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The iPod. Hate term iPod.
These patents are ruining everything. Just look at graphene. Patents can make sense, but patents like this should never be allowed.
You call it a fiasco and I call this classic Apple. They cleaned up, rewrote, simplified and brought full cross compatibility to the iWork Mac apps, and now they will begin to add features back to both the Mac and iOS versions. This is a teething period that we all need to go through if it means that the future roadmap is cleared for iWork. And they made all the apps free. Whomever had the idea to do all of this should get a raise IMO. You're misunderstanding what Apple is...
That and the fact that Wall St. are a bunch of crooks who have no understanding of technology and only care about short term $$$.In terms of innovative products I think Apple should build a TV provided they can convince the studios to sign up a contract with them, whereby the user can choose a package. People talk about cutting the cord, but the only way IPTV works is with an à la carte contract. Pay a little and you can choose so much, pay a lot and you get everything,...
Facebook and Google.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Shame what the US has become.
OK, dudes.
Fusion reactors have not being demonstrated as working experiments in university labs like wireless power and graphene super-capacitors. These are not just theories like fusion reactors.
Half as many backlights in one year? I'd image it runs much cooler, so. This display tech is evolving on a yearly basis. That's crazy when you think about it. And chips, too. I only wish batteries had a similar evolution rate. When are we going to get graphene batteries: capable or rehanging from 0-100% in 2 minutes. Sounds like science fiction? Get ready, should be common place within 20 years, but hopefully sooner.
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