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He was tried and sick and is taking three weeks off. He's human. Humans get tired and sick. He'll be fine. Chill.
I suppose it's not so easy when they're true is it?
You were bound to get it wrong eventually Spam. Too much smoke here.
Why did they take so long to address this?
 Being sued doesn't mean you've lost. Being successfully sued on the other hand.
 Benjamin-the-glass-is-half-empty is your new name.
Apple's not making a music player. Apple's not making a phone. Apple's not making a tablet. Apple's not making a car.
Go watch yourself.
Apple Maps Street View these are for. That much is obvious. One can only wonder why Apple didn't begin collecting this data many moons ago. The Apple Car product is unrelated to this effort. On that car front I'm going to come up with a name for Apple's car:  1
Swanepoel is a stunner.
New Posts  All Forums: