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Chime in, lovers.
Jobs' unique talents were undeniable, but although perhaps changed for the better his character flaws were also undeniable. I'm really glad I was alive at the same time as Jobs 'cause I got to witness a great innovator and businessman and got to use products that certainly wouldn't have existed without him. He no doubt influenced and changed the world of products, and to a certain extent our lives too. But by golly I know I never would have been able to worked for him....
(shorter version sent to Apple feedback)   What I am uncomfortable living with regards iOS 7 are its animations.   (I’m running iOS 7.1 on my iPhone 5, but I have also used a 5s to test the following)   My three issues with animations on iOS 7.1 are as follows:   1. They are too slow. The animations were nice and fast on 6.0.3, but were then slow on 7.0, and though sped up on  7.1, they are not yet able to be called fast enough. And when hitting the home screen the...
 Right, that's fair enough. But 4th iPhone 5s, honestly? Do you believe him? I don't. There's no way of knowing anything for sure, but my bet is he has never owned one.
Seeing as Touch ID has nothing to do with Siri I guess that catches you out on a lie then, doesn't it?
"Like and subscribe for a POSSIBLE GS5 giveaway." What does that mean exactly?
Now that Panasonic has stopped making plasmas (I think they have), couldn't Apple acquire this stuff for a song? Given that I am convinced if the circumstances were right they would release a TV, shouldn't they snap up the patens and knowledge required to make the best TV displays known to man?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a-K1uMpkn8
Yeah, this is huge deal. Now close those illegal prisons and quite droning the shit outta the world.
And we have a winner. Oh and btw there are other countries out there beside the US. Just sayin'.I still maintain the one thing holding back Apple from releasing the TV Jony has in his lab is the lack of a 2-year all-you-can-eat content/contract deal Apple has been unable to cut with the powers that be. If Apple had a deal in place where people could sign a contract with them and buy a TV from them for a subsidised price for around $499 to $999 depending on the model I'd...
Yukari Iwatani Kane's Haunted Empire is where that info came from. Not so much a report as much as a book of lies.
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