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I no doubt would 100% rather Apple negotiate directly with the content providers, but you've got to wonder if this information leak is not a way to instill fear in the US cable companies to force their hand. Either way it's good. The one thing we all desperately need from Apple at this point is a new Bluetooth general remote. The IR remote is killing me.
Probably not the only one, but I prefer the 5S by far!
The silver Apple logo on the champagne iPhone looks off. It won't ship with a silver Apple logo. It makes no sense.
No, that's not a good name for a TV. Just as iPhone is the perfect name for Apple's phone, iPad their digital pad, iTV is the best and only name they must choose for their TV. Even if they have to pay iTV UK $1B for the rights to use the name they should do it; it's that important.
And what, just sell iTV in Mountain View? :P
I have been saying this a few years. Apple needs a TV show content monthly contract deal which customers sign so Apple can sell them a truly breakthrough AIO TV at a subsidised price. This is the only way Apple can control the whole end-to-end experience. And this is only way consumers can get a truly seamless experience. All of this boxes hanging of your TV crap is the past, not the future. This is what Apple wants, but more importantly, this is what I want. This is the...
If this is the real part it looks great, but I doubt it'll be the most popular iPhone 5S colour.
I disagree.Besides, you can see by the antenna lines they'll be white.
  "always likes to"
  And that's fair enough. You're decision is based on the cost of the 5S, which means you're probably not the potential target audience for it.   In terms of what ways the 5S will be better than the 5C?   Let's see:   Lighter Thinner Better camera Faster processor More durable; less crack prone Metal Higher storage 32 - 128 GB Fingerprint scanner Gold option for those looking for a little more variety in the 5S given the 5C colours   Don't underestimate the fingerprint...
New Posts  All Forums: