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Seems to only happen .mov files? (not .mp4)
When I play a video in QuickTime in full screen when the floating controls disappear the video becomes noticeably darker; it changes when the controls go away.   Anyone else seeing this?
Clinton, lol.
I wish  were a private company.
Nice design and product making is about trade offs no product ever deserves 5 out of 5. Perhaps AI should consider moving to points in their reviews. The iPad Air 2 is the best product  has ever made IMO but it has two flaws as I see: iPad speakers are never quite good enough and the removal of the side switch is a design flaw. I no longer own an iPad, but boy did I rely on the side switch. A soft substitute for this is a hit in usability — I used switch the switch my...
 I disagree in a way. I like to use iTunes as my Music Player, and I particularly enjoy the aesthetic of version 12. The trouble with your complaint about iTunes is you offer no alternative for . What are they supposed to do? Request that Windows user download 3 or 4 different apps as opposed to 1? Perhaps an interesting suggestion would be to offer an additional Jukebox app download for music, but then people would complain that they then/now have to download and...
I did that, but I'll try it again and see how I fair.
 This is the setting I like, but when I set Yosemite Safari 8.0 this way it logs me out of Reddit, AI etc. when I close the page.
Could someone explain these new Safari cookies options? And which setting is optimal?     And I cannot get Text Message Forwarding to work. No code thingy will appear on my Mac. I've tried everything and have everything set the right way as far as I know.   "Enter the code shown on your Mac to allow iPhone text messages to also be sent and received on "Air".   Where is the code? I see no code. Opening Messages on the Mac doesn't display a code either.   Signed...
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