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 Final go ahead to build. They had permission to knock and prepare.
 Browsing design and architecture is a big hobby of mine. I think this'll be beautiful when it's completed.
 Where did you get 2 years from? If the building is complete 3 years from this time next month it'll still be 2016. I'm thinking it'll open around Sep/Oct 2016.
This one is waaaay nicer.
Not a universal app? Interesting. 22Mb hardly warrants them separating the apps, especially given they would be reusing certain elements.
12,000 in the spaceship, 14,200 people in total in all buildings including spaceship.
I con.
I'm not. For a computer programmer type of guy there is no substitute for a Mac for getting work done. The iPad doesn't come close. I tried everything to write my play on an iPad, I bought and used all the apps, but it doesn't come within an asses roar from wetting the script on the Mac
What is wrong with you? I don't like Android. Stop it now.
I'm selling fresh Kool Aid for $1000 per glass if you want some.
New Posts  All Forums: