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I bet ya it won't be that large. 4.6" or 4.7"
Those points aren't exactly analogous.
 And therein lies the rub.
 He meant online retail would take over retail completely.
 This comes true if you install their shitty app. Otherwise they'll have to leave you alone or you'll (well me) can take your business somewhere that won't hassle you. This end up being the new 'as soon as I enter the store someone pounces on me'.
 'Wrong'. I love your overconfident proclamations. A shopping list is one thing, but this is the store talking over your screen, that can't go well. Apple doing it in an Apple store is one thing, but one of these other guys getting access to your information and attention like that strikes me as something entirely different - in a bad way.
 Funny. Not that fat actually makes you fat, but that's another topic.
Can't wait until Newsstand launches on the Appstore (yes, I'm sarcastically referring to Amazon).
Throwing money at a problem is not the best solution.
Walking around a store looking at my phone strikes me as a bad experience. Either use an app like Amazon to buy stuff online or walk into a store and open your eyes.
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