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 Benjamin-the-glass-is-half-empty is your new name.
Apple's not making a music player. Apple's not making a phone. Apple's not making a tablet. Apple's not making a car.
Go watch yourself.
Apple Maps Street View these are for. That much is obvious. One can only wonder why Apple didn't begin collecting this data many moons ago. The Apple Car product is unrelated to this effort. On that car front I'm going to come up with a name for Apple's car:  1
Swanepoel is a stunner.
These models do not smoke pot.
Love the sound of his voice.
Apparently. Apple has plenty of software guys, conveniently they hire one from Mercedes. I don't see CarPlay satisfying Apple in the long run and if anything I see car makers giving up less and less control in the future. And what about when Google announces their car OS? Do you think that will play perfectly with Apple's devices? Skating to where the puck is on this one is building a car; the writing is on the wall.
In his biography Steve said it he had more energy left he'd like to take on the auto-industry and build a car, and we know for certain that Ive, Newson and Schiller are car guys. And one of the Ive's hardware design team used design cars for Lamborghini. The CEO for Mercedes R&D now works at Apple and some guy high up at Ford works there and a number of Tesla employees work there. It's not too difficult a stretch to think there could be interest at Apple in building a car....
I noticed that too. It's a model S. Irony abounds. Almost seems like it's in there as a joke.
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