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Apple Music will find its way. I'm glad Apple bought Beats. Their audio products are becoming more sophisticated and improving gradually. Cut to several years down the line and Apple will have a superb speaker/earphone/headphone lineup with a great modern brand and a simply great streaming service and it will be because of the Beats acquisition and perhaps more importantly Apple will be after inking a TV Show subscription deal with Hollywood which will give them the...
I think it was a mixed reaction with nervousness and ha ha, nice try. It was the biggest poker tell he's given on the car thing and wouldn't translate well over a transcript. You could tell by his reaction he was caught off guard. You recovered well but it was obvious he has a strong hand.
Steve didn't do everything right, by the way. Cook is right to do interviews that bring up questions related security in a public forum. These issues and political and need public awareness to be won long term. Not to mention that conversations on these matters which Apple's CEO on NPR advertise Apple's stance on this and bring about awareness of a great side of Apple to the general public.
The Apple Car question caught him off guard clearly. Nervous laughter response and other giveaways. It's completely obvious what Apple's doing. Should be in interesting Apple when they release a car: wow, exciting times. Also give us an OLED Apple television with great sound built in.
Grow up human race.
It remains to be seen how much earned from this for the content owners. Isn't it funny how cheap it is when iPhones are not cheap there.
iPad Pro looks great. But as with any professional product it'll live or die by what software it offers. Apple should be courting Adobe to bring full PS to iPad Pro. That alone would be huge for this product.
Isn't it a strange world where the biggest threat to personal security and privacy is your own government? I think we need a redefinition of that threatening word beginning with T.
How Apple is doing on Wall St. has nothing to do with how well Apple is doing. It impresses Wall St. only because that suits them for now.
New Posts  All Forums: