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Don't give me that garbage. I appreciate the free gesture by this billion dollar company, it was just a general comment on the state of modern music. You'll find people who appreciate every artist, but that doesn't make the artist any good. Don't give me that 'so don't listen to it' crap. A comment as dull, unoriginal and lacking substance as the music in question.
Music has gone to shit; this isn't music. Even within the pathetic sub-genre it's in it's bad. Bring back the originality and creativity of 80's pop music to current popular music. Good God.
You take life too seriously, dude.
 Such respect.
 Sounds like a bug. Be sure you're scanning in your finger correctly. I've seen videos on YouTube where you can see people scanning their finger in incorrectly. If you have done it correctly, send Apple feedback and contact Apple tech support to be sure they are hearing about this. This is why Touch ID started out on just one Apple product: to be sure they perfect it and kill all major bugs before they bring it across all their products.
 No. They were and are retarded.
Holy crap it looks like they are finally addressing those retarded animations. THANK GOD!
I don't get the analogy at all. Instagram lied to their users and ruined the community that supported it purely for financial gain.
Holy crap that Flesky video is annoying. And their keyboard sounds like Woody Woodpecker.
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