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Do your homework properly, guys. The UK voices have been living for 2+ weeks in the previous beta.
 In one year at a cost as $299 with a limited feature set in this global economy?  So now you've gone from saying $299 to between $100 and $300. Is this the same argument you are making or a new one?
The over-the-air deltas are a life-saver. Updating through the dev portal is far too labarious for an Apple product. The new UK voices, both the male and female were present of part of the previous betas and are not new to this beta. This is common knowledge. The other countries I'm unsure about. They fixed the keyboard CAPS UI disaster they added in beta 3. The speed in which contextual long press link dialogs pop up now has been greatly improved. I see them renaging on...
 Case closed, I suppose. Or is it that you've kind of put your foot in it? Spam has been on these forums for years and has consistently said sensible things, while often injecting perspective into threads. Why he's calling her a moron in this case is obvious: she's predicting a $17.5B year-one for a product no one outside of Apple knows for sure exists, no one knows what it will cost if released, or if it'll ever see the light of day if in fact it is legit. Such a crazy...
 Which part?
 Does it count if she said my device tastes like chicken?
Not even an idiot would trust the advice of that company.
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