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Keep dreaming.
Why not an app to replace all your cards? Saw it a while ago. Transmits a signal when your iPhone is placed near the credit card machine. Can't remember what it's called.
The fact that they don't know who makes the case is testament to Apple's focus on product over slapping names across things. I've seen more cases and bags ruined from stupid logos plastered across them than anything else. It's one of the appeals of the Moshi iGlaze - the tiny logo.
The title should specify 'patent application'. Big diff.
iMessage needs an Android version.
Pocket has to be one of the most annoyingly self-promoting apps I've ever seen. There's something Zynga-y about the relentlessness of it. They always throw up something new in your face after each update. And that's a lot of updates (25 in 2 years, only going back to version 2.4.6). It feels like they are always selling their app to you. I'm thinking: 'why are you doing this to me? I'm already using your app? Well, I'm fucking trying to use it but you won't let me.' And...
I still maintain the killer feature of an iWatch should be music playback ('should be'). If Apple could figure out an elegant but practical solution to a pair of wireless headphones (tiny iPod style ones) that allows the user to listen to music from and controlled by a device mounted on the wrist that would be a desirable iPod-killing product. It would be the most awesome music playback device for athletes of all kinds worldwide. A product that deserves to exist. Health,...
Industry moron.
Apple doesn't want proprietary TV content, they want TV content, period. If they got that, which they haven't so far succeeded in doing, their TV would exist. Apple's advantaged is providing industry leading software, industrial design, ecosystem and support. TV shows are the missing component.
 No, I meant you should used the 'the' before 'iPod'. Otherwise you end up sounding like a wannabe Steve and it's cringeworthy.
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