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**** wall st. bunch of crooks.
That's a good quarter for iPad which were due for an update. I think this coming quarter will be pretty decent.
 I mean iMovie '11 yeah.
 With AI's 5 redirects.
 The name is because this iPad Air is significantly smaller/lighter than a regular old iPad and that fact needed to be brought to the attention of Apple customers. And because the name is cool I can some people taking an interest in it over the Retina iPad mini. Why are they selling iPad 2? God knows, lol.
 Of course you will.
 Whatever about iDVD, iMovie HD doesn't run right under Mavericks. If you save a project a try to reopen it it won't reopen so you need to save or export as a one time only opportunity. I hope to God they bring back a decent timeline editor to iMovie this time, because the timeline editor in iMovie '09 more than sucks.
 It's not cheap. That sentence has 2 meanings.
 anal ysts
 They kept it around purely for financial reasons for Apple. I think they should have dropped it. But hey, what do I know.
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