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Stop calling him an insider. He's a production analyst and he has made more mistakes than is been painted on AI.
Wanker politicians. Get them out.
 She is one of the great leader of our time. She's a real leader who happens to be a woman.
Not to mention theatres make half that money so that's about 8 million towards say 35 to 40 million or so. Still needs to make another 60 million to break even. Movie costs have gotten out of hand.
That's it cue, say one thing and do that, but behind the scene scramble to get that subscription iTunes TV deal inked.
I'm going out on a limb and to say this has nothing to do with Apple. It's just a planted rumour to generate hype for a car which may or may not materialise and will very likely not ship on time either given the many complexities in building and selling a real car.
That's a fair request. Apple need to make the 50GB tier of iCloud free. Heck, I'd go further and say the first 100GB should be free. If anything it'd provide more user lock-in. Something we know Apple loves, thanks to those highly publicised court documents. We give them enough money as is, they shouldn't nickel and dime their customers for an extra $12 per year to back up our stuff. The main reason for backing up in the first place is to make it easier to upgrade to a new...
 One man's 'entire Categories section' is another man's 'categories tab'. The categories tab was ready to be added when the apps began to fill up.
What Apple needs more than anything for iPads is to aggressively kill all old models and the 16GB model. And to start at $299 and $399 for 32GB mini 4 and Air 3 models. A better value/performance proposition for iPad is what the market wants.
 He was being facetious?
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