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Me too! But I had this pipe-dream of getting an updated MBP and a free updated iPod Nano. I really want both, but I can't wait any longer. I'll order my 17" MBP and free "old" iPod Nano tonight.
There is some expectation that a new one will be comming in the next two weeks. Failing that (assuming the MBP stays the same) should I buy mine and get the free nano or wait?
And will it be before the free nano promo is over? I'm planning to get the MBP 17" and hope and prey that my dream machine doesn't come out in the next year. Does anyone know if the current MBP will be able to run the new OS? I know "technically” there should be no problem, but I’ve had substantial “bumps” moving to higher operating systems.
This post is mostly a vent of my frustration with Apple’s super secret R&D. I do see validity to both extremes. On the Apple side no one outside the chosen few at Apple know what’s in the works and when it might hit the market. This seems to work well for them as there are so many of us willing to bite and spread rumors (regardless of how far fetched they might be). On the other hand, there are companies on the Windows side that give a press conference every time...
I’m really uncomfortable with the gambling aspect of a computer purchase. I accept that whatever computer I get will be outdated within 6 months. What bothers me is not knowing if the next best thing will be released the week (or day) after I commit the $3000. Particularly if the next best thing adds and extra hour or two to the battery run time. I’m not really looking for a guarantee; I’m looking to hedge my bet. Thoughts?
I know everything that “came out” yesterday was predicted, but I was still hoping for a few surprises; particularly an updated MBP. I had given up my pipe-dream of a complete and miraculous dream machine and had settled for the lower voltage CPU. It was not to be. I need a computer for fall semester. Do you think it’s worth waiting the month in hopes of the new processor, or should I just bite the bullet?
Sorry, this is probably a dumb question, but how do I comtact them (iTMS support)? I keep getting shunted to the FAQ page.
On my very old PC, I was addicted to Command and Comquer, Age of Empires and Homeworld. In your opinion, what's the best current strategy game running on Mac?
Sorry. I actually want to know about updates in general, MBP, MB, eMac, etc. Is there really any way to predict updates if you're not an insider? I know other people waiting for the next Mini or a smaller MBP with a new chip, but they don't particularly care WHEN. Then again they already have computers. I only have old dinosaurs at home (read early G3), so I'm currently limited to my work computer. I'm going to buy a MBP 17" and personally want advice on when I...
So, I was all set to go out and buy my new MBP 17", then this computer tech in my department says: "Don't be stupid. Macs are updating in July or August. Wait and buy the new one." That pretty much killed all of my confidence. Does anyone (apart from insiders at Apple) really know when updates will be? Is it ever even predictable with in a month? Most importantly… When should I buy?
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