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 That's a poor excuse. Besides, this annoyingly non-standard behaviour is the same for non-carousel images on the store. Defend Apple on this and you are certainly a fool.
 You're not making sense. The image is also meant to be a link; it's common practice: everywhere! Apple's online store web masters should know and be fixing this. Sometimes it's as if Apple has never heard of the internet. There's no reason why Google should be so much better than Apple at this. I wouldn't accept it on a website I built myself; Apple definitely shouldn't. The fact that this hasn't been addressed at this stage of Apple online store speaks volumes.
 The funny thing is Twitter was actually using Topsy's services for big moments like elections and sporting events: https://election.twitter.com
 Exactly what I was thinking. They have other plans.
Your thinking inside a box. Only Apple knows what they are up to with this purchase. Apple needs to begin to address fundamentals across their internet service, aside from this purchase I mean. Just look at their online stores: cmd+clicking a product image doesn't activate the correct action (open in tab). Why this is important is so the user can use the search results to load of a few products they may be interested in for convenience, and contextual clicking an image...
Graphite, not anthracite. I'm going out on a limb here, but if Apple doesn't acquire '53' they are as dumb as a pair of spoons. A drawing app is integral to iPad for businesses and school. They could literally acquire the company, rebrand the Paper app; possibly as a free part of the iWork suite and sell Pencil as a system wide supported peripheral accessory, a feature in iOS 8. So any drawing app can take advantage of pencil. Heck, they could even bring down the price of...
If Nokia created Android phones from day 1 perhaps they'd be right up in Samsung's face right now. Microsoft's platform has yet to prove itself.
Famous last words. If only success and stock price were meant to follow a logical pattern.
An Apple job posting in October, and iPhone launches 2 months later?
 What the hell is Apple up to?
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