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 Photographs of Apple mapping vehicles is not proof Apple is not researching building a car.
 It's not some random channel btw.
 This is certainly not how Apple operates.
 They can design it. The can make it cost less than Tesla can thanks to their massive leverage and being the best operators of any company on the planet. They can make the interior be less ugly; seriously that 17" display in the model S is nothing short of inelegant and the software itself looks like Windows mobile. I'm confident Apple could design a better car. Will they release one is another question.
And Bloomberg and Reuters and 9to5 and Gruber linked to someone saying the same thing.
 Couldn't disagree more. What's the alternate only enter "safe" new markets? That's a recipe for disaster. Apple is just as aware of this as you are. The stakes were just as high with the watch, the iPad and the iPhone. The car is like any other complex product for Apple and one that they will only release if it meets their standards. There's lots of car guys at Apple including Ive and Cue and Newson and Schiller. The bigger the risk the larger the reward. Don't think...
Even when you're wrong you're right. Give it a rest.
He was tried and sick and is taking three weeks off. He's human. Humans get tired and sick. He'll be fine. Chill.
I suppose it's not so easy when they're true is it?
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