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Whining? You've no idea what you're talking about.
One thing for sure is AuthenTec was one of the best acquisitions Apple has ever made.
Lest they forget the graphical bugs and issues I keep seeing on my mid 2013 MacBook Air and my brand new iMac 5K.
Seems an odd move to me.
Yeah, makes no sense. The only point of focusing so much on portability with the new Airs is to allow the rMBP to exist in its own space with great differentiators for it to be.
 To be fair 9to5's track record lately is pretty good, so my guess would be by March we'll see this product ship fairly closely to what Gurman described. What's more, I wouldn't put it past Apple to have no hub solution at all for this. Perhaps what we'll end up seeing is a 14" version of the same thing (one port; exceedingly light and thin; branded as MacBook Air) replacing the 13" Air later in the year and Apple pushing the weight and price of the rMBP down as they kill...
The only way I see Apple shipping this without MagSafe is if the battery life is truly incredible; like 18 hours or something.
People are moving to streaming I guess.
You can ignore them.
I'll be willing to bet it won't ship with force-touch. It makes no sense. You need it on such a tiny device as Apple Watch and it may be handy on an iPad, especially iPad Air for stylus pressure sensitivity or something like that, but it makes no sense for iPhone really.
New Posts  All Forums: