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I think this is gorgeous.
Don't try to pawn off John Gruber's comments are your own.
CONS: Exceedingly bulky. Mini USB and not lightning.
Yeah totally secret, shush.
8 hours driving (both ways) and crossing a boarder? Thx but I'll stick with Cork. Cheers for your help btw
Yeah I should have gotten photos of the install; never thought of that. Just got off a 50 min phone call with Apple tech and they recommended I go to the repair shop in Cork and tell them everything. I will do this soon. A made new video recording in Photo Booth which also seemed to cause some graphic anomalies when I move the cursor to bring back the floating controls. Sadly no  store in my country  
OK, I'm now on a clean install and downloaded that .mov file from the Dropbox link above. I feel this Mid 2013 MacBook Air may actually have a graphics card issue as the same thing is happening. And not only that but during my clean install onto this fully-wiped-drive during the setup wizard I got several graphics issues and had to hold down the power button on my computer to hard-restart the set up wizard in order to get it to work. This sounds like I may need serious...
I don't have it on. Is it a MacBook Air graphics bug? You need to be in full screen to see the issue.
Seems to only happen .mov files? (not .mp4)
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