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I actually think the copy sounds like Steve Jobs verbatim.
Why are you such a hateful person? You need to seriously take a look in the mirror and learn how to chill out. I personally think an end to supply chain stories is not a bad idea, seeing as they basically always prove inaccurate with hindsight.
That was an easy prediction. I pretty much had already concluded the new iPads weren't getting Touch ID. I'm not buying the engineering argument Gruber claimed. If Apple had a billion spare Touch ID housings the iPhone 5s was the only product getting it this year. 1. Marketing focus/clarity. 2. 'Let the Touch ID prove itself in the real world first before we go adding to all of our products.'Could you imagine if Touch ID buttons started failing across all of Apple's...
You can still get a mini. Just get your order in and you'll be fine.
If Sammy were an everyday object their logo would have changed a while ago.
4.6" iPhone option.iPads get Touch ID and A7X.
Should you write this article without mentioning you yourself are a shareholder? I am, and I wouldn't write it without mention of such.
The current iPad 4th gen Smart Case is not leather.
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