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Ambiguous language much?
Jean-Luc, you misspelt your username. There's one 'e' in Earl.
Btw, heart disease, strokes and aneurysms may be caused by a lack of vitamin C. No joke. This is according to the only person to have won 2 unshared nobel prizes, Linus Pauling. After investigating this for some time and looking through years of research on the benefits of vitamin C Pauling theorised that it was actually a lack of L-ascorbic acid (otherwise known as vitamin C) in the body which caused the initial 'cut' to form inside the artery. And then subsequently it's...
I suspect market manipulation, because it doesn't suggest that at all, even if the meetings were actually proved to have happened.
 You're not making sense.
It's not about me, it's about making good products. A 12.9", heavy, awkward iPad makes no sense as a product. Personal choice is besides the point. It's the same as touch screen flip-flops would be, it's dumb. If Apple release a 12.9" product it won't be an iPad.
Don't get yourself worked up about something you are correct about. The mini will get A8. Chill, bro.
But isn't the power button moving/moved to the F-key now? I think it'd be cooler (far more tricky) if they integrated Touch ID into the trackpad.
It's coming this year. Chill.
Your reasoning is flawed. The guy is stating an obvious design flaw with a 12.9" tablet: it would be too heavy design wise. That's got nothing to do with killing brunettes, or preferring smaller iPads. I don't see a 12.9" iPad happening for weight and awkwardness reasons. A 12.9" something else perhaps.
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