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 Yeah, the other property is on 1 Infinite Loop street after all. I think the name of the building matters. Make it cool.
Is wireless really necessary when you'll not want to drain your phone battery. I really don't see the point it in being wireless.
I hope to God that's not the name it ships with.
Wow, was just on Wikipedia after your comment. Never knew VW Group owned Bugatti, Bently, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ducati, Audi, and others.
The two Germans went with Goog. Shame. Two major omissions.
So rather than Apple making an iPad for your car they have decided to make an Apple TV for your car.
It isn't true, but it could be argued. What Apple's doing behind closed doors doesn't mean Apple is not innovating right now. And besides, the 2013 MacBook Air is considered the best laptop ever made; that's innovation. It's thinness combined with its extraordinary battery life is innovation; it didn't happen by accident. The iPad Air is innovative, the Mac Pro is innovative. Were any of them revolutionary? No. But that doesn't mean there wasn't innovations. Touch ID is...
 It's the first of March.
Last year's pattern isn't every year's pattern.
That was, I just read it, the best piece Gruber has written in years.
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