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It's an old model in a smaller storage option.
And AI publishes this horseshit? Kayne is a juvenile with a talent for rapping and nothing else. Cue and Tim have already said why Apple bought Beats: great talent, not just deal maker extraordinaire, but Beats 550 employees, an Apple-styled curated music streaming service done right, and hardware, a way for Apple to fast track their way into the wearable market with cool overear headphones — only now designed and engineered by Apple with Beats branding and market share...
Apple, just buy 53 already FFS.
Litte old Ireland.
 Perhaps. Think I saw it on 9to5. But of course that means Apple can no longer do it now 
Ever since hearing recently that iPhone 6 was rumoured to have wireless charging capabilities I can't get it out of my head. Like this cup, and other devices, it's the only way forward. I hope Schiller is going to go all in on wireless charging this time around.
Guys, chill. The Apple/Beats deal won't be finalised until September 2014. Let's see what hardware Beats comes up with in 2015 and 2016 when Apple has full control over their hardware. Patience my children.
This seems like a no brainer to get $7.2 B of free money.
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