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 Hence the check first.
 I think Forstall was more obsessive about killing bugs. Sure Maps was a debacle and all that, but I think he got fired more because he refused to apologise and thought he was Jobs. Shame he was a baby because he had a lot of good qualities as a software leader.
 Couldn't agree more. Too many devices to support at this point and Apple Watch will further complicate the problem. They need a good 12 months to fix all the glaring bugs that exist right now and to refine the features we already have. It still annoys me that one must wait 1-2 seconds after unlocking before you can swipe to the next home screen and yet when Jobs was alive we an had a mobile OS where you could swipe onto the next homesceen before the icons landed on the...
And they eventually may have those things. The Spotify free plan is terrible anyway.
A nice feature as part of the iOS 9 upgrade experience would be if Apple uploaded your local photos and videos (or checked if they already have been) and temporality deleted them from the device if there wasn't enough space for you to update and after the update downloaded them. That would encourage updating.
Disagree. Apple has the prowess to make great Beats hardware while Beats had the sense and taste to design great looking fashionable over-ear Headphones that have great branding and a great brand name "BEATS". And Iovine is a super dealmaker and charismatic personality having already proved himself important in Apple's iTunes deals with the labels way back when. And if anyone can work with Hollywood to get a compelling TV Show subscription deal inked perhaps it'll be...
Spotify is a Beat music rival or market leader?
 Years of watching Apple keynotes and yet still not one clue about the company. Congrats ;-) Innovation is the buzzword of the decade. It has lost all its meaning. Do you like ports? Lots of ports? Apple will continue to sell those Macs, at least for a while. Obviously eventually basically-all electronics devices will have zero ports Read: eventually. This will not be for a while. If this product ships with just one port it will be a multifunctional port of sorts most...
 Yes, many people have already speculated as much, and no they are not the same product.
Since it runs OS X isn't not an iPad with a keyboard. It's merely a far more portable (and limited by design) Mac. Design is about making choices and compromises. This product wouldn't be for everywhere, but most good products are not.
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