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To be fair you are criticising the most successful company in the world based on no inside knowledge. If there's one thing you should have learned by now it's that it's a safer bet to assume Apple knows what they're doing.
It's only dead if it doesn't fit the product. iCar doesn't sound great. I thought iWatch sounded OK, but given the luxury route they took with the watch can fully understand them going with  Watch.
Let's not jump to conclusions yet.1. Building a car is incredibly complicated.2. The car market is hugely competitive with decades of maturity and experience under its belt.3. Apple would likely go electric given how much they care about the earth; building a battery car is even more difficult.4. The likes of Tesla have a huge head start over Apple in this race and by the time Apple released their car Tesla would be 6 to 12 years further along.5. Apple wouldn't touch this...
Yeah if only Beats made expensive hardware that Apple could improve and iterate upon.
Good luck with that. There is no way to 'be the music business'.
The 6+ has optical image stabilisation for video through hardware. Some previous model iPhones including the 6 have software stabilisation for video. Optical is much better.
 Well if the design were even more seamless and the camera better what's to argue about? Don't you think that a good thing?
And just by coincidence he owns $1B+ in AAPL.
Optical zoom and a better camera all while getting rid of that bump on the rear of the phone. I think they really need to get on with this ASAP.
That's true, but I'm still so glad iOS 9 will apparently be the bug-fixing optimisation release.
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