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'Outed' ? Anyone who stands in front of said product with a camera present wants to be 'outed'. It's for a good cause, but it also puts his name on the map.
Angry Birds needs to die already, and now they're ripping off Mario Kart.
Gestures? I see it had gestures removed, but I don't see any added. After using the new version of Twitter I am glad Tweetbot exists. Tweetbot 3 rocks!
I'd never get a keyboard case, but that particular design is awesome conceptually.
Loving the new iPad Air. Best product Apple has ever made.
 As as the home screen is appearing try to swipe to the next home screen without waiting for the paint to dry on that tortoise animation, 'cause running iOS 6 that whole process was significantly more GTD.
  The article states both these points twice.  YUCK! This feature is clearly not meant for me. Thank God it's optional. Even if we've no Apple stores here in Ireland yet. I'm presuming we will someday 
 Holy crap! You serious?
It's a money grab. I'd love someone working for the US gov to go to jail over this.
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