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 Just go will you.
Amazing keyboard. Love the new icons in 10.10. All beautiful.   The UI aka toolbars need some work to be considered beautiful. Not a big big fan of translucency on the Mac.   EDIT: but won't make a final judgement until I use the GM.
The new ii. Like a real pair of glasses.
Apple's new retail hire ;-)
Beats hardware is junk, fashionable junk. But Apple will now be designing Beats. Apple knows hardware.And no, you are not considered a troll. You are a troll.
Players! Players! Players!
Beats will be Apple's music brand going forward. Don't expect a Beats phone. Expect Apple designed Beats headphones. Expect a more focused Beats lineup. Expect Apple engineered Beats headphones. If Beats in-ear are continued expect just one model of them going forward. And I wouldn't be surprised to see them drop the speakers entirely. And obviously they are keeping the Beats music service. I must be the only guy who likes this deal. Beats is a name and a logo when it...
Imagination much?
I don't buy that argument at all.The two things adding iMessage to Android would do is give Apple a lot more iMessage users and give people who are in the Apple device world a nicer product ownership experience. As an Apple device owner and user would I like to be able to use iMessage and its emoji set exclusively and trash every other messaging app on my device? Absolutely!!!Any Android user with any brain would at the very least download and try iMessage. And once they...
New Posts  All Forums: