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Here comes Tallest to polish his Apple.
Isn't it sad that because the writer here seemed to give USB 3.1 a fair shake, I automatically knew DED didn't write the article, without checking. I've tweeted about wanting reversible USB 4 years ago. This standards body is too slow, they should be pushing to get this sorted in the first quarter of 2014. Frankly, I hope USB kills Thunderbolt, because when we're standardised on a good port everyone wins. Also, the article should have mentioned that not being reversible...
This rumour is probably bait for the competition.
"I'm on Twitter on a different one" was one of the slimiest attempted coverups I've ever seen. Look, you got caught.   Samsung are a joke. I'm Twitting from my iPhone for free. Look Ma, no wires!
How's about Honda work with Apple to custom install iPad minis in the dash at a factory level. Apple need a program like that. Where the UI is handled in-house by Apple, but that'll never happen.
I see your point, but it needs to be addressed. And I too hope Apple becomes more web savvy.
No no.
Any person would tell you it's obvious Apple are not going to do that.
 I don't see this happening at all. No way.
 I don't know why, but I immediately got the same feeling for no obvious reason at all.
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