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Well, clearly if they released a watch it'd have sapphire glass; nothing new in watches. But I believe the investment is too large for watch displays. It makes sense that this is for the iPhone 6. Death to screen protectors forever!!
 I know you're probably being sarcastic, but Apple doesn't have the cash to buy Disney.
 Actually, this law was written out of fear and ignorance, both of which can lead to hate. And one could disagree with you about your God comparison. Your thinking is quite small, quite basic, quite literal, quite shallow. There was a reason for Einstein to refer to himself as an agnostic pantheist. Don't fool yourself into thinking you understand how things work or what 'reality' is. Nobody knows what reality is, what energy is, what gravity is, how physics works. Your...
 No, because man said God has.
Politicians will do anything to save face. Rash decision? Yeah right. This bill probably came about when that NFL hopeful came out.
I agree.
It's not interesting. And why did you put the word art in quotes?'What people think is art and what is art is the same and different to the same and different.'That's art.
What is dat.
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