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And your point is Howard Hughes?
The biggest criminals in the US and in most other countries are its politicians.
Not a chance.
What I'd like is a 14" version with a USB port on either side and 12 hours battery life. And eventually that at €1,499 or less with a faster processor. That's when I buy. I'm sure 2017, but hopefully sooner.
Would Tim then prove himself to you?
 Just ignore them. You know Apple innovates so be secure in that.
 Retina display and battery capacity (thinness). In hindsight perhaps they made the best choice at this weight and thinness to clearly distinguish this product from the MBA. Price-wise and speed wise I'm not ready to upgrade from the Air yet. I'm thinking it'll be 2017 for me, and you know it'll have 2 USBs by then too. Hopefully one on either side as a charging convenience. That and the fact that the base model is €1,499 in Ireland (though admittedly it is 256GB and I...
Philologically sensorily sensual.Good review to read. Think Apple should add a dedicated GPU model to the high end here.
To be fair one could easily read this cynically. This was something Jobs would have known that had he lived and not mentioned this the legal repercussions could have been pretty severe.
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