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Beats had 500 employees.
I noticed the report a problem options have been greatly improved in iOS 8 beta too. Finally!
That's 3 years ago.
 Seeing as Wall Street are buying back into AAPL they'd rather not bite the hand that feeds. The whole thing is a sham anyway.
It's an old model in a smaller storage option.
And AI publishes this horseshit? Kayne is a juvenile with a talent for rapping and nothing else. Cue and Tim have already said why Apple bought Beats: great talent, not just deal maker extraordinaire, but Beats 550 employees, an Apple-styled curated music streaming service done right, and hardware, a way for Apple to fast track their way into the wearable market with cool overear headphones — only now designed and engineered by Apple with Beats branding and market share...
Apple, just buy 53 already FFS.
Litte old Ireland.
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