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A keyboard case on an iPad mini is overkill. If you need a keyboard case then you got the wrong iPad. I just sold my iPad 4 yesterday in prep for the iPad 5 :-)
Champagne is a beautiful colour. That is not champagne. And it's fake.
How quaint.
You wouldn't sleep right if you didn't get to mention Samsung at least once a day. This specific shade of gold is gaudy, but that's fine because it's fake/knock-off/after-market.Chill.
Looks fake. Just like these black market chassis made by a third party company.
Pet owners, lol. Dumb surveys.
  Audio? Separate speakers? And so the mess begins. No, from my POV an all-in-one TV from Apple makes most sense, but won't be possibly until they can get a subscription TV Show offering that's good enough to ask consumers to sign a contract they'd be interested in - thereby having a way to subsidise said TV.
My instinct says this is not happening this year. And my heart says I want this to be an actual TV.
Interesting thought. Agree to a certain extent, but I think it's to give another colour option for the high end model to give people more reasons to choose a 5S over a 5C.
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