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Patents are the worst thing ever to happen this industry.
And that's an advantage how? You're making no sense. That's a Samsung gimmick.
If it were 3.0 they'd still work with it the way Apple implements them.
Ray Mears wouldn't be happy with that climber on the side of that mountain using their iPad. If I was climbing a mountain like that it'd be to get away from technology. A phone for emergencies is one thing.
When you can't innovate in product you innovate in court.
OK, so you disagree with Louie Mantia, John Siracusa, Loren Brichter, myself and many others, but that's OK. Your opinion counts too.
Yes, YT has bad ones, but these are not app review videos.
Pulling off the band aid is painful, but in the long run it's for the best. Trashing 6.0 is a good call for you personally, but you'll be back and this time will be but a memory in a couple of years. That they have the balls to start fresh, though a painful experience when it happens, to me that's Apple at its best. That goes for iOS 7 too. Even if some of the home screen icons are unarguably ugly. Videos, Reminders, Photos? It's endearing to know even Apple makes mistakes.
 If that created a good product then yes, but I don't see 4.9" is a good size for an iPhone. Going from 3.5 to 4" made a huge difference, going from 4 to 4.6 or 4.7" would make an ever bigger difference (yes I know they'll be keeping the 4" iPhone around, and that it will remain the more popular model).
New Posts  All Forums: