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 I'm not talking about 'people'. I'm speaking about the world's foremost TV experts. I've watch discussions about this subject on Youtube. I own a 9th gen Kuro. This is not simply something I came up with myself. It's why Retina displays are good enough, they surpass the eye's power at a regular viewing distance. A distance which changes depending on screen size and device use-case. This is the case for TVs too. You don't have a hope of seeing the pixels on a 60" 1080p TV...
 The 16 GB model will start at $99, the 64 $199, the 128 GB $299. The current 8 GB model (yes it is 8 GB) currently shops for $69 but has just 3 Litres of air in the tank.
Nah it'll be called TV and the old model will be killed off as inventory dries up.
I believe at a regular TV viewing distance you need to go above 86" before you can tell any resolution difference from 4K over 1080p. In a store you stand two feet from the display, but that's not how anyone watches TV — ever. 4K is all hype and marketing and nothing to do with the world we live in. Don't get me wrong, higher resolution will come to all TVs eventually (it's unavoidable), but as of right now there's no need for it. The benefits are minimal and the costs are...
Stanley smoking crack again.
Amazon's convoluted marketing. 'Son, what's this Amazon PrimeAir thing?' Let me try to explain in less than 1,000 words.
LOL. Well played. I'm clever too.
It won't be a minivan. Only a moron would make that conclusion.
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