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I'm getting great battery life out of my Haswell Air, but I have found the remaining-battery-time readings to be way off. Sometimes at 70% is says 4 hours remaining. I fixed the issue a month ago, but it's gone bad again. Apple should include in OS X an automatated way for the system to keep an eye on that reading and have the system perform self-maintenance to retifty large descrpencies like this.
As unoriginal as it gets. But it doesn't matter because people are fooled.
Your trying to be clever. If Apple release a watch it will be called iWatch. If the release a TV it will be iTV. Look no further than the name of their phone. It's not about being clever, it's about being simple.
Apple predicted to sell as many as 30M iDildos.
Compare this to the Spaceship; possibly the nicest/coolest corporate building that has/will ever be built.
A more interesting stat will be how they does against other phones in October.
 Are you a Mac developer? If so I believe it shows up in purchases or smtn - not updates on this occasion.
 I have access to more than nothing though. I have the information at hand and my instincts. Though not always right it is important to listen to them.
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