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Even without the car project Apple could have concluded that long term 10 buildings there for R&D was not a good idea.
Apple should hold back the Android version until fall 2016 when they've had a year to learn how on iOS to best tailor the app to users needs. Me, I just hold Siri and play a song. That's good enough for me. My only wish is if they could come up with some highly encrypted way to offer iMessage on Android. I'd kill for the day I could delete all my third party messaging apps. iMessage all the way, baby.
If only the market worked as you though my it did.
Ye should partner with this guy:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FqH02gN29o
Ugly phone by a POS company, but the screen is good and the camera is pretty decent too. Certainly their best device yet. Seems these days Apple isn't so far ahead regarding snapping photos like they once were. I hope Apple pulls out all the stops next year. I think if they are going to have a camera bump on the rear they may as well make it bigger and put a really good point and shoot quality camera in there. And OLED. And 64GB base model.
I think Macs in Ireland have increased in price too. The iMac seems to have.
 Can USB-c replace Thunderbolt?
But not the ergonomics of the mouse. Sigh.
I'd love if Apple had the ability to go private. Sadly they are too big now. Stock market is evil.
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