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 On stage at iPad event. (Oct 15?)
Not showing up in Software Update for me, yet. Hope to God Apple has the foresight to give Mavericks away for free.
You just contradicted yourself in the space of a single sentence.
Samsung scrambled to finish Galaxy Gear smart watch TO beat Apple's rumored 'iWatch' to market. FTFU.
 I think it's safe to say that's very likely to happen in my opinion. And then the Retina iPad mini could be $399, and the large iPad could be $499 starting at 32 GB ?
I dislike a lot the delayed scrolling and bouncing in iMessage in iOS 7.
 He's most recent prediction, the one about the MacBook Pro in June was wrong.
 They didn't, but it's safe to say it is going to happen and this story is full of shit.
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