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The developer of the following site posted the link on the forum, it has an interactive map to check availability: http://idevicechecker.com It looks like there are quite a few available but sometimes they only have 128GB models.
In that case, I would wait for the October event because the 13" Air and 13" rMBP aren't much different in terms of weight and performance. If the Air goes Retina, there is no need for the 13" rMBP and a new design would be able to replace both the old 13" Air and 13" rMBP. It might not ship until later as it would be based on Broadwell Core M but it should be worthwhile.
Nah he can just phone it in now. iPhone 6 - just bigger, thinner and rounder and then they get him in for the voiceover on the video. He lives 1.5 hours away from HQ now (worse if there's heavy traffic), there's no way he's doing a 3+ hour round trip every day. He had enough free time to design all those auction products a while back. They probably just decided to make the watch to give him something to do. Once product ranges reach a certain level in their design, they...
The Retina Macbook Pro was just updated recently:http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#Retina_MacBook_ProThe next refresh will use Broadwell chips but they don't arrive until Q2 2015.The speculation on the October event is for a Retina Macbook Air (and a Retina iMac, Thunderbolt display and probably an updated Pro). The MBP is already Retina so is ahead of all of them. The Air may also switch to a fanless design.If you just need a basic 15" laptop, there's a possibility that...
To see if it's the format that's the problem rather than iMovie itself, you can try running the files that aren't working through Handbrake:https://handbrake.frThat will output H.264 again but it will be a re-encoded version and different from the original. Another thing to check would be your console log in /Applications/Utilities - check to see if there are any error messages just after trying to import a movie clip.
I didn't say OS X supports SLI, I was saying that if Apple had used NVidia cards then it would be appropriate to ask why they hadn't implemented SLI. They didn't use NVidia cards, they used AMD cards and the feature for AMD is CrossFire.
There's a suggestion here about iMovie marking movies as rejected:https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3714663?start=0&tstart=0"it turns out that iMovie was automatically marking the movies I was importing as "rejected" for some reason. They weren't showing up in the iMovie window (but werein the finder) because I didn't have "show all clips" marked at the bottom of the iMovie window. So, it was marking them as "rejected" and only showing movies that weren't marked as...
Are they all that format and can you still import the original movies again? Also, if you start a new project, can you import the problem movies?
When you open the clips in Quicktime and open Windows > Show Movie Inspector, what does it say the format is of the clips that do work and the ones that don't?
There's a quick start video here for the new iMovie but the interface does have an unusual setup:Final Cut Pro X has a more intuitive layout, although it costs $300:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/final-cut-pro/id424389933?mt=12Another option is Adobe Premiere, the single app is $20 per month (after 15 months, FCPX would be the cheaper option):https://creative.adobe.com/plansWhat is going wrong with iMovie HD, is it not installing or not opening?
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