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The 11" model.
 Sequoia is a type of tree, Redwood would be more apt, and a much nicer name. And I'd say Yosemite is a dead certainty at some point. On a personal front I find redwood trees some of the most inspiring things.
 Most people who want a case for an older gen iPad probably already have one, the customer for iPad 2 [education] will gladly take a single colour of Smart Case, and it's one more way for Apple to convince people that the newer models are the way to go.
Please, could someone weigh an iPad Air Smart Cover with a digital scales??? Edit: I meant to say Smart Case.
 Samsung manufactures the A7.
You mean the same smaller battery Ive already told us about in the iPad Air marketing video?
This seems like an error to me. Expect it to be corrected soon.
That product has not been released yet.
AIO! Sheesh!
I know where you stand so.
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