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 I know several Mac users on Snow Leopard. It should be top priority for Apple to get everyone on Mavericks. And given the small revenue they generate per year from selling each release for 20 bucks (small for them), I would think the more important factor would be bolstering the Mac platform as a whole. And the best and only way to do that is to give it away for free just like iOS. My guess is that will happen, but you never know with Apple. I hope they have the sense to...
 The GM is not a delta so. Settles that.
Can I fix this? Repairing permission didn't fix it. And QuickLook in no longer playing them either.
 1.10 GB sounds like the iPhoto update that was issued. This is the (non-GM) dev 8 build number: 
Now, ensure every Mac in the world with a machine less than 5 years is on Mavericks by making it a free download just like iOS. It'll make the whole platform much stronger and MS won't be able to compete with free.
$50 off a phone that has a 2 year contract? Slashes?
30M ? Is this like Samsung who robs every bit of Apple IP to build products and then gets fined a small % of their yearly company profit? Little justice if you ask me. $30M seems like little more than a slap on the wrist.
I like Apple's "watch and research" approach to making great products. I also love the thinking that went into the decision to do a 4" iPhone 5c and a 4" iPhone 5s this year. And nothing too crazy to please the analysts. It shows Cook is doing things exactly right. Even if I am more than put off by many decisions in iOS 7, like the RC icon set, especially the home screen set. That's one set of icons I'd literally bet my life Jobs wouldn't have signed off on. Heck, I...
 Like iOS?
 Mavericks is solid now. I'd be more worried about it breaking your specific app compatibility use-case. I like the name. The naming scheme is simple. It's places in California. Like OS X Redwood or OS X Yosemite.
New Posts  All Forums: