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Probably but not a good idea. You'd be better just turning off the transparency:http://www.howtogeek.com/199201/how-to-disable-window-transparency-in-os-x-yosemite/and possibly turn on dark mode:http://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-software/turn-on-yosemites-dark-mode-on-mac-3534690/
If the potential market size is so low that it makes more sense to let 3rd parties handle it then that's the most likely route for Apple, although they make some exceptions. Tim mentioned the Mac Pro in his recent interview saying it was a low volume product but they chose to keep making it for creative customers. The ModBook looks good enough for drawing with:but they replaced the display with a low quality panel and when you need to type, you have to prop it up...
No, it was for an insult towards another member in another thread. He's made a few insults over a certain period and when they add up, it results in a temporary 3 day ban.
This is all possible with the Macbook models, here's a 780ti run over TB2, which has more bandwidth than ExpressCard:
The Broadwell processors will arrive January-March next year. That's within the Macbook Air update schedule, around 5 months from now. If they go fanless and have a larger model, the 13" MBP can go. These CPUs would then be likely across the low-end, including the mini. The next mini update I wouldn't expect until a while after though as it would need a full redesign of the internals. If you need a replacement now, get the current model. The 2012 models are good value if...
If that was the 17" model, that was still an excessive amount to pay out. It's not a $4k loss you need to recoup though. The machine can be sold for parts and a working model can be bought for $1000-1300:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-MacBook-Pro-17-A1297-MC725LL-A-Early-2011-Core-i7-2-2-GHz-4GB-750GB-/151458009253http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-17-MacBook-Pro-A1297-8GB-RAM-500GB-Harddrive-Anti-glare-screen-/331367726222Not that you should buy those.
They've moved the mini to the ULT processors, same as the 13" MBP. I think these are going fanless. The fan takes up a lot of space:This is mostly height. The motherboard is underneath and still a bit wide:The power supply next to it is still quite tall but this can be shrunk down with the lowered power draw and no fan. A single hard drive will still limit how short it can go but it can go down to the height of the old MBP base. If this means the USB ports go horizontal,...
A luddite would try to block progress to prevent a potential problem. We just need to prepare for the problems that progress produces well in advance. There's an employment breakdown by sector here:http://www.bls.gov/emp/ep_table_201.htmThings like healthcare, education, finance and business services won't lose people so that's still a significant portion of employment opportunities. Driverless vehicles would affect transport jobs, some retail jobs would go. It could be a...
If this is your 2008 MBP where the internal display wasn't working, it'll be the GPU. These were the ones with the NVidia 8600M defect.The shell would be worth something on eBay but not much. Working models can be bought for ~$270 so for spares $100-150 tops. There's a $99 repair service on eBay so someone could buy the broken model and repair it. If it's not worth the hassle of shipping and eBay for $150 minus fees, just put it in the trash.
How are you trying to change it? If it's via the profile page, you can also try logging out and using the link for "forgot my password" to reset it that way.
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