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Cook said that before the iPad was released. Cook means they will be popular this Christmas which is a given given how compelling the new iPads are/will be and the fact that they didn't renew any iPods at all. Not-a-one.
I'm thinking miscommunication somewhere along the way because up 200% does mean 3X. I'd say it's meant to be 'sales are 200% last year's numbers'.
I use an app we made. An app that was so minimal Apple wouldn't approve it on the Mac App Store. I guess that's why I'm no longer in the app business.
What's with the 'though' there?Shouldn't it be written like this?Questions remain as to what parts will be manufactured at the Arizona plant. Apple currently uses the material as the glass shield for the Touch ID sensor and the rear-facing camera on the iPhone 5s, and previously the camera shield on the iPhone 5.
Should Apple just buy them?
It's hard to resist the Air, but if I had an iPad 3/4 I'd try to wait for iPad 6 too. The iPad is really beginning to come into its own. I think the iPad Air is the true beginning for the iPad. The late 2014 model iPads are going to be absolute beasts!!!
Different people are working on it and it was less work. That said this feels very like pre-release software. It's terribly buggy. Shoddy by Apple's standards I would submit.
Indeed. It's a very woosy, lame design with the darker blue.
It's alpha! Extremely buggy.
No. I never said that trade off.
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