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 I love Apple, but that's scary. I would not want that.
The iMac 5K is well good enough in the colour department. One area where LCDs still haven't caught the Kuro TVs is how they display black levels.
Hyperbole much?
For the sake of the world Apple should switch from Lightning to USB-C across its iOS and Mac devices. The world needs a single port/connector to rule them all. With the only exception to Apple devices being perhaps an SD-slot.
 Total bull.
A phone is not a watch. I personally hate having anything on my wrists.
Predicted this. Bengate is not an issue in the sense that it doesn't happen often. But it does happen which is reason enough to make it stronger. It's an issue that as usual was blown out of all proportion.
 You underestimate how popular she is. Besides, her argument was completely sound.
 This particular person won't learn their lesson. Also would be handy if there were an Apple store in my country. A European headquarters, certainly. A store? Nope.
New Posts  All Forums: