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Is 'may not include Siri' another way to saying the way that is worded I cannot be wrong no matter the outcome.
Like or not they 1. Had to do a lower cost iPhone option that was also a new phone. And 2. Ensure it doesn't completely reduce the desire for the inevitable 5S.
Visionary! ;-) I would like to know when though. Please tell me it's going to be in October?
Sonny Dickenson, my ass! http://www.tvc-mall.com/product/wholesale-iphone-5C-replacement-parts/
Everyone's gone paranoid.
Buy, sell, rumours. Too much money to be made. We need new laws to encourage accountably in this area as whatever these guys say affects shares too much for there not to be an abundance of corruption.
I thought is was expected the new iPads will come in October?
$50 says you're wrong. They are looking for differentiators.
As a rule, if the news for Apple is good, AAPL goes down and visa versa.
This is the kind of reason why Gruber detests this website (AI).
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