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That happened to me thrice this morning when opening the large JPG file. Thank you for letting me know!
That's cool. Or I can simply hit Safari reader and only focus on content and ignore ads? Either way will work fine with me.
That's a nice move by Apple. Personally, this is kinda old fashioned and no one know how to take screenshot even newbies. There should be a button somewhere "Report spam to Apple" - maybe beside "Add to Contact" that will automatically send the info to Apple like screenshot, timestamp, informaiton, etc. This is 2013, not 1990's
So what will happen after 10.9? 10.10?
Hmm it's still there at App Store.
My bet is ARM.
  haha nice one!
Duplicate post, please remove this one
So what happened to the iHouse that he designed on? Will it ever reveal?
My theory is ... Apple is doing their best to find the mole/leak coming from their high profile meetings.  For example ... Tim Cook privately setup `Meeting One` for 20 people. Cook mentioned "iPad Mini" to 'em. Tim Cook also setup `Meeting Two` for 20 more different people. He mentioned "iPad Midget" to 'em. So whoever leaked "iPad Midget" coming from his profile meeting then he knows that Meeting Two is responsible, not the other. He will hammer 'em down till the...
New Posts  All Forums: