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One small step [backwards] for mankind.
No I'm using a memory stick not media software. Just renamed a file and put on stick and transferred to PS3 but it comes up as old name on my PS3. It's quite frustrating. And I know if I rename it on my PS3 after copying it over and at some point have to restore my PS3 that all these titles will show up under there old names, as it happened before. I'm looking for a more permanent but simple solution once and for all.
When I renamed this video file I have on my Mac and go to put it on my PS3 is shows up under the old name. Why is this? Is there any way to remove the old information in that file that related to the old name to force the file to name itself permanently using OS X?
Believe it or not facebook has lots of heavily active users.
I'm agreeing with you this one time.
These two spots are very confusing.
Nigh impossible role to play. I see him disappointing.
Thank God it's not U2 content.
Did you watch the segment video?
Because  understands that even high power executives are just people too.
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