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I didn't wish to talk politics.
I hate the remote and the default out-of-the-box typing experience most of all.
You won't mind that when you have to deliberately download the app. No, I think it makes sense and it 'for now' allows Apple TV to be an ad-free experience. Though, clearly Netflix will get ads at some point, much to my dismay.
What is that?
What we were told here last week in a 'report' was that WWE would be added to Apple TV without the ability to "subscribe with iTunes". To which I presciently commented 'and yet when it gets added it will miraculously have the subscribe with iTunes option'. How did I know? Because it was obvious.
Yeah, may happen. Probably not in Ireland, but yeah. America's version on the competition commission should step in if it happens.
I hid most of the apps using Settings. I only use YouTube, Netflix and AirPlay.
"Subscribe with iTunes" What did I tell you.
Apple isn't buying Tesla.
The Wirecutter told me to choose the Sony MDR-7506 for over-ear headphones of up to $150, but the issue I'm concerned about it the long, coiled wire. Should this put me off buying these headphones? I need them mainly for travelling by train.     I'll be using them in conjunction with my MacBook Air. My Apple's EarPods are great, but they let in too much carriage/passenger noise. I'll be both watching movies and listening to music. I don't want Apple's in-ear phones.
New Posts  All Forums: