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 Or tune in tomorrow to find out it's not true.
 Or tune in tomorrow to find out it's not true.
2019 - Dropbox OS.
I'd love for Apple to buy Blackmagic and ship DaVinci Resolve as part of FCPX and start from scratch with that team and come up with just the best beginners cinema camera you could imaging that would be built from the ground up to work with FCPX, with an Apple level of simplicity and fit and finish. After recently getting into filmmaking it strikes me that this industry is in dire need of help. It's a mess and all you get is 1000 conflicting opinions. They could...
They should have bought them two years ago. But they should still do it if they can pay $8B.
It's looking to me like Samsung's lawyers are doing a better job. I hope it proves more nuanced in the courtroom (unlike in the media) and the jury see Samsung for the shameful IP ripoff artists they are. I saw someone taking a photo using a Sammy smartphone about a 2 years ago and it literally looked like Samesong didn't merely copy the design, but literally had the actual photo button image file from an iPhone 4s on their phone. It was beyond uncanny. It was the exact...
 Foreign accents are racist now? Colourful here meant variety, not skin tone. Besides, when you include every colour human who are you being racist towards?
 Perhaps, but we'll have to wait and see. If my 8-year old Pioneer TV with its sound-chin can have awesome sound and still manage to look elegant I don't see how Apple can't improve upon that. Is my current TV well designed? Yes, it looks beautiful. Does it sound very good for a TV with no additional speakers? Yes. Could Apple do better if they were focused to achieve attractive looks and great sound quality in equal measure? Yes. When watching a good TV show or good movie...
 I disagree. This company has proven itself very clever in the past, and given the recent ads they appear to be still clever. That was one person at said company throwing it out there. If anything, the fact that Schiller saw the situation totally different to them is a healthy thing. Otherwise Apple simply do its own marketing.
 Well we already knew they were working on a new box. At least it was common sense. We're speculating on an additional TV product. Even with a TV they would keep the Apple TV box around. That much is obvious.
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