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Does their car look almost identical to Henry Ford's car? If so and Henry Ford is still alive, there might be a case.Some people do without realising it's an 8" tablet and without acknowledging it had a unique design.
What was the reason it increased 90% in 2011/2012? This was right after losing Steve and whose loss is repeatedly mentioned when the stock falls. Surely losing such an important person would have made the stock plummet immediately.
I think that one's still available but either he or someone else has been signing up other variations:There's also TallistDah and Tallist Huh. The above guy also has SuJu, SteffenJobs, exonn, SteveJobsIsDead, appleisshit.They're Windows/Android users again. When it's both together, it's understandable that their user experience would be so infuriating that they'd just have to lash out at people who have it better.It's like when you see that Salman Rushdie was married to...
The only difference between the accounts would be what's in your home folder. You can try moving everything beginning with Adobe out of the preferences folder as well as from /Users/username/Library/Application Support.
He's not new and yes he is one of the biggest trolls on the site. His accounts include:KoreaFightingSuperJuniorTwoPMhill6ONUESToolongAppleIIIneobianiLGpradaOpticWhiteAppleWillAppleWill2AppleWinsSKFTWOnlyAppleTa11est SkilsharklasersTS Buster 1Zombie SteveZombi SteveB2STbeloFreeFiftybelowFreeFiftyappleisbestAllAppleexomLowest SkilVIXXTheOnionguerillaSluffsHereticz2NE1NotASheepAOA1Adolf MullerThis is in the last year or two. I guess some people just have problems with...
But wait, it's the iTV that's further delayed because the iWatch is coming first: http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/apple-itv-delayed-by-content-deals-and-new-iwatch-focus The TV is already at least 3 years late! http://appleinsider.com/articles/09/02/05/apple_planning_connected_television_apple_tv_with_dvr_report.html They said 2011 launch and it's now 2014. Going by the same timeline, if the iWatch rumors started around 2012, there should be another fictional...
Adobe appears to have set custom names on everything. If you select the plug-ins folder and open the Get Info window, where it says Name & Extension, change Plug-ins to say:Plug-ins.localizedRenaming it removes the extension. This leaves the folder name as Plug-ins but it adds the extension that Adobe looks for. You might have to restart Illustrator a couple of times for it to load the plugins properly again. The fact that it loads ok in another account suggests that your...
He said his job is that he:- gets to dream for a living- creates visual worlds beyond everyone's life experiences- tries to take people on an emotional ridebut what about the curve Michael, how is the curve on the TV going to impact all that?Michael Bay: 'excuse me, I'm sorry'We'll never know.Teleprompter, my ass. No way Phil would call Batman the Black Knight if he had a teleprompter.
Einhorn sued them in February 2013, the buyback proposal was in March 2012.
Have you tried creating a new user, logging in as that user and launching it? Also did this start after upgrading to 10.9?
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