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This move has Phil Schiller written all over it.
 What if they rename it Music and move all apps into App Store. Yes, that is annoying.
And Mac.
And so the new era of manipulation on AAPL begins.
Looks real.
 Here's a better link: http://www.apple.com/feedback/icloud.html Tell them 5 GB for free is too measly when Google gives 15 GB free.
The one thing I took home after this chart is Google drive provides the first 15 GB free, and Apple provides just 5 GB free. Apple need to seriously consider providing at least the first 10 GB for free. You bump into that 5 GB limit very, very easily.
I think it's about time Apple gave their developers some respect. It's very welcome.
Let's see where Beats (music and headphones) goes and then we can make a value judgement for this acquisition. Wait to years and try again.
 Any ports on the iPhone make no sense. Having a headphone cable going from your wrist to your ear would be a bad idea.
New Posts  All Forums: