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Major league soccer? Apple should buy all sports. All.
Do we have to keep mentioning Android (or Samsung)? Please stop.
His most recent prediction on a new thinner Retina MacBook Pro model in June was incorrect. He needs to be held accountable for his misses too:http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/06/02/apple-to-debut-slimmer-retina-macbook-pro-with-upgraded-camera-at-wwdc-analyst-says
Ming-Chi Kuo might be able to predict new products, though he got the new MacBook Pro in June wrong, but is there any previous history to suggest he can predict specific iPhone model opening weekend sales? If the in-app analytics are anything to go by the 5s sold worldwide at least 3X what the c sold, and I'd believe it. Especially considering the early adopters usually want the most forward looking model. A lot even opt for the 64GB model - something normal people are...
It says in that screenshot it doesn't work on iPad 2 or iPhone 4, meaning it works on iPhone 4S and iPad 3.Btw, AI, the Apple TV 2 has Bluetooth.
Stop giving these dopes airtime. On TV and on AI.
I don't care what you do. The speaker experience out of the box is awful. The iMac is an AIO. That's why people buy it. The thin chin is Apple form over function at its worst I have ever seen it.
Better iTunes experience anyway, thanks to the much better sounding out of the box speakers. But shush, don't tell anyone around here because Apple is never wrong. Ever.
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