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I see they're keeping the theme going on the ugliness side of things.
Someone told me to enable NAT. Will enabling UPnP work?  
I have two ATV3's in the house and one drops off daily. Restarting my router fixes the issue, but I got sick of doing this daily and sometimes bi-daily.   Apple said I need to forward ports 123, 5353, 80, 443 and 53 but refuse to tell me how to as they don't wish to cause issues with my router which isn't their property. OK, I understand their reasoning, but I'm still left with an less than useable Apple TV.   I contacted my ISP but they said they are not trained to...
These things take a few years to mature. I like what Apple's doing with iOS, they are proceeding cautiously but they are certainly proceeding. Frankly I'd like to see even more polish on iOS before they add more features to the OS. If Adobe released a touch variant of the full version of PS on iPad that would move the needle considerably and that's without Apple lifting a finger.
Does anyone think the next MacBooks may switch to Apple processors? And if they did how much of a cost savings could Apple transfer to potential buyers over the current MacBook 1 model? And if there is an in-house OS X ARM variant (very likely given past history) how much battery life could an ARM MacBook 1 get? Anyone?
 He's good with the supply chain, but nobody is perfect.
Ahrendts in a recent interview is quoted to have said she's asked her retail team to assemble a list of the 100 most populated cities by 2025. This seems to me a little misguided. Dublin gets huge numbers of tourists yearly and a huge number or temporary international dwellers and students. To not have even a single official retail store in Dublin seems crazy. H&M took an amazing building over this year in Dublin that would have been perfectly suited as a flagship Apple...
I'd like to be able to laugh at that. He's an atrocious leader.
Don't get me started on that out-of-touch idiot running/ruining our country to Cook's right. And still no Apple Store :-(
 iPhone 6 blacks with just some white text on screen are worse than iPhone 5 in that scenario thanks to the larger back-light. Colours are very good and looks incredibly accurate, but blacks (for say movie credits) leave a lot to be desired. A Kuro TV mops the floor with an iPhone in this regard. And yes, I did compared them. It's allowed.
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