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I did that, but I'll try it again and see how I fair.
 This is the setting I like, but when I set Yosemite Safari 8.0 this way it logs me out of Reddit, AI etc. when I close the page.
Could someone explain these new Safari cookies options? And which setting is optimal?     And I cannot get Text Message Forwarding to work. No code thingy will appear on my Mac. I've tried everything and have everything set the right way as far as I know.   "Enter the code shown on your Mac to allow iPhone text messages to also be sent and received on "Air".   Where is the code? I see no code. Opening Messages on the Mac doesn't display a code either.   Signed...
I think it's safe to say when the iPhone 6s gets its A9 processor it'll get 2 GB of RAM. My wish then for the 6s is  work mainly on efficiency. If the 6s was no faster on benchmarks but got 25% more battery or something that would be great. And if it got 50% more battery? Now that would be huge deal!
After using an Air 1 I can tell you the thinness and weight reduction make a huge difference, this furthers that race. And doing that while maintaining 11 plus hours of battery life is fine by me. Getting the weight and thinness down makes it more magical and remarkable to hold, like a magic display panel or a virtual magazine. This is the future.
Engadget got a dig in for the iPad Air 2 getting only 11 hours 15 minutes battery in its video watching tests. Idiots.   If the iPad Air 2 was getting 5 or 6 hours I'd use that as a complaint about the thinness, but as the battery is well good enough and far exceeds Apple's claims I'd say the weight and thinness reduction were super decisions. I think when it comes to tablets weight and thinness were always going to be the most important factors to having a great device...
It can't get it to work. Help. I think I've everything set up right for it to work, but my Mac doesn't want to display this key-code.   CAN'T SET IT UP :-(
Look at the price reductions of the MacBook Air. Clearly the reason for these numbers.
It also might get you a gold iPad mini if that's your bling, I mean thing.
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