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 Even more than CarPlay is building a car. Car companies won't relinquish any more control to Apple than CarPlay and Apple knows this. What if CarPlay is Apple's stop-gap measure for the consumer and owners of iPhones while they work on producing a car? There's too much smoke here for there not to be something to this. I think they're working on a car. Whether it'll see the light of day is another question. Google is working on cars already, perhaps cars will be the next...
 That's like how I feel about outdoor ad signage. Look at what they did in São Paulo: it's beautiful!
Note all times criticism of car design pops up in said piece. From Ive to Jobs. Interesting.
Respectfully disagree.
I have dyslexia and it look me much longer than an hour, but it was a great read. Notice all the occasions car design criticisms arose?
There's nothing like walking on plush, luxury carpet.
 No, free storage of photos and videos is a better solution. 5 GB should be what you get for mail and documents and iMessage.
Hear hear. Free storage for photos are videos sorts that problem.
We'll see.
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