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I can't see your posts, Tallest. I wish you well. Have a good life.
Seeing as Apple has no control over the internet, it is fundamentally a security problem.   And besides, the issue Tallest is referring to is Google circumventing to setting "Block Cookies from Third Parties and Advertisers".   I am talking about something else. What I am referring to is nefarious people circumventing the setting "Block All Cookies", period. It's not the same setting. It's a security issue. Apple can and should make that setting block everything. It's...
When cookies are set to "Block Always" it often doesn't work. Websites like bet368 that appear as popups can get through that setting seemingly very easily. Why hasn't Apple addressed this? It's been this way for Safari for over 6 months now. Surely always should mean always.
 Why must he do that?
 Being bought out doesn't validate a business, but betting on home automation and the father of the iPod does sound like a sensible idea to me.
No need to apologise, man.Btw: http://www.independent.ie/unsorted/features/why-the-cad-mle-filte-isnt-always-what-it-seems-26027338.html (12-year old post from an outsider who is living in Ireland and is married to an Irish person with whom they have kids with Irish names)Ireland is not all roses. I'm from here and that's how I see the country.
We call our language Irish, and no one speaks it here. There are over 10 times more Polish speakers in Ireland than Irish speakers at this point. Gaelic is the Celtic language of Scotland.
A its UK voice has also changed too to a younger-sounding, more bookish, less newscaster type. I'm using it here in Ireland and as of now the changes are pretty significant. I'm on wifi on my usual home wifi network that has been pretty fast for a few years and I use Siri semi-regularly.
That's good news, I guess, because the movie Jobs was one of the worst pictures I have ever seen. And I'm somewhat of a movie buff.
If you get excited about these leaked photos you seriously need to get out more. I'd say something if there was something remarkable about them like the NYC cube or the Ginza exterior.
New Posts  All Forums: