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Compare this to the Spaceship; possibly the nicest/coolest corporate building that has/will ever be built.
A more interesting stat will be how they does against other phones in October.
 Are you a Mac developer? If so I believe it shows up in purchases or smtn - not updates on this occasion.
 I have access to more than nothing though. I have the information at hand and my instincts. Though not always right it is important to listen to them.
Mid-2007 or later iMacs.
 ​Considering practically each new release is priced less-and-less as time goes on I don't quite see where you are pulling that "as usual" $20 figure from with a foolish confidence. Leopard was $129Snow Leopard was $29Lion was $29Mountain Lion was $20 It's safe to say given that they have now moved to a yearly release cycle for OS X versions and for the first time in living memory have yet to announce a price, they may have a new way of doing things in the works. And then...
 I know several Mac users on Snow Leopard. It should be top priority for Apple to get everyone on Mavericks. And given the small revenue they generate per year from selling each release for 20 bucks (small for them), I would think the more important factor would be bolstering the Mac platform as a whole. And the best and only way to do that is to give it away for free just like iOS. My guess is that will happen, but you never know with Apple. I hope they have the sense to...
 The GM is not a delta so. Settles that.
Can I fix this? Repairing permission didn't fix it. And QuickLook in no longer playing them either.
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