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Now address that dumb unlocking animation.   After sliding to unlock on iPad I can flick the screen to get to page 2 four times before my screen interaction is accepted. It's not just too slow, the animation, it isn't user-friendly. On iOS 2 - 6 I could even swipe to page 2 before the animation was finished, enabling the system to accept my first swipe, every time. Get it sorted, Jony. As I slide to unlock on iOS 7 my immediate first interaction with the OS is a negative...
 I'm not convinced. And I'm certainly not convinced be this product idea.
Pesky NSA making O feel unsafe.
 That's a different point; I don't disagree with that.
 Never design my products.
Google Now initiates on some Android phones by saying 'Google' without the requirement of a dock (horrid activation word, I know). 'Apple' would be horrid, too, but 'Siri' would sound appropriate. If Google can listen for the keyword without killing battery, why can't the iPhone?
You're specifically talking about Android fanboys. They're idiots. Ignore them.
Don't trust this man. He even looks shady.
Here comes Tallest to polish his Apple.
Isn't it sad that because the writer here seemed to give USB 3.1 a fair shake, I automatically knew DED didn't write the article, without checking. I've tweeted about wanting reversible USB 4 years ago. This standards body is too slow, they should be pushing to get this sorted in the first quarter of 2014. Frankly, I hope USB kills Thunderbolt, because when we're standardised on a good port everyone wins. Also, the article should have mentioned that not being reversible...
New Posts  All Forums: