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Beats will be Apple's music brand going forward. Don't expect a Beats phone. Expect Apple designed Beats headphones. Expect a more focused Beats lineup. Expect Apple engineered Beats headphones. If Beats in-ear are continued expect just one model of them going forward. And I wouldn't be surprised to see them drop the speakers entirely. And obviously they are keeping the Beats music service. I must be the only guy who likes this deal. Beats is a name and a logo when it...
Imagination much?
I don't buy that argument at all.The two things adding iMessage to Android would do is give Apple a lot more iMessage users and give people who are in the Apple device world a nicer product ownership experience. As an Apple device owner and user would I like to be able to use iMessage and its emoji set exclusively and trash every other messaging app on my device? Absolutely!!!Any Android user with any brain would at the very least download and try iMessage. And once they...
I'm looking for iMessage on Android so I can use iMessage on Android exclusively on my Apple devices to message everyone.
Kuo a well informed analyst my ass. Over half his 2013 timeline was wrong.   WAKE UP, PEOPLE.
 Having to replace those links is so annoying. What year is this?
 Marketing sets product direction at Apple. Then it goes to Ive and co to physically design the fine details or the actual product itself. Engineering work to make it work. That's the same for every product at Apple.
 I hate to break it to you, but Ive will be redesigning the headphones and Apple engineers will be reengineering them. Tim just told Apple employees as mush today; it was posted over on 9to5Mac. The Beats brand is solid, now just up the quality and sound and you've the best of both words. Try creating a cool brand for headphones, that's a much harder problem.
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