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I'd bet if Apple bought Square they could sell some pretty kick-ass cash register solution to small businesses at a pretty amazing price! Imagine the integration with iOS 9 that would have. The experience for coffee shop/small business owners and customers would probably be a dream solution. One can dream.
For the bargain price of $19B /s I do agree, though, that Apple needs to think about acquiring more talented software dev teams and developers in the iOS department. Facebook swallowed Push Pop Press, Made by Sofa and Instagram. All three of which Apple should have acquired IMO. And don't we just know it's only a matter of time before Google, Facebook or Amazon acquires '53'. Apple needs to buy up these guys, and soon. It'll be a sad day indeed when 53 gets acquired by...
Yeah, 'cause wristwatches are such a new invention ;-)To quote The Guinness Book of Records:
A forced recall?
 Apple's remote isn't bluetooth and makes typing inconvenient, but that's my fault, right? I only said so because I'm a glass is half empty guy. You're not making any point.
I wouldn't pay an extra £100 for an Apple logo. What's stopping you dumping your Apple TV in the bin now? I personally only require YouTube/Netflix/AirPlay. My biggest gripe with Apple TV is not apps or UI, but the crappy IR remote. Typing and Bluetooth are two areas I'd like to see Apple address with the new Apple TV. And no, a Bluetooth Apple keyboard on my coffee table is definitely not what I mean, nor the crumby remote app. I need custom dedicated hardware from Apple...
Who's Time Warner? /s
I have a dream I ain't given' up on eider.
Apple should release iMessage on Android and kill them all!
Sooner or later Zuck is going to prove his fallibility.
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