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I'd like to see an iBeacon device. Google imaging that term only seems to throw up some images of the tricolour, third-party Estimote product.
Sapphire is far less likely to scratch then the current gen glass products. The future is uncertain at this point.
That's not the only alternative. What's the iPhone, a saucepan?
The godfather of the iPod or the father of the iPod?
You say that, but every person I know who has an iPhone has a screen protector on it because the screen isn't hard enough. I.E. to negate a minor but fundemental weakness in the product's design. Using sapphire glass fixes that minor but fundemental weakness. In the end it's worth it. And that's why Apple is so great; they build whole factories to fix issues other companies would avoid bringing up in meetings. No, Touch ID is staying on the home button. It really is...
Actually, that's something I don't see happening. If they do sapphire glass on the display they'll go all-out. This is Apple were talking about. They won't be shipping a new iPhone with a glorified screen protector. Yes, I know there's that hair-thin sapphire glass that was in the works, but I just don't see Apple going for that myself.
Actually, they are still making the iPod classic:http://www.apple.com/ipodclassic/gallery/#image2The back of it scratches if you look at it wrong.
Exactly, they would never make iPods that scratch easily ;-)
I don't think it's BS, and I don't think Corning did the report. The properties of Saphire have been known for a while. It was just too expensive and difficult to manufacture previously.
The home button isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
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