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AIO! Sheesh!
I know where you stand so.
That's you. You live on AI. For regular users there's a reason it's called an AIO.
iWatch, iTV, battery improvements etc. Apple needs to improve their speakers on all their products. This is crucially important to me. The new iMac sounds far worst than the old model, but is thinner! Is that the right trade off on an iMac? I don't think so.
Please, give me a fucking break. Why should we respect this idiot? Jobs used him and in return Mossy gave Apple glowing reviews.
It's five times faster than iPad 2 in a multi-core test. But the shocking point is it's 5 times as fast in the same test with iPad 3. I can see iPad 3 owners being surprised by this.
And so it begins.
It would be double the graphics performance. For some reason my gut said iOS devices will get A7x next year. Don't know why but that just feels possible.
We have a phrase here in Ireland called 'a hurler on the ditch'. It's easy to sit on a ditch/couch and criticise one of if not the most cash rich companies on the planet. Are Apple perfect? No. Shock horror. Are they run well? Yes. Go back 15 years and give you the financial reigns of Apple and we'll see if you could have done any better with them. I doubt it.
Not onto does it not mean that, I doesn't mean anything at this point. The mini isn't out yet and no one knows what the order numbers will look like. Even if Apple will have plenty of minis the last thing they'd want to do is predict if they'll have plenty/enough and announce that to the world.
New Posts  All Forums: