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Your not making a point.
You read it incorrectly. It's going to be 9.9' tall, and renamed Door Mac; code named Round Tower.
I have a solution: stop using Apple products. I kid, I kid.Being serious, I've seen a few people call out for a night-mode/low-light theme as part of iOS 8. I think it's a super, super idea! Think along the lines of Tweetbot 3.2 for iPhone. There could be options to set/change manually, on schedule and when low-light is detected.
Agreed. I've seen Gruber mention 'text as buttons' as a problem multiple times now.One of the things/issues I have never been able to get used to is also something Gruber mention after WWDC, and it's the use of bold font for the 'safe' option in dialog boxes. It actually complicates the dialog box by trying to help you. It really needs to be non-bold, especially given that option is always segmented away from the other group of options in the dialog.
I agree and feel your pain. That's the trouble with how ambitious Apple was in the 7 months it took to produce such a complete rethinking. You'll be very happy to hear iOS 7.1 has many, many fixes coming. Most notably the animations have so far far improved in the betas.
Just in case you're wondering why I no longer respond to your posts Tallest, I have simply just blocked you. I honestly wish you well. Enjoy your life.
I'm on beta2 and I don't have them.
Apple is by far the best company around in the tech and product fields, but they didn't invent computer UIs. They however do design some great software, UIs and have the best operating systems. Honestly, the way you talk about Apple like a religion and always jump to their defence is embarrassing. Even Gruber who writes about the company for a living sometimes has discerning criticisms of them, such as his call that iOS 7 is probably one of the fews things since his death...
You do make some good points, and they're definitely areas for improvement, big time, but you do get used to iOS 7, and I much prefer the minimalism of iOS 7 over iOS 6. A lot of apps do look better. My issues with iOS 7 are more basic: fix the animations (I want to be able to paginate before the unlocking animation finishes, as we could before), app icons, and contrast in some areas. When I say app icons I don't mean Safari or Settings or even Game Center, I mean Photos,...
New Posts  All Forums: