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  More scratch resistant is not more durable. Plastic always likes to crack.
    Weirdest logic.
  It's a mid-range device. Get over yourself. If anything it'll make the 5S seen even more premium because people will compare the two. The 5S will remain the go-to high end phone on the market. Apple's brand image is not going anywhere.
  Going by that metric European iPhones would have FCC either. They do.
  Da da da da da, da da da da da!
  Retort?   5S.   Now stop it.
  Since it enables more thinner, lighter, more rigid and less crack prone mobile electronics devices. And it's metal; metal looks cooler than plastic.   From the OS X Dictionary:    Its resistance to corrosion, lightness, and strength (especially in alloys) have led to widespread use in domestic utensils, engineering parts, and aircraft construction.
  This is not a low-end phone. This is lower cost iPhone. €679 for a 16 GB iPhone 5 in Ireland seriously hinders Apple's potential here, and across the world. It's a good move. Frankly, it's about time they did this IMO. Selling a 2 year old phone that nobody actually wants (but are forced to choose if they want an iPhone, but cannot afford the latest model) has had it's day. This streamlines the product lineup far more and makes the Apple ecosystem far more...
  People 16 to 30 have less expendable cash these days, but would love an iPhone. This product gives all of those folks an opportunity to choose iPhone. None of those people want a "new" 2 year old iPhone (4, 4S) IMO. They want a new, new phone. And by simultaneously introducing the 5S it allows Apple to still have the definitive premium phone on the world market.   I think for the ecosystem, the company and users the idea is sound.
  Wrong. The rear case in this video is scratch resistant. And it does IMO appear to be a legit part. So what you called rumoured others would called "factory leaked". Or swiped!
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