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For me the ability to be able to play mosts songs from Siri is super. And certain things about the UI for the Music app I like a lot. I like the mini player and the animations.   On my iMac 5K I can't get Apple Music to show up on iTunes, on my MBA is shows up fine. It's telling me to update iTunes on the 5K to see Apple Music but it is up to date.
I see no connection at all, it's purely coincidental that both are subscriptions. Just an excuse for Jessica Lessin to write an article. She's projecting those connections herself.
If you're in the market for a model 3 in 2017, get it. Remains to be seen if Musk hits that deadline and price point though.
Steve himself said that despite their desires to build a better TV from scratch they had no viable go-to-market strategy. The whole TV thing is predicated upon their TV show deal being compelling. If they can convince people to pay a monthly fee of $40 for certain about of channels (and the content owners to offer it) and offer that on Apple TV 3 and 4 then they can also offer a subscription contract at a higher value that includes a free TV over a 2-3 contract until it's...
I hope Samsung get a second stinger.
I don't know about that. I see companies such as BMW and Toyota and Audi copying Apple if Apple enters the electric car market in a big way. But they have lots of talented people working for them too. I just see the whole thing becoming far more competitive and the consumer winning as a result. This is one area where I'd love to see what Apple would do, but I'm glad too for ongoing competition, because as much as I love Apple it's always nice to know if you choose to you...
Good God, people, we've been through this before. You don't need hundreds of hardware and software vehicle engineers to work on CarPlay and car manufactures wouldn't give up control over their dashboard to anyone—especially Apple. I'd say Apple pitched this idea to some of them several years back and they said 'no chance'. And I'd bet the straw that broken the camel's back was a couple years back when Tesla told them they wouldn't put CarPlay near their cars.   Apple...
 This describes iOS.
If you want to get viewers Sports should be your focus. Apple should spect $30B buying up rights to sports worldwide for the next 10 years and these Apple TVs would sell themselves. I know many people in my country have Sky for their sports channels, and what a dumb company to have a monopoly on sports.
Apple marketing, and they let someone else take over? I don't think so.Skip Android? Nope.I'd go further and say they should do other Android apps as well. They should kill the FaceTime app and bundle FT functionality into Messages, heck, they're mostly there anyhow. And they need to tweak iMessage initial setup to be the same as WhatsApp where it's connected only to your cell number. Even for an iPad or Mac to set up iMessage you're asked for your mobile number and are...
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