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Let's have a game of 'make ambiguous predictions', like "chances are slim". Or "even if it does happen I will still be correct". Pathetic. And what about Kuo's thinner MacBook Pro that was launching in July of 2013? Where's that? Oh yeah, as he's on AI's payroll now we won't be hearing about such discrepancies. I predict 2014 will be the year where we see Kuo get a lot of things wrong. 12.9" iPad? Doesn't even make sense. And no, a convertible is not an iPad. So if Apple...
Oh who cares at this stage.
What's an intelligence test?
Is the gap time so developers can make apps?
J.P. Morgan, lol
4.6 or 4.7 inches. No 5" and certainly no 5.5".
Apple should have bought square when they were smaller. Now they have a $4B - $5B valuation.
Side bezels.
A smaller bezel makes sense when going for a larger screen. Should be an interesting physical hardware design.
Not really.
New Posts  All Forums: