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 Well we already knew they were working on a new box. At least it was common sense. We're speculating on an additional TV product. Even with a TV they would keep the Apple TV box around. That much is obvious.
 Well, if they launch a 65" display initially into the market as a very high-end product and intend to bring out a more reasonably sized model in due course as companies like LG ramp then 65" may perhaps make sense. And yes, I am gonna "bitch" about the product if the speakers are not built in. An Apple television product where you have to add-on speakers out of the box? Wireless speakers as standard? Have you lost your mind? And yes, the iMac speakers now suck big time,...
So when they underestimate the 1st get iPad they make so they don't do that again? You can't build 65M of anything until you know how well it will sell.
 I'd say the rumour may not be true, but if I'm not at all happy with LED TV's I should hope to God Apple isn't. I hope this is what's holding them back. That size sounds wrong to me, however. Gut feeling says Apple would only go 65 if they felt there was a really need for it. I'd say their first set would be closer to 50 so they could highly focus on one size for at least the first year. And the brilliant thing about iTV will be there won't be model identifiers. It will...
 I hope for your sake you're being sarcastic.
 If Samsung loses this time again none of this leaked stuff will matter, and they will look very bad. Like the way a new president's dirty laundry is forgotten once he wins. If...
 I don't get it either. It is interesting, though. If anything, to me it shows how much people like Schiller care about Apple. Apple is still scrappy after all these years on top. I'm lovin' it, MacDonalds-style. Samsung's lawyers are trying to paint Apple in a corner crying for answers and not having a clue what to do. But... regardless of how this trial goes, ultimately 2014 itself will say more about how Apple's doin' than any court case will. I hope they update Apple...
4-page graph-ridden DED article showing why Apple ads are better than Samsung ads with a timeline dating back to the stone age in 3, 2, 1.
 Cause that would be dumb.
From Apple's website:  ? Sorry, NETWORKING. My bad,
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