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I disagree. I don't see iOS users switching to Android because it has iMessage. I see using Messages on iOS as much more useful if everyone has the app, and the only way to ensure that is to release an Android version. As it is many of us are juggling several chat apps and it's just not a pleasant or good experience. Releasing an Android version of the app ensures iOS users can use the default Messages app to message everyone; it solves a problem; it's a better experience.
The biggest surprise here is the size of the Turkish Apple Store.
I'd like to see Apple acquire '53'.And I really think Apple should have bought Instagram and kept that network iOS-exclusive.Other acquisitions I would have liked Apple to make: Push Pop Press, Made by Sofa, they should hire Loren Brichter to work alongside Ive regards software, and they should have bought Twitter when they were smaller.And for the love of God, Tim, please release iMessage for Android. You know who benefits the most when they do that? Apple device owners.
Indoor mapping / iBeacons related. Too bad Apple is ignoring street view.
Depends what price you bought at.
Your not making a point.
You read it incorrectly. It's going to be 9.9' tall, and renamed Door Mac; code named Round Tower.
I have a solution: stop using Apple products. I kid, I kid.Being serious, I've seen a few people call out for a night-mode/low-light theme as part of iOS 8. I think it's a super, super idea! Think along the lines of Tweetbot 3.2 for iPhone. There could be options to set/change manually, on schedule and when low-light is detected.
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