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I so hate these power-brick things!  
 Not in my house.
PROS:   Bluetooth remote. Optional HARDWARE games controllers. Games.   Why are these not listed as pros? Would I buy a Fire? It lacks AirPlay, so probably not, but it is an improvement in several way over current, long in the tooth Apple TV. And the remote itself seems to have a nicer selection of buttons than the elegantly designed piece of crap that is the Apple TV Remote. Why is it a piece of crap? Typing is a chore, voice input would have clear advantages over...
 They should.
Pro: easy to fly Con: easy to crash One of them has to be wrong.
 I hope you do know my it was an explosion from the holy war comment was a joke.
 Schmidt is an idiot.
It's an explosion from the holy war.
They'll ditch it eventually.
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