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Amazon's convoluted marketing. 'Son, what's this Amazon PrimeAir thing?' Let me try to explain in less than 1,000 words.
LOL. Well played. I'm clever too.
It won't be a minivan. Only a moron would make that conclusion.
More inaccurate reporting from the NYP. Haven't they been accused of making things up about Apple in recent history?
 Killed your blog? Kill your signature.
They had no human app review team before? WTF?
It's not quite clear what the use case would be for Apple with one of a few of these, so I would have appreciated some suggestions on AI's part regarding potentials.
How do you we know this isn't a regular new Apple store advertising the Watch is coming in time for the store opening?   That would be my take away from this 'Watch' banner.
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