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I never use my phone as a phone.
Japan is probably the most design conscious nation I'm the world. I'd say that's the reason Apple sells well there. I don't think it's a screen size issue. I see Apple continuing to sell a 4" iPhone going forward. Them adding a 4.7" version is just a way of beefing up the iPhone family by offering real choice within a range of iPhones, just like there is real choice when choosing an iPad. I don't understand what the 5.5" iPhone is all about, but stranger things have...
Grammar much?
It has been around since iOS 7 beta 1 in June of 2013. Remove all your iCloud tabs from other devices to see it.  
If it's also has wireless music playback functionary, ala an iPod killer, as one of its tentpole features and is worn on your wrist, I think 1. it'd be the exact product I'd be interested in buying, as I've mentioned before here, and 2. I believe they should move to iWatch branding. Given all the sensors it's rumoured to have I think it deserves a new name for its new category. It would just happen to also have a music player like the iPhone.
Why can't it be both?
Did he mean very excited about what's to come from Apple or Nike? Edit: yeah, he certainly was talking about Apple after watching the video. Interesting. Also, I think his closing up of the fuel band business was perhaps quite a clever strategic move. Nike now gets a mention every time people mention iWatch. If that synergy works well, that alone is invaluable for the Nike brand IMO.
A group of consumers?
Imagine if Apple's long, long term goal was to go private. Knowing Apple if that was possible they would do it. Will probably "never" happen though. It'd be interesting to see what the press would be like around Apple were they fully private right now.
Common sense and intuition is all the code we needed to know this.
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