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This is rumoured.
Because they are ugly.
Apple will release a Retina mini and a smaller thinner iPad 5 in the same res as the iPad 4 and I'll choose the iPad 5 every time. I prefer a 10" tablet. Yes, the mini Retina will take sales away from the iPad 5, but that's Apple taking it away from themselves. That's the best way to do it.
You know what's worse than getting paid to give a 2013 6 hour battery life tablet a 9/10 review on The Verge. Not being paid to do it. That's the saddest part if all this. They think battery life is just a bullet point. I would have given 6 battery life a 2/10; that would bring the average down. Because 6 hour battery life is a 2/10 for battery life in my book. If it got 8 hours I'd still be annoyed if I bought one. 6 is abysmal. It's dud territory. The iPad mini was...
That much is obvious. But a 9/10 on The Verge for a 2013 tablet computer that gets 6 hours battery life with Wifi On and not even gaming!!? The Verge should be ashamed of themselves. If Apple's mini 2 with Retina display got 6 hours battery life I'd personally consider it a dud.Google testing battery life with Wifi Off and display brightness at 40% to push the battery to 9 hours? The whole thing is like watching The Truman Show.
Bias much? ;-)
If the iPad mini 2 has a Retina screen and 10 hours battery life and it's not The Verge's first 10/10 product something is amiss.
  Who says he cares about AAPL? He like the rest care only about the shiny dollar and walking the grey line to get it.
There needs to be new laws with regards big stock ownership and announcement. A tweet shouldn't control a company's value when the gy who did it was one of the folks who drove the stock price down in the first place.
You're referring to colored hipster pants. You need to chill. I think you're a little off there. And the colours you linked to weren't as spot in pastel as the ones that other guy/gal linked to. The sexism is all on your head. The person made an excellent point and nailed the colours.
New Posts  All Forums: