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 You're not making sense. Financially, Beats is a very profitable hardware business. No to mention Beats Music laid the groundwork for Apple Music and saved them a ton of time getting their streaming service up and running. And hired them a lot of music talent to continue to work on and build out the Apple Music brand and service. The Beats hardware alone will make Apple back that money going forward. But the brand name and logo of Beats is probably its most powerful...
Wall St. is a con.
I'll believe it when I see it. Did you see the size of their Upp product that gets a week's charge? It's like a skinny tall car battery. Someone's playing the stock market if you ask me.
Two different people.
25 years or less.Wireless power should be the universal adapter. And all things considered it will hopefully be everywhere within the next 25 years.
On my iMac Apple Music isn't on iTunes and a restart of iTunes won't fix it and iTunes is fully up to date. iTunes stores tells me to update the version on iTunes I have installed to get Apple Music? MacBook Air and my iPhone are fine. What gives?   I'm restarting the computer now to see. One sec...
His bendgate video was extremely popular and is one of the reasons for the added focus by Apple on iPhone 6s durability I guarantee it. Despite the obvious ridiculousness of his video, we should be thanking him.
 Stop right there. You judgement shouldn't involve these thoughts. Try to detach yourself and look at it as objectively as you can. Forget what you want, tell us how you feel about the UI, about the recommendations, your frustrations.
I saw no mention of it being stronger. What distance?
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