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And new Kuro plasma? Amirite? Booo...
I read this today, it's amazing! http://gamechangers.wolffolins.com/
I'd like to here him elaborate on the too slick comment.
Bon voyage to it IMO then.
Either build and use or build and sell publicly what you have said patent application for within a designated period of time (perhaps 3-5 years) or you lose the rights to the application and any chance of it getting granted. And what's more, if you apply and follow all the rules correctly your granted patent has a limited life. Perhaps 20 years for hardware and 10 years for software. Something along the lines of this would stop patent trolls in their tracks, would help...
Seriously, go.
 Go take a holiday from here.
This is of course how many months before the merge messenger with WhatsApp?
 Kuo predicts 36" iPad for $299 !!!
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