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I'm gonna go on record and say I'd bet that iPhone 6 will include a sapphire glass display. You don't spend an initial upfront investment of a half a billion for watch displays. Why? Because the iWatch won't cost $700 a pop, that's why. iWatch and iPhone 6 both will have sapphire glass. And keep in mind, too, that this half a billion investment on Apple's part is just the initial disclosed investment in this technology. They may announce more payments as they are required...
This guy is getting far too much airtime.
Whoops! Lol. Won't be a phone anyway, though.
It won't be a phone. Big 'duh' there.
That is one funny sentence. Citing unnamed sources with limited but direct knowledge of a rumoured device.Comedy insider.Time to adjust me signature.
No shit, they are eventually going to update the Apple TV? Colour me shocked.
Shazam is total bloat-ware.
 Yes, but that mandate would apply to the iPhone, too, no?
 I'd be nice if it were that simple.
    Naive much? 
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