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The i7-4770k gets 769 in Cinebench 15, the rMBP gets 601. The CPU would be 28% faster. Negligible in real-world scenarios.The 760 would be over 100% faster than the 650M/750M though.Given that you have a high-end rMBP, why bother with the desktop? You aren't gaining that much performance except for the GPU.
Not quite the same output quality but if they mixed it with cloud computing to take the movements made on the iPad and render them at full quality, that would be cool. Here's what the output quality could be like:They'd probably get overloaded with requests though. I'd recreate the scene where the Stormtrooper bangs his head on the door:Also, if Disney hadn't dismantled LucasArts, maybe we'd have a proper Star Wars game. It's not all their fault but they could have fixed...
They haven't downgraded the options that were available before this new model was added. This is just a cheaper option for people who can happily get by with a slower CPU. The 11" Macbook Air is one of Apple's best-selling machines so lots of people must be happy with this level of performance. The SSD helps a lot of course but you can add one to the base model iMac.If you look at the entry iMac with a 256GB SSD at $1350 vs the next model up with 256GB SSD, the price...
CoRDs is at the download link here:http://cord.sourceforge.netYou should just be able to put in details of your server and access it. There's a Microsoft Remote Desktop app for the Mac too:http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=18140
That seems like a lot of hassle to put that kind of box together. It's not that small either:You would be saving ~$600 vs the rMBP but the spec isn't much higher and the laptop is zero hassle, it's portable and fully compatible with OS X. Like I say, the price difference is largely negligible when you factor in resale value, especially on a custom PC. When the 2014 rMBPs arrive, the early 2013 refurbs might even get a further $100 knocked off.
AI is a business, loads of sites do that. Amazon won't let you put outbound links in your product reviews. If you link to a competitor, as far as Google knows, you are promoting them. If one forum promotes another, it will affect their rank in Google, which directly affects click-through revenue.
If it had 4GB RAM, it would be more of a concern but 8GB is plenty for an entry machine and I'd even say 4GB is adequate. The RAM in the other 21.5" models is stuck behind a glued-on screen so although it can be upgraded, it's not easy and given the move to DDR4, DDR3 might be stuck at 16GB max anyway. I wouldn't be surprised to see more models solder RAM in with DDR4. I could see them making the two entry 21.5" models with 8GB soldered and the top 21.5" with 16GB or have...
They could have if they'd dropped the RAM to 4GB and they probably should have. I'm glad they didn't compromise on the IPS display though. I don't get the processor prices unless Intel gave them a huge discount:http://ark.intel.com/products/75030/Intel-Core-i5-4260U-Processor-3M-Cache-up-to-2_70-GHzhttp://ark.intel.com/products/76640/Intel-Core-i5-4570R-Processor-4M-Cache-up-to-3_20-GHzThe dual-core CPU in the base model is priced more than the quad in the next model up. I...
It could also be new MBPs, they are due Haswell refresh and 850M.
The laptop comes with a monitor and if you had to get a monitor and kb/mouse for the Mini, the difference in price drops further.Used models on eBay don't always come with a warranty. Refurbs get a full year and you can extend it to 3 years.As for the extra cost, like I say it has higher resale value so it evens out.
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