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Just downloaded Pinterest and it automatically logged me in. Not sure how they did that. IMEI?
Pinterest should be called Pintrest. Don't ask.
Apple buys Nest for $?M. Tony heads up new Apple home-automation device sensor team. Wifi-bulbs, wifi-thermostats, wifi-smoke alarms and wifi external door locks with LE Bluetooth tech. So Apple could suddenly light, secure, heat and protect from fire your home. Seamlessly integrated with iOS 9. Apple-level simplicy, nothing to install on your device. What do ye reckon? Gone are the shabby third party products that require a computer science degree to install. With Apple...
I just registered in Spotify app and received email saying thanks for signing up for 2 day free trial. I don't get it?
Apple has nothing got to do with the auction or Fadell, really.
'Outed' ? Anyone who stands in front of said product with a camera present wants to be 'outed'. It's for a good cause, but it also puts his name on the map.
Angry Birds needs to die already, and now they're ripping off Mario Kart.
Gestures? I see it had gestures removed, but I don't see any added. After using the new version of Twitter I am glad Tweetbot exists. Tweetbot 3 rocks!
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