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I'm sure the sound is abysmal. Sound when it comes to video content is more important than picture quality—though picture is very important. It's the one area where student films falter the most: sound quality. Skinny TVs invariably mean pesky sound systems. And I'm of the thinking that you should not need to add on an additional product for the TV to be good. It should be good out of the box. The included soundbar in modern TVs should blow away TVs of old. They certainly...
The perfect Apple TV has hardware + software polish.   But all the polish in the world won't make up for a lack of content.   Perhaps a super successful platform gives them negotiating power, but that's a future promise. Until they have the right content deal in place it's not in place. Much to be proven here. i hope to God they have an awesome TV in the lab ready to go for when this content play is up and running and it's for sale + for contract.   Paying $79 a...
 Who's pretending anything. We need to grow up as a race and stop killing one another. This isn't about preventing killing, that's impossible. This is about leading by example. We're behaving like humans from any time in history. We need to spiritually evolve and grow out of these caveman like impulses. You're thinking is all wrong and part of the problem.
I'm saddened by it. I wrote Tim about it.
That's what the world needs, more focus on killing one another.
 How do you know that won't also be an option?
Sweet baby Jesus let the new controller have Bluetooth.
Would Plex mean you can have a video NAS located in your home the Apple TV can play from? And if so what file formats can Plex stream to your TV?
Don't be evil. Unless... An advertising company, but look, their logo looks like those colourful fridge magnets!
 This is what sets Apple apart. They could do away with this in a way that quickly becomes the new trend in car design.
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