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I'd like to see Apple bring out some sort of "Car Pad". An iPad mini-esque hardware product they would sell directly to car manufacturers with a screen, an FM radio and iPhone connectivity capabilities. It wouldn't be an iPad and it wouldn't have an App Store, but it would be a capacitive touch screen. Why? Because Apple is a hardware company and when it comes to this stuff car companies are out of their depth. The only issue I for see with this system is car companies...
 I don't know what you are talking about. It's a bad TV experience. I know John Gruber doesn't like the remote app either. The whole thing is too fiddly. It needs to be hardware.
 It's not that at all. I think they are taking the little box to App Store status this March and are building anticipation, attention and hype.
 The same room as I'm using my other IR remote that never fails. Would you not prefer a bluetooth remote?
I've been living with Apple TVs about 3 years now and the main complaint i've got about it is boy do I hate that included remote. While the remote looks nice and makes a great first impression, the initial "wow it's so tiny, and it's aluminium" honeymoon period eventually wears off and the grim reality of the fact that it not only is crappy old IR technology, but additionally has a miserably-narrow and somewhat weak signal band for an IR remote sets in. And don't get me...
I mean decent zoom out-of-the-box with a new smartphone. Currently that's not possible, but it may be within 20 years. I often think it would make more sense if these lenses were reflect lenses that were positioned virtually within the phone's body, thus negating the fact that these devices are so thin now. And not a patent to this effect, but a shipping device. Positioning the lens vertically along with some additional new innovations could allow for some potentially...
 So, you liked the 5c, but not enough to hold onto it. Interesting.
Are you saying you don't believe that number?It's a bit like being the busiest restaurant in town. It doesn't mean you're the most profitable. You can be sure if Gordon Ramsay opened shop in your town and made the launch week entirely free to dine there you can only imagine how busy the restaurant would be. But a lot of money would be lost in the process. Like the way selling the most of anything doesn't make you the most profitable in your market segment. One of the...
You live in America: population 300M. Now multiply that number by 23.3 and you get the world population. There's another 95.7% of the world out there, most of which can afford a Samesong phone over an iPhone. The numbers are right. And a good reason why they probably are right is that iPhones last longer.
Because lots of those phones are cheap junk, and shipping them adds up to high unit sales eventually.
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