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Now make all the iWork apps free across iOS and and OS X without the requirement users to buy a new device, just like Mavericks. This would allow iWork to take over document creation. Just like how Mavericks is becoming standard on every Mac since 2008. These are platform strengtheners. They make the platform more appealing: this sells hardware. It's a hardware business. Apple has proven this stuff works. This would play to their strengths and put them in a stronger...
Give 'em hell Apple!
God Apple please buy 53! Please... And here a completely crazy idea! Buy Black Magic Design, build a new Color Mac app using DaVinci Resolve and build an Apple version of the BCC from the ground up with an aluminium unibody that runs a variant of iOS and is designed to work hand-in-hand with FCPX and sell it to young, upcoming filmmakers for €999 and you'll ignite a filmmaking revolution and sell millions of these things. It would also sell a tonne more high end computers...
Could Apple stick 2X A8s in a slim MacBook Air?
Don't link to CNet, seriously.
HUGE thread!   /s
We don't need an overly-long article to answer that question. The answer is the iPad is 50X the stronger platform when it comes to tablets.
I think this building and grounds will prove as important to Apple as the iWatch. Given the plans, attention to detail and the beautiful and hugely ambitious design I in a way think of this building as an Apple product. It will be certainly have pro PR repercussions, make Apple a more inspirational and enjoyable place to work for employees and make putting on Apple events great for Apple amazing for the media and the viewer. The only annoying thing for an Apple fan and for...
€2,500 or €20?
That's because it's free. My idea ;-)
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