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If you want to get viewers Sports should be your focus. Apple should spect $30B buying up rights to sports worldwide for the next 10 years and these Apple TVs would sell themselves. I know many people in my country have Sky for their sports channels, and what a dumb company to have a monopoly on sports.
Apple marketing, and they let someone else take over? I don't think so.Skip Android? Nope.I'd go further and say they should do other Android apps as well. They should kill the FaceTime app and bundle FT functionality into Messages, heck, they're mostly there anyhow. And they need to tweak iMessage initial setup to be the same as WhatsApp where it's connected only to your cell number. Even for an iPad or Mac to set up iMessage you're asked for your mobile number and are...
Tidal is one too many streaming services. Long-term I see Apple taking the lead and Spotify taking second place.
The Apple TV has both those apps.
 Dvorak, you visionary ;)
 I graciously do.
 Just about to purchase my third Kuro soon. It's going into storage as a spare :)
Good idea.
That was a bit harsh, but it was funny.
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