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It's per website. I take it the notifications you'll get from NBA would be sport score related. I.E. Something you'll actually want. As opposed to spam like Full Fat spits out: I had to delete their game for that very reason. That game didn't deserve to stay on my iPhone.
 You just referred to yourself in the third person. You may need some fresh air, dude. And welcome to the forum. Learn to relax.
 What are you on about? DED's conclusion is based on nothing but he own crazy need to breath Apple flavoured air. To me there a 2 possible reasons he has 2 phones with him (5s and a phablet): 1. He likes the iPhone but finds its screen too small for some tasks.2. He's the CEO of a carrier and likes to be seen by his customers and his clients testing various competing products. I'm going with the latter, though I do know at least 1 prominent Apple blogger who wants a larger...
You are correct, but the GM was testable before it went public, so I did that and then reverted to iOS 6 until now.
Sounds. To be that seems like he helped create all the new system sounds and probably a few of the ringtones. Apple is about putting few good people on projects, not many people doing a bit each.
I updated to iOS 7 3 days ago. I beta tested a few times (ex-dev) and knew of the new sounds. My fave is the new iMessage sound for sending a message: much nicer! But gosh those animations need serious help. When you haven't used the device for a few minutes and you press sleep/wake to wake up the screen takes over 1 second to begin fading-in. Don't ask me what planet the folks in Apple are on with this. And the speed the springboard takes to fly in when unlocking is akin...
Even when DED is speaking the truth is sounds biased. You've a way with words my good man. A way with words. > He then followed up with a photo (below) of a gold iPhone 5s alongside a Note 3 and a Galaxy Gear watch, indicating that Samsung's big screen phablet isn't a suitable replacement for a standard sized phone, even when paired with the company's new wrist-attached $299 Bluetooth headset. That does not indicate that. At all.
AAPL goes up so some effin' crooked analyst jumps on them.
What the Apple TV 'needs' more than anything is a Bluetooth remote.
An article-ad! ;-)
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