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Change you can believe in.
Quit being so angry and defensive. The mini is an awesome device. It's just a pity Apple didn't add an sRGB display as we expect the best from Apple, and especially considering tablets are basically a big screen.
I'd never get into a debate with you. You create such powerful arguments.
Outraged? Wut?Buy a Nexus 7? lol
Yes, typo. I didn't mean they have to be exactly the same as iOS. Perhaps they could have a translucent border if sorts. Done right of course. It's just app icons like iMovie on the Mac bother me from a usability standpoint. You'd see older people trying to make sure they click on an actually point of the star, unaware there is an invisible area around to the whole icon that is clickable. It's just a nitpick, but I think there has to be a better solution for Mac icons.
It'll probably be April before we hear a peep from Cupertino.
I think the deluded rationalization for the reversed gradient on the Mail and Weather icons are that they are meant to represent the sky. Though that doesn't explain the Podcasts icon (which I think looks good). The Videos icon is unbareably hideous, the contacts icon looks odd and Reminders is very weak.
My apologies. You are correct. 7.1 would usually indicate new features.
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