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If money was no issue for me I'd own an iPad Air. Sadly, it's because I do live in the here and now that I must live with that reality.
The iPad 3 was the best product I've ever owned. In any category. I literally loved it. Each year the best product I've ever owned is the iPad that replaces it. I don't own an iPad Air, but that's for financial reasons. But if I did it would be the best product I've ever owned.Having said that, no product is perfect. I can think of a number if areas of improvement even with Apple products. Now, where I see the iPad going next with iPad 6 I see it heading much closer to my...
I don't believe that, though.
This is usually down to bad typing. You should reset the keyboard dictionary in Settings and start typing more slowly and deliberately.
 Why do I not believe you own an Air.
 Indeed. Thanks to my little investigation recently I eventually found out yesterday it's 619 grams v 652 grams (or 662 for iPad 4). That's the Air with leather Smart Case, just to be doubly-clear.
 I would have literally bet a million dollars the iPhone 5s was the only device to get Touch ID this year. And I don't think it's to keep the iPhone 5s at the top of the pile like Gruber suggested in his bollox 'forward looking' comment. I think the 2 reasons why the 5s was the only device getting Touch ID this year was: 1. product clarity, in terms of the product, the customer and marketing, and 2. to give Apple 1 year to test Touch ID in the marketplace before adding it...
The iPad 6 (Air 2) is seriously going to kill:   Improved display 8MP camera 802.11ac Touch ID A8   You'll need an excuse not to buy it.
150 grams. Finally! So, yes, I got my answer. An iPad Air + iPad Air leather Smart Case (read: not 'Smart Cover') weigh less than a naked iPad 4 at 619 grams versus 662.
Went to Google recently and ended up. Still no answer on the whole internet for this simple question.
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