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Badass? Feck off.
 You should write for AI.
 AFAIK there is a watch out there already using gestures. The key to these watches will be sensors. And I personally believe a killer feature would be decent music playback. It's be nice to have a set of Beats and a watch and go for your jog.
 They saw nothing. Jobs suggested wearing it as a watch at the event.
 The iWatch will be very much a Tim Cook product. Jobs' last product will be Apple Campus 2 (God I hate that name).
 His comment is meaningless because every year is Apple's best product lineup ever. If it wasn't that would imply Apple's products are getting worse. 25 years ago we couldn't dream of today's iPhone or iPad or iMac or laptop in terms of real shipping products. His comment makes little to no sense when you examine it. 25 years ago we didn't even have the internet. Suffice it to say he could have said, 'Apple's a product company and behind the scenes we are working on...
Gut instinct: Apple calls it iWatch.
My guess is both those displays are Gorilla glass.
I don't get those comments either. Many headphones look like this. I think it's pretty obvious they are not Beats. These look more generic than Beats. Can't wait to see what Apple does to Beats when they reengineer them, tweak the details and up the quality of materials. I think it was $3B well spent considering the three things they got. 500 Beats Employees. 100 Beats Music employees. Iovine, and Dre? And the go to overear headphone Brand. This gives Apple street cred in...
New Posts  All Forums: