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I need to know. Badly. In grams. I tried my best but I cannot trace the weight of them. The leather Apple case, not the cover.
Let's not get Elon in. He's doing his thing, Apple's doing there's.
Whomever predicted this move is a genius ;-)
Hands on area is not a "hands on". Get out.
I un-installed Flash when I move to my new Air this July. I used Chrome in a push.
When he request another meeting Cook should tell him to go **** himself.
Netflix was going up 400% without this charlatan's involvement.
I'm sick of this clown.
 I don't see that option. I assumes it was train vibrations, I just wanted to be sure it wasn't a faulty trackpad and I wanted a way to disable it.  I usually have Wifi disabled. P.S. Unrelated: I cannot get Grab.app (build 13A603) to take a screen of this full window.
**** wall st. bunch of crooks.
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