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 Either Reuters is full of it...
Are these the same supply constraints that sold 9 million iPhones in 3 days?
All the Google and Shamsung fans in the comments saying 'who cares'. Why they hang out on Apple videos and blogs, it's so dumb.
Obama, lol. 'The next Kennedy' they said.
He might be a slimy fat-cat, but you've got to far in killing him off there. Easy horsey.
This fool certainly likes the attention.
That might happy in an alternate reality with sports, but never with all content.But I'd say what Steve meant is probably pretty ambiguous at this point.
Major league soccer? Apple should buy all sports. All.
Do we have to keep mentioning Android (or Samsung)? Please stop.
His most recent prediction on a new thinner Retina MacBook Pro model in June was incorrect. He needs to be held accountable for his misses too:http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/06/02/apple-to-debut-slimmer-retina-macbook-pro-with-upgraded-camera-at-wwdc-analyst-says
New Posts  All Forums: