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You know nothing about me. Stop talking now before you embarrass yourself further. I'm a huge Apple nut who has owned every large iPad, every iPhone, 5 iMacs, 2 MacBook Airs, 2 Apple TVs, 10 iPods, 4 AirPort Extremes and 1 AirPort Express. And I'm an AAPL shareholder. Check out my location. Quit this forum now before you give yourself a headache.
Don't call me a clown and pathetic. You've been reported.
The mini should be at least sRGB. Nobody will lose sleep if it's not exactly the same as the Air, but sub-sRGB for a 2013 16GB rMini isn't exactly great news for the mini. Apple should care more.
Just because you don't use a rMini yourself doesn't mean you should be happy the rMini has a sub-sRGB display. Personally it kind of sickens me that the Nexus 7 2 has an sRGB blue when the even new, higher prices rMini doesn't have that. Colour gamut should be more important to Apple than that. And you just know the iPad mini 3 will have an sRGB display. If Apple prides itself in making the best products then they shouldn't be greedy about the rMini possibly taking market...
You should never buy any technology product until it's out at least 2 months IMO. Just to give them a chance to work out all the production kinks. Especially considering the sheer volume on new Apple products these days.
The iPad mini cost $399 for the 16GB version. I should hope they mention that it has a sub-sRGB display. After all it's by far the most important component of the iPad. By far!
I don't know about volume, but I still find it unacceptable. I expect better from Apple.
That's an interesting point. Actually, it's not.
I don't get your defensiveness. I'm a stock holder and the less than sRGB display on the mini is annoying. Next I'm guessing we'll see the rMini get an sRGB display, but for €399 for a 16GB version Apple should of added it this year if they about having the best products over making money.
Retina mini is not full sRGB like the Air or even the Nexus 7:http://www.anandtech.com/show/7519/apple-ipad-mini-with-retina-display-reviewed/6
New Posts  All Forums: