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The price of the base model for €1,499 is just a bit too steep for me. I would have also loved to have seen a second USB-C charge port on the other side as well. Even for charging alone it would have been very useful. I cannot wait to see a 14" version of this computer with 2x USB-C ports.And I think for the next MBP revision Apple should move to 14" and 16" displays.
Attack the leader. Marketing that hasn't proved so effective for Samsung.
 No he does not.
Different potential options:
So you'll look forward to this watch bombing? Why do you waste your time on this forum?
All the Samsung employees over on MacRumors saying these are better than the Watch. Such a cesspool that forum has become. If I was Arn i would have wielded an axe over there long ago.
Wow, completely unrelated.
Jesus Christ what's going on with the human race. Those who are meaning to protect us are as bad as those who attack us. Fear, fear, fear fear.   **** them.
 How do you seem so sure it's not worth $200 more? There's no accurate way of measuring that; it's subjective.
 I don't agree with that. It's the contact button first and I think a number of things one does on  watch will be via their contacts.
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