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How about addressing the fact that iMovie is pice of crap and the fact that iMovie HD offered better functionality (and no longer works right in Mavericks). Give us a real timeline back!!   I you too want a real timeline back help me motivate Apple to listen:   http://www.apple.com/feedback/imovie.html
This is like the Barcelona store in that I don't see an easy way for physically impaired or wheelchair-bound customers to access. Accessibility in iOS is great if you can actually get into the store to buy the product.
I'm going to go on record and say I bet it will not be 4.8".
Why pay for an AI subscription when we can simply follow Schiller for free? This isn't Daring Fireball, guys.
 Because for Apple to win Google doesn't have to lose. Even if I kind of dislike Google, anyway.  Now, who wants to pay to get "Schiller un-follows Fadell" ad-free?
 iOS 8 welcomes you to planet earth.
 You're the only one.
I would have love these when I was swimming regularly.
I don't know about Beats, but I have found Spotify's algorithm to be significantly lacking. Around 4 few years ago I used Last FM and their algorithm was unbelievable.
That's not exactly what he wants. I'm assuming he has lots of apps. At which point going into Usage would be a chore.
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