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BTW, I don't see the programmer/reset buttons. Unless they're on the back and the PDF is incomplete. Which it probably is. So either the PDF is incomplete, or Apple must have great trust we don't need those buttons anymore: any kernel panic can be solved by pushing the power button alone. This is exactly what is suggested from the screenshots from Jaguar which show a new screen after a kernel panic.
Especially funny in the PDF is that it doesn't mention a processor, but it does give us some "clues": - Turbine cooling - Heat Sink (VERY LARGE 7lbs) - the air intakes This clearly has been made by someone (a) either in the know, but not courageous enough to post specs (b) someone just doing their best to convince us of the authenticity of their claims. I go for option (b). Hell, if I had had some more time I could have made the PDF myself. Looks like someone just had a...
I can see why they would move the front drive bays near the middle - as a lot of people place these machines on their desk. But it better be real quiet then. Not good though when you want to place it on the floor. "Decorative air intakes" - looks kinda like my old s900. [Laughing] Not quite the minimalist design I like from Apple. I hope Apple will not take these pictures down, I'd rather see something else coming. [...
[quote]Originally posted by FirstChoice26: Spymac just posted a PDF which reveals some details!
This is the same PDF BTW [Skeptical] FirstChoice beat me to it
If you look in this thread on MacRumors you will find a PDF describing the layout of a new enclosure: It's very similar to the pictures here. What wonders me is, could this be the same leak? [ 07-24-2002: Message edited by: sysadmin ]

[quote]Originally posted by Prim: It would rather mean mirror-mode because dual-head is usually a feature reserved to MX-variations of the cards.
Actually that _was_ a feature I'd say. The announcement (why isn't it on Apple's site?) clearly states: [quote]The card provides both extended desktop as well as video...
[quote] and you can dynamically load plain jpegs! [/QB]
Meaning you can include a path to a JPEG, and you don't have to include it in a shockwave file? Cool! Have you heard anything about OS X compatibility?
[No] I'm not in any way confused, just speculating. Read the **** post: [quote]IIRC in previous versions of Flash and Director it took about a month between the first publically seeded beta plug-in and the announcement of the app. Then another month or so before release.
Please, do not take me for a moron. I'm talking about Flash 6 here, not the Flash plug-in for OS X.
Since the plugin has been released: http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=FlashPlayer6bin&P2_Platf orm=MacPPC&P3_Browser_Version=MSIE (I know, windows probably had a plugin already - although I couldn't find it on Windowstracker). IIRC in previous versions of Flash and Director...
[quote]Originally posted by janitor: don't bust the janitor, he does what he can man :cool:
If you know him, please suggest to him his son shouldn't be writing letters to rumor sites [Skeptical]
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