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I don't believe that, though.
This is usually down to bad typing. You should reset the keyboard dictionary in Settings and start typing more slowly and deliberately.
 Why do I not believe you own an Air.
 Indeed. Thanks to my little investigation recently I eventually found out yesterday it's 619 grams v 652 grams (or 662 for iPad 4). That's the Air with leather Smart Case, just to be doubly-clear.
 I would have literally bet a million dollars the iPhone 5s was the only device to get Touch ID this year. And I don't think it's to keep the iPhone 5s at the top of the pile like Gruber suggested in his bollox 'forward looking' comment. I think the 2 reasons why the 5s was the only device getting Touch ID this year was: 1. product clarity, in terms of the product, the customer and marketing, and 2. to give Apple 1 year to test Touch ID in the marketplace before adding it...
The iPad 6 (Air 2) is seriously going to kill:   Improved display 8MP camera 802.11ac Touch ID A8   You'll need an excuse not to buy it.
150 grams. Finally! So, yes, I got my answer. An iPad Air + iPad Air leather Smart Case (read: not 'Smart Cover') weigh less than a naked iPad 4 at 619 grams versus 662.
Went to Google recently and ended up. Still no answer on the whole internet for this simple question.
Please stop responding like this. It makes you sound petty. If you have a reason to say something like this say the reason instead. It's more intelligent, mature and effective to do so.
Less wasted what?
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