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Yukari Iwatani Kane's Haunted Empire is where that info came from. Not so much a report as much as a book of lies.
 They want to sell you content. You're looking for a PS3.
 If it doesn't work well that's fair enough, but you haven't tried it. Also, when in your living room you're always guaranteed to be in your own house, and manual search is there if you want it. I think this voice remote search, if it works well (certainly no guarantees at this point) is a very good idea. I'd definitely use voice search if Apple TV had it. I use Siri on my iPhone the whole time in my house to do Google searches, and I can tell you after owning Apple TVs...
 Yeah...       Or... how about skiing in a mall? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeMcIKnPLdA#t=1m6s
Amazing. Now where's the entrance and what does it look like to look down not the store? More photos, please.
DEDICATED GAME CONTROLLERS.   BLUETOOTH (no line-of-sight) REMOTE.   Are you listening, Apple?
 Oh God please stop with that accounting crap. This was used as an excuse for the fact that Apple used charge $2 for AirPort Utility, and OS X, and other things, now they are free. It's a lame excuse. It was used as an argument against my prediction that Mavericks was gonna be free, and guess what happened? I don't think having this free does anything to really affect Mac sales and in fact I think just furthers people love for the platform and Macs in general, making them...
 If course were purely scientific and the last result was entitle correct, then yes. Both both those things are unprovable. I personally don't think $2B is enough. Samsung are making that per month. I think the courts need to send a message and give Apple $5B or more.
Scamscum. Samesong. Shamshun.
Now make all the iWork apps free across iOS and and OS X without the requirement users to buy a new device, just like Mavericks. This would allow iWork to take over document creation. Just like how Mavericks is becoming standard on every Mac since 2008. These are platform strengtheners. They make the platform more appealing: this sells hardware. It's a hardware business. Apple has proven this stuff works. This would play to their strengths and put them in a stronger...
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