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 Please don't give me that crap. You know this how? I don't buy that for one second. You deserve it.
 I wonder if they do these apps should they add an SD Card slot to a future model.
This cheapening out on Apple's parts by using last gen Touch ID and cameras is a worrying trend for this company. Schiller should be ashamed of himself. You just know this was his doing to make the inevitable iPad Pro 2 seem like more of an upgrade than it should be. Corporate greed is one of the worst facets of the 21st century and Apple are becoming ever more greedy these days. Anyone who defends Apple for these moves deserves how Apple treats you. A 420p FaceTime camera...
Link to original video?
 That is untrue. This thing looks cheap and looks crap. Did you ever hear a serious gamer talk about controllers? Listen to John Siracusa discuss controllers at length in the second latest episode of ATP. 
I see they're keeping the theme going on the ugliness side of things.
Someone told me to enable NAT. Will enabling UPnP work?  
I have two ATV3's in the house and one drops off daily. Restarting my router fixes the issue, but I got sick of doing this daily and sometimes bi-daily.   Apple said I need to forward ports 123, 5353, 80, 443 and 53 but refuse to tell me how to as they don't wish to cause issues with my router which isn't their property. OK, I understand their reasoning, but I'm still left with an less than useable Apple TV.   I contacted my ISP but they said they are not trained to...
These things take a few years to mature. I like what Apple's doing with iOS, they are proceeding cautiously but they are certainly proceeding. Frankly I'd like to see even more polish on iOS before they add more features to the OS. If Adobe released a touch variant of the full version of PS on iPad that would move the needle considerably and that's without Apple lifting a finger.
Does anyone think the next MacBooks may switch to Apple processors? And if they did how much of a cost savings could Apple transfer to potential buyers over the current MacBook 1 model? And if there is an in-house OS X ARM variant (very likely given past history) how much battery life could an ARM MacBook 1 get? Anyone?
New Posts  All Forums: