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Apple has be hiring some remarkably great people lately. Lisa Jackson, Angela Ahrendts and Nancy Dougherty I've watched several videos of these people online and they are all clearly gifted beyond the norm. Great companies are great because of culture and gifted people, and both those factors gelling together. Apple is still great. I'd say Angela Ahrendts has been Apple's best hire in years! She is truly one of a kind. Tim was so lucky to snag her.
Seems odd to only renew for 1 year if this is for iWatch. I don't get it.
They've bad timing.
15 free GB iCloud storage at WWDC announcement to follow. My guess.
 As impressive as a turd.
 I think it's dopey.
 If that's what you discovered why would you find it to be "an extremely capable device"? Don't make excuses. If it sucks a tablet and sucks a laptop it sucks. Period.
Double the weight of an iPad Air?   1/3 the usefulness of a Macbook Air?   Pointy stand that digs in your lap?   Replaces neither product.   The full sized iPad is only now reaching the weight limit a tablet should be. Nearly double that weight is far too heavy to pretend this will ever replace a tablet. And it's certainly no MacBook Air replacement.
 You're talking about something else now.
 I guess you're right. What does the world's richest company know over "pazuzu".
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