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What I'd love to see more than anything in the 12" MacBook Air "stealth" is the entire area of its trackpad is invisibly and magically a Touch ID surface. Want to unlock your Mac? Place a finger on the trackpad. Want to buy an app or rent a movie on your Mac? Same. Want to log into eBay or Facebook or whatever? Simply place one finger on the trackpad. That'd be amazing!! It would change notebook computers forever.
1. How couldn't Apple hide they were doing this through a shell company? 2. Why didn't Apple start this initiative 3 years ago? I've heard people on the forums here saying Flyover is way better than Google Street View but that's not what I hear people saying. People overwhelmingly like and use street view than Flyover. Flyover is more like a great way to demonstrate an iPad or look around a city BEFORE visiting. Not while you're there.
 You're trying too hard.
 First line of said article: pazuzu fell for the click-bait.
Some number of screens for a watch companion app.
Respectfully disagree that flyover is more useful than street view. Flyover is smooth, but less practical IMO.
I think it's more to do with  watch and Beats headphones; she's adapting the stores to fit new products. She has no control over the kinda of new products Apple makes. Her job is to best run the store with the new  products  decides it wants to ship. Though she probably has some control over the kinds of third party products  stocks. These changes are her attemp to fix weaknesses in the stores to make them even better.
Pick up I understand, but drop-off?
How American of them.
Honestly I'd stick with iOS 6 on a 4s or older myself.
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