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You do make some good points, and they're definitely areas for improvement, big time, but you do get used to iOS 7, and I much prefer the minimalism of iOS 7 over iOS 6. A lot of apps do look better. My issues with iOS 7 are more basic: fix the animations (I want to be able to paginate before the unlocking animation finishes, as we could before), app icons, and contrast in some areas. When I say app icons I don't mean Safari or Settings or even Game Center, I mean Photos,...
Sold all my remaining AAPL on the recent high. Too much politics around this stock. Still best company ever by far, though.
Yeah, Schiller said that on stage. Also, the idle power draw for the new Mac Pros is remarkable at just 43 watts.
Some of the blow.
If Dyson manufactured computers this would be what they'd make; a compliment.
I use the Apple TV for three things: Netflix, YouTube and AirPlay. Roku is missing two. Edit: my biggest gripe with Apple TV is the fact that the physical remote is not Bluetooth LE, but IR with an incredibly narrow focus-range.
Well spotted. That point does somewhat ruin the ad for me.
The ad itself made me cry.
 Agreed. Obama has a golden opportunity to live up to the promise he made in 2007. He really has been nothing short of the biggest disappointment for potential change I've ever seen in politics. Remember when the media were branding him the next kennedy? Lol.
Safari is crashing like crazy for me on 10.9
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