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And it looks like Ming-Chi Kuo is more full of crap than people have realised. Proving it quite difficult to predict Apple's roadmap. So people posting outlooks for the year should be viewed with utter scepticism.
 True, but if its gets something crazy like 15 hours of battery life charging while using it won't be much of an issue as people will simply charge it at night as it won't be dying during daily use.  And Thunderbolt and magsafe are too large to fit in the side of this machine. If you want a whole hots of ports just go pro. The rMBP is very thin and light anyway.
Likely is proof of nothing.I cannot fathom why type-C USB is designed the way it is. It makes a ton more sense to have the receptacles on the internal surface of the port over an added internal piece to accommodate them which takes additional space. By virtue of this design they are making the port bigger than they would otherwise and they are complicating the physical design.And I wish Apple was more aggressive about killing old models so they could focus more on pushing...
That's a complete crock. Without religion these cowards would still find a way to justify their actions. People ultimately kill because they are afraid. Fear is the killer. Religion is just the excuse in this case.
Get some help for your closeted anger.
Religion is not the problem. Fear is the problem. Without fear people would be free to think and practice and say what they liked. Fear is the only real enemy. Fear is why people kill and fear is why others can't handle it when it happens. Be positive in your life despite what's going on in the world and the world will be that little bit better. Murder is always going to happen in this world the point here is to let murder be the problem of the fearful and not of the...
When I start up my computer and see a black space where there is meant to be a menubar it doesn't seem right to me.
Lots of graphical bugs going on. My MacBook Air now has a fully new logic board and I still see many graphical issues with Yosemite.   Come on, Apple http://www.marco.org/2015/01/04/apple-lost-functional-high-ground   Come on, Tim http://furbo.org/2015/01/06/death-by-a-thousand-cuts/   iOS 8 has bugs galore too. It's time for a Snow Leopard style release for both operating systems.
Roll on this MBAr computer.
iPhone 5, iOS 8, Apple TV new gen.   What's going on?
New Posts  All Forums: