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That's not defensive language, it's more likely carefully chosen language to temper expectations of what's to come, so Apple can work at their own pace and get these products right. And btw, what exactly is "media training", and how would you run the largest company on planet earth? Tim is not Steve and never will be, but what's good about Tim is he understands Apple, understands himself and is a good delegator.I think they are working on big stuff and are just putting out...
Makes sense considering it was manufactured by the most utterly laughable company ever.
Cool is not saying that. I think he's just using those words to temper expectations.
Leave an audio recorder there and find out.
$4 per connector sounds fair, but Apple seriously need to consider licensing female lightning-port connectors to, at the very least, iPhone case makers. This business of buying a battery case for your iPhone and being forced to used mini-USB is a joke. Get this sorted, Apple, please.
I know, right? Some people have a selective memory. If memory senses me correctly in 2013 he promised exciting products in 2013 for the end of the year and 2014.
The iLash.
When you think about it it is justified though. People look to Apple to lead the way so it makes sense asking them such a question over other companies.
And when Apple introduce iTV or iWatch they'll get it. Chill.
The plant would have the ability, not the plant is going to do this. Besides, we have iPad and iWatch glass too, guys. That will over 100,000.
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