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 I hate to break it to you, but Ive will be redesigning the headphones and Apple engineers will be reengineering them. Tim just told Apple employees as mush today; it was posted over on 9to5Mac. The Beats brand is solid, now just up the quality and sound and you've the best of both words. Try creating a cool brand for headphones, that's a much harder problem.
 Beats music is an amazing service with 100s of employees. It would take a hell of a lot of time to build out that talent right there. This is a shortcut to that. And Apple are getting the Beats brand as a bonus, and Iovine who helped Apple get the iTunes deals inked in 2003. And Dre helped build this company too. I think you're overreacting.
 The "b" is an earphone.
 Of your visiting AI? Yes!
 Tim to Apple employees today: (emphasis mine) 
 All we need now is an iCar, an iStore an iHospital and an iAirline and we're all set. I'm hanging for an iBeer right now.
You don't let fear rule your decision making process, do you? If there is a personal God he/she is beyond rudimentary numbers.
So in return Apple builds 5 Apple stores in Ireland??????????????? :-(
Start your photocopiers.
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