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Apple Insider?
Never heard such crap in my life.
Or scanner. But really speed.
That blue is inaccurate. These are the real colours:https://mobile.twitter.com/SonnyDickson/status/354924020627546113/photo/1Not sure what's going on with the vomit coloured one. I guess that's one way of ensuring the 5S has more sex appeal. Want a less expensive iPhone? Be prepared to rock a cheesy external colour, or white, and not black. Want a 5S? Sir, would you like that in silver anodised aluminium, black anodised aluminium or champagne anodised aluminium? Have a...
Of course they can. Who cares anyway.
Those colours are inaccurate.
Well spotted. Though upon closer inspection that beige is clearly pale gold, which I think will be rather attractive.http://www.tvc-mall.com/details/SIM-Card-Tray-Holder-Replacement-for-iPhone-5S-7th-Genration-OEM-Beige-I5S-901B/
Hehe!And this old model nonsense can't end soon enough.
Why, you want a faster phone with a bigger screen and a convex home button?
We were both being ironic. The rule of law for Presidents, politicians bankers and wankers died in 2001. Not in Iceland though.
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