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More inaccurate reporting from the NYP. Haven't they been accused of making things up about Apple in recent history?
 Killed your blog? Kill your signature.
They had no human app review team before? WTF?
It's not quite clear what the use case would be for Apple with one of a few of these, so I would have appreciated some suggestions on AI's part regarding potentials.
How do you we know this isn't a regular new Apple store advertising the Watch is coming in time for the store opening?   That would be my take away from this 'Watch' banner.
When does this building open? Specifics I'm after. Best guess of month and year for ribbon cut?
 Be sure to ignore the $349 and $549 models. This will strengthen your point.
 If they are questioning why they needed to then that would mean they bought one. And at $349 it's hardly the end of the world for those interested. The more obvious argument against the watch as a truly handy do-small-tasks-with-total-convenience is that some people simply hate wearing things on their wrist. I am firmly one of those people. I will never be in the market for an Watch, or any watch. BUT.... aside from those people, of which I'm one, the Watch is a...
I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll get several people predicting it in three colours. And Gurman closely predicted the machine itself aside from a slightly discrepancy in the speaker layout. I would have loved if Apple had have added a USB-C to both sides of the machine — as a charging convenience it's a no-brainer and I'm surprised that alluded Schiller & Co.The other stuff I'd like to see is a 14" version with 12 hours battery life and an improved proc speed. Looks...
 An impossibility.
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