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Absolutely no one I'd say. The lighter the better. 10 hours is good battery life. Sure, 15 hours would be better, but if that means adding weight then no one would chose that option. Twice as heavy? You're crazy.
You upgraded from?
Contrast and colour. They tend to improve quite a bit over the years on iOS devices, because every year the technology evolves somehow, even if just in the efficiency department.
Yeah it's a software bug memory leak. iOS 7 has quite a number of remaining bugs at this point. Even Safari on Mav is quite buggy.
If money was no issue for me I'd own an iPad Air. Sadly, it's because I do live in the here and now that I must live with that reality.
The iPad 3 was the best product I've ever owned. In any category. I literally loved it. Each year the best product I've ever owned is the iPad that replaces it. I don't own an iPad Air, but that's for financial reasons. But if I did it would be the best product I've ever owned.Having said that, no product is perfect. I can think of a number if areas of improvement even with Apple products. Now, where I see the iPad going next with iPad 6 I see it heading much closer to my...
I don't believe that, though.
This is usually down to bad typing. You should reset the keyboard dictionary in Settings and start typing more slowly and deliberately.
 Why do I not believe you own an Air.
 Indeed. Thanks to my little investigation recently I eventually found out yesterday it's 619 grams v 652 grams (or 662 for iPad 4). That's the Air with leather Smart Case, just to be doubly-clear.
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