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New rumours planned for 2016. Shock horror. Back in the real world iPhone 7 ships when it's expect to in the fall of 2016.   And boy is that concept ridiculous and ugly.
The new 4" shouldn't be a crippled device—but will be. In reality it should be a new iPhone 7 family: 7 mini, 7 and 7 plus. Differentiating only in terms of screen size, battery size, processor over and under-clocking and battery life. With same storage, processor, case design, colours, OIS and megapixels. Why Apple doesn't understand this is beyond me. There's no reason to keep OIS from the 6s but ROI with forcing customers who really need the best camera to get the plus...
The remote is more expensive in Europe and doesn't include Siri is most countries.   It's even named differently here:   US: http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MLLC2LL/A/siri-remote   Ireland: http://www.apple.com/ie/shop/product/MG2Q2/apple-tv-remote   That combined with the entry price of $197 (€179) here has put me off purchasing this box.
Nice attitude. Not.
Couldn't disagree more. The amount of music talent they got when they acquired Beats was an impossibility in house. Beats hardware business is mega-profitable and gives Apple an audio/music division that doesn't distract from the company's other focuses. The Beats brand itself is a huge deal. Apple Music wouldn't exist without Beats and Iovine was a great hire. Iovine made the iTunes Store happen originally, he was Jobs' wingman who convinced all the big labels to sign on....
I think they're beautiful.
Disgusting. Vote out these power hungry fear mongerers. Only vote those in who support you.
Not the world's largest. Shock horror. Was just some potato cam saying it was largest. Ive is doing an amazing job on new store design.
The 10 buildings, now 3, were always said to be R&D buildings.
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