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The trouble with that is Apple tends to create devices for more than a one-person marketplace. You may as well adjust and get used to the 5c and 5s form factors, because that's as small as it gets from Apple from here on out. Buying a 4s is just clinging to the past.
Not going to work iCahn.
So you want an updated mini then?
Such a device is probably a few years away yet. Design is about trade offs; you can't have it all.
The iPhone 6 will be available in an additional size of 4.6 or 4.7" - and no larger.
 I actually don't believe it really matters why they are doing it at the end of the day. If living in a prison is seen as the only option then we've lost it. At that stage we've leapfrogged the shark and The Fonz, together. People need to wake up. It's time American people and systems had checks and balances in place. Everybody needs to be held accountable for their actions: the common man and government. You only have to look at what's happening to people who try to...
 This has nothing to do with Apple versus Android.
 Why would it take Wifi into account?
Yeah, I think that was the case. Strange. Seem fine after I first converted with Handbrake. Probably some weird Divx business.
I'm trying to rip a DVD for my niece here. I so relied on this app.   Perhaps it's the unusual file-type I'm throwing at it, but I've never encountered this problem before. It tried to convert to DVD-mpeg as usual, but just seems to hang there on 'checking...' while the progress bar never even starts to fill up. Will report back in a minute.
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