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If Nokia created Android phones from day 1 perhaps they'd be right up in Samsung's face right now. Microsoft's platform has yet to prove itself.
Famous last words. If only success and stock price were meant to follow a logical pattern.
An Apple job posting in October, and iPhone launches 2 months later?
 What the hell is Apple up to?
 'entering' ? They'd want to be doing more than entering to complete with Google.  My gut feeling tells me even if they wanted to enter the search engine market they'd have to concede that they wouldn't have a hope of doing something anywhere near as good as Google search. Besides, they have so much more to get right with their existing services search would be a huge distraction for them.
 Twitter's market cap is $22+ Billion.
I still maintain that the entirety of the service Ping should have been a button that appeared on the row of the currently playing song in iTunes, and when clicked it would send out a tweet of the name of that song with an iTunes short-link. I.E. An elegant, convenient way to tell the world your now playing song. I'd say that service/feature would still be in regular widespread use today across the various iTunes platforms.
There was a time Apple could have bought Twitter for that much.
Google Insider.
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