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 Wrong thread, sorry.
In other words: 'I am as confused about this as you are, but I know Apple isn't dumb so I'll try to find a positive explanation for this rumoured seemingly nonsensical acquisition.'   Myself I would rather Apple had used that 3.2B to buy Twitter 2 or 3 years ago. Or one third of it to buy Instagram and bundling the network into every iPhone as part of the Photos app package. But especially Twitter. If there was ever a social network that fit Apple it would be Twitter....
EDIT:   I commented on wrong thread.
Don't give me that crap. It has nothing to do with Dr. or anyone else being black. It's a bullshit excuse. People objected because Beats headphones aren't considered good and they thought Apple could easily do their own streaming service. If this purchase goes through for $3.2B it sure seems like no one's seeing the whole reason yet.
That's better looking than the 5s. I'm thinking it'll be super-sexy in real metal.
Touch ID, a sapphire glass display and improved speakers and iPad Air would be close to the perfect product. As it is I think it's possibly the best product ever made. All we need now is for Apple to admit you can't get away without a file system of some sort. I heard Marco Arment talk about this recently. I'm thinking a good solution would be to have an app called Files created by Apple which contains all your files and have apps that plug into that system simply display...
Because original design and care is what makes a quality product.
The page won't load.Edit: got it loaded. Want that 5 minutes back.
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