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What is wrong with you? I don't like Android. Stop it now.
I'm selling fresh Kool Aid for $1000 per glass if you want some.
You'll find a MacBook Air is what you're looking for.
Don't buy it then. Buy a Nexus 7 you Android fanboy!I'm being sarcastic here. This is the sort of response I get from some folks around here for loving Apple, but refusing the Kool Aid.
'probably' not 'certainly' and even if that were true it doesn't solve the awkward problem with something of that weight+size. I'm not seeing it. I could see a mini before it arrived. I predicted the original iPad would have a 10" display (it had a 9.7") after doing several cutouts and measuring DVD cases and various books. Around 2 years before it was released I said it would be 11", but after doing my homework with the books and cutouts I modified that prediction to 10"...
And that's called an update.
I think 'ridiculously expensive' is possibly overstating it.
I don't know about that. I see laptop or desktop as way more useful/productive than a 13" iPad, and it loses one of the main advantages of an iPad over a MacBook Air: amazing portability. I'm not seeing a 13" iPad from Apple. As it is they are trying desperately to make the 10" iPad much smaller and lighter.
Please elaborate your points here? What's a magic stand? And why would this device have induction charging when the iPad Air doesn't, and yet it's battery would be smaller?
Yes, and you can hold a bucket of sand with your hands too, but it's not a pleasant experience. This thing will be too big and too heavy. Not happening. If Apple does release a 13" iOS device it won't be designed to be held in your hands; it won't be an iPad Pro.
New Posts  All Forums: