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No. Fingers in ears. La la la la la la...
This here is playing like Samesong is on the defensive. I hope the jury sees it with the same eyes. Please let Apple get a huge sum and whatever about the dollar cost that it is a huge PR disaster for them.
That's what I thought. I never knew Samesong's profits were as close to Apple's. Apple are such a better company with much better profits they should be crushing these guys more. I think it's time not just for one or two new iPhones, but for a slight tweaking in iPhone price points. A 16 GB 5s shouldn't be €699 in Europe. Please lower it a little bit, Apple, you'd double your market share and bolster the long term health of the platform if you did. I know myself, my sister...
 Makes no sense? So what do I do in case of emergency or if someone wants to ring me? Duh. I need a phone. My iPhone happens to also be a phone. In daily life I use iMessage and the iPhone fits in my pocket.
 Because I can be contactable by phone and in cases of emergency. Duh.
 Because I can be contactable by phone and in cases of emergency. Duh.
I never use my phone as a phone.
Japan is probably the most design conscious nation I'm the world. I'd say that's the reason Apple sells well there. I don't think it's a screen size issue. I see Apple continuing to sell a 4" iPhone going forward. Them adding a 4.7" version is just a way of beefing up the iPhone family by offering real choice within a range of iPhones, just like there is real choice when choosing an iPad. I don't understand what the 5.5" iPhone is all about, but stranger things have...
Grammar much?
It has been around since iOS 7 beta 1 in June of 2013. Remove all your iCloud tabs from other devices to see it.  
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