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 You're trying too hard.
 First line of said article: pazuzu fell for the click-bait.
Some number of screens for a watch companion app.
Respectfully disagree that flyover is more useful than street view. Flyover is smooth, but less practical IMO.
I think it's more to do with  watch and Beats headphones; she's adapting the stores to fit new products. She has no control over the kinda of new products Apple makes. Her job is to best run the store with the new  products  decides it wants to ship. Though she probably has some control over the kinds of third party products  stocks. These changes are her attemp to fix weaknesses in the stores to make them even better.
Pick up I understand, but drop-off?
How American of them.
Honestly I'd stick with iOS 6 on a 4s or older myself.
The sheer size and weight diff from the iPad 3 to the Air 2 is quite something. Perhaps you should consider upgrade while the iPad 3 still has some resell value left in its chassis?Upgrade while the going's good. I think the Air 2 is going to be as good as it gets for iPad for a while yet on the consumer front. If iPad Pro ships I see that aimed at a slightly different user: enterprise, design and artisan.
I think focusing on making the iPad as thin and light as they have while making graphics 85 times faster and keeping battery life above 10 hours is serious innovation when it comes to the platform. Just because sales are down year over year doesn't necessarily mean Apple's doing anything wrong with the platform. I think a strong future focus for iPad should be speaker loudness or audio quality innovation; an area that requires some kind of miracle given the physical...
New Posts  All Forums: