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I don't get those comments either. Many headphones look like this. I think it's pretty obvious they are not Beats. These look more generic than Beats. Can't wait to see what Apple does to Beats when they reengineer them, tweak the details and up the quality of materials. I think it was $3B well spent considering the three things they got. 500 Beats Employees. 100 Beats Music employees. Iovine, and Dre? And the go to overear headphone Brand. This gives Apple street cred in...
Abstractly sexual? I honestly wouldn't have thought anything seeing that glyph until you said it. If anything any fake controversy here will be free advertising for this great service.
I know.
Just checked:   http://i.imgur.com/HVwXUzL.png
 There's still no proof that's Sapphire glass at this point.
 The phone after the 5 has a small s not a capital S. It's 5's not 5s. I'm assuming it has been altered since we commented.
 Where's the bucket?
Beats had 500 employees.
I noticed the report a problem options have been greatly improved in iOS 8 beta too. Finally!
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