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The one thing I took home after this chart is Google drive provides the first 15 GB free, and Apple provides just 5 GB free. Apple need to seriously consider providing at least the first 10 GB for free. You bump into that 5 GB limit very, very easily.
I think it's about time Apple gave their developers some respect. It's very welcome.
Let's see where Beats (music and headphones) goes and then we can make a value judgement for this acquisition. Wait to years and try again.
 Any ports on the iPhone make no sense. Having a headphone cable going from your wrist to your ear would be a bad idea.
 Wow, I missed that tidbit. But got in on the beta yesterday anyway:  Back on 10.9.3 now.
 Just go will you.
Amazing keyboard. Love the new icons in 10.10. All beautiful.   The UI aka toolbars need some work to be considered beautiful. Not a big big fan of translucency on the Mac.   EDIT: but won't make a final judgement until I use the GM.
The new ii. Like a real pair of glasses.
Apple's new retail hire ;-)
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