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Exactly. And I think the best approach for them would be to try to publicly be part of it learning as much as they can about software from Apple and privately put a lot of effort into making the full electric transition.
Apple and Google?
Wild but not necessarily idiotic.
Google are fuckers but are still the best in this business. Apple would be stupid to not renew the deal.
Such insight. Can't wait for you next comment?
It was not a compliment. To say you are not offended only further insults your own intelligence.
Thank God I'm not the only one who this bothers. Sometimes I wonder if there area of Apple Insider's expertise is not washing powder or something else other than the company in question.
I hope for your sake that was sarcasm. If it was not you may be unable to be help at this stage.
I think the brilliance of Apple's marketing team escapes you.
I'm torn in that I think this is quite possibly the best billboard, bus-stop, magazine advertising campaign/idea I have ever seen in my life. It's beautiful. The level of beauty and simplicity of this campaign is something Steve would be proud of and I think he would give a charismatic special mention to it at the upcoming  event. But why I'm torn is I believe slightly more beautiful than this is what São Paulo did several years ago in banning all outdoor advertisements:...
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