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 Apple's low-cost iMac will be $999. That's a tall bottom.
 I doesn't, but Kuo seems eerily confident about it. I have a hunch at this point that there's something to it. It'll be interesting to see what Apple's up to.
Reduce the price of the 5c and 5s to make room, Apple. Please. The 16 GB 5s starts at €699 in Ireland. I think it's kind of a ridiculous price.
 Because like I say, most costumers opt for the 32 GB model with a case, so in a way the 16 GB model would be more of a way of enticing them in. This is way better than merely keeping the price at $499 and making the entry level iPad 32 GB. And what better time to reduce the price by $100 when you're on top. This would cement their position and would burn the competition alive.  Tallest, is that you?
Very interesting.   I think Apple should GO-BIG this year on iPad by COMPLETELY KILLING all old models and releasing this year's models at a $100 reduction.   Making the only two models of iPad available:   iPad Air with A8 and Touch ID starting at $399 and iPad mini Retina with A8 and Touch ID starting at $299. That would drive sales big time and would make the iPad a way more appealing product in the marketplace. It would really simplify the whole iPad product...
 Or tune in tomorrow to find out it's not true.
 Or tune in tomorrow to find out it's not true.
2019 - Dropbox OS.
I'd love for Apple to buy Blackmagic and ship DaVinci Resolve as part of FCPX and start from scratch with that team and come up with just the best beginners cinema camera you could imaging that would be built from the ground up to work with FCPX, with an Apple level of simplicity and fit and finish. After recently getting into filmmaking it strikes me that this industry is in dire need of help. It's a mess and all you get is 1000 conflicting opinions. They could...
They should have bought them two years ago. But they should still do it if they can pay $8B.
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