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That was, I just read it, the best piece Gruber has written in years.
Yeah, $1M it it doesn't happen in the next 12 months. You up for that bet?
Apple need to release an iMessage client for Android already. Most Android users would give it a go. Meaning they would install and have the app on their phone. Which in-turn would mean I as an Apple device owner and user could use iMessage exclusively for the first time. God, that would be such a relief. Such a breath of fresh air. Facebook's $19B purchase of WhatsApp would look stupid if this happened. Come on, Apple. Get your finger out. If your are really all about the...
I'm confused about what this is. Apple needs to make an iPad for your dashboard hardware item car manufacturers would install at a factory level and allow new car customers an option to add on the "iCar package" (GPS, FM/AM radio, Bluetooth, WiFi for either ad-hoc updating from your phone or long range for updating from your driveway, 32 GB HD with larger options, plus select custom car functions per car maker like heated seat controls or airflow control) for a reasonably...
Let's wait five more years and then write a book.
 I don't necessarily think that, but I do think they would install the app. And as an Apple user using iMessage that's all I need to be able to use iMessage exclusively. It'd be a huge high profile move announced at a big Apple event. Many Android users would install it. Exclusive use of iMessage and its high quality emoji set? Hold me back.  Apple couldn't do that?  I'll repeated what I said above, If Apple released iMessage for Android my Apple device iMessage...
You can bet your bottom dollar any Android user at all clued in would install iMessage. A situation which would allow me to use iMessage exclusively. As it is now I'm juggling about 5 different chat/messaging apps. It's a mess. If Apple is really all about the experience they need to do this. I'm sick of the current situation.   And I don't at all buy the argument that this would result in the sale of less iPhones for Apple because Android users wound't need to buy an...
This is huge.   On a 'somewhat' related note, I wish Apple would add female Lightning port connectors for iPhone battery case makers to its MFi program. Badly needed.
 Time to upgrade so.
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