all the code we needed to know this.
Android lovers are gonna feed on that line.
This is certainly exciting, but I still say Apple needs to put more effort into improving Maps. The once a year updates aren't suited well to mapping IMO. It's not good enough when you report the same issue three times over a yearly period and receive no reply or no fixes. Heck, forget the notification reply, just fix the damn thing. They should have a couple of people driving around this country checking out the more serious issues being reported. I'd say they have a big...
 You're joking right? Your own government doesn't even follow the rule of law.
How many lawyers were there are how much did they get paid?
I don't have a good feeling for Apple this time. The press wasn't so favourable to Apple around this trial. Hope the court looks at things differently and surprises me.
 What are you talking about?
Funny, I don't even remember registering on Google Insider.
 Yes, but lots of people do. By most accounts 7 has been more eager to drain your battery than 6. Here's to hoping 8 has so clever battery life enhancements, even if simply optimisations. Too bad the iPhone 6 is going to be so, so, thin. It's going look cool being so thin, but they could enhance battery life more if they weren't so obsessed with being the thinnest smartphone out there. Just as the iMac is now the thinnest AIO out there, but the speakers sound much worse...
New Posts  All Forums: