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This is for a class I'm talking and so far I got all the other code running (note: the code was given to me by my professor) its for a sniffer and it needs to use the BSD sockets which I know Tiger has and I located every header file but for some reason I get a ton of errors and from what I have researched there usually associated with missing header files. I would like to know if anyone who has the knowledge to figure out these errors and how I can fix them. Heres more...
WOW, Apple is awesome they delivered a product before even announcing it sweet!!! Apple announced the transition to Intel processors in June 2005, but did not ship the first Intel Macs until late January of 2005
They also lowered the prices of all cinema displays... but so far no one has notcied nice news gathering New Prices: 20" $599.00 23" $899.00 30" $1,799.00 http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPL...=AppleDisplays You guys took about 45 minutes longer than most and couldnt even add this lol
God stop acting liked a stupid spoiled brat! Is there any reason you need leopard now? besides wanting to to throw a tantrum like a 5 year old? Anyways back on topic... I really liked the whole article but I especially found this little comment to be very interesting...I really like Apple's attitude towards DRM and there willingness to compete in a open market (Non-DRM), I can't wait to see this!
Its really shocking not only are there various HPs but they do sell Dells... position #11 right now:Did most of you even check out the link before posting Btw while its nice to see Apple at #1 in computers but Amazon does not represent the whole market.
Someone didn't do there homework http://blogs.msdn.com/macmojo/archiv...cworld-07.aspx
You know your really starting to get annoying, Apple has never said or announced any plan to release a phone, they are just rumors if you don't know know the difference between a rumor and reality you should stop coming to this site!If Apple release a phone it will be when there ready not when you say it should... and I for one am very thankful for that fact.So if your going to cry, whine and act immature because a product that has not been announced is not released when...
I had those same problems a few months ago and from what I know about your problems its the Hard drive, Apps would crash, I would get hang ups and when I tried to do a "Archive and install" it didn't work only made it worse then I did a clean install and a few weeks later.. flat line it was dead. So take your computer to be repaired and also have your ram checked and changed if needed... because my ram also died 4 weeks after I had gotten the HD repaired Anyways...
Have you seen the price of Blu-Ray equipped notebooks??? if you haven't they start at $3,500+, thats way to much for a drive especially if we don't know who will win the format wars. I rather they wait for a hybrid solution that won't break the bank.But they should add it as a BTO for the Mac Pro atleast and perhaps the iMac.my 2 cents
From MacNNThis is great news hopefully when these are released apple will add them as BTO for both the Macbook and Mac Mini line!! 8) Now I wonder how much they are going to cost??
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