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It's set to the same input as Quicktime. These cross-platform open source apps rarely use OS APIs properly.Looks like pretty much the same deal in Windows:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm8zNeHtXeo
It's just the file cache using over 10GB. This is just temporary storage, nothing to worry about.
Mavericks caches more things in RAM it seems. Check Activity Monitor for details of what's using the most RAM. Things like the file cache are temporary storage and if the system needs more, it'll compress the temporary storage.
You'd have to contact the Audacity developers and see if they can fix it. Recording in Quicktime should be ok though and just open the audio file in Audacity for trimming it.
I'm sorry that he's posting from a Windows machine. Poor guy. Clearly loves Apple but can't use a Mac to post on the forum.This article doesn't really have anything to do with Apple anyway. Apple is in mobile gaming, Sony is in console gaming. High-end console gaming seems to be surviving quite well but more and more big studios keep going under. I fear that one day, it'll just be Call of Duty 12, GTA 12 and generic racing games.The Oculus Rift was paired up with the...
That's a good description of it. I was about to post yesterday that it would come across like it struck a nerve and now the article has been updated with that exact phrase. This author is taking the route of the tabloids and trash publications like TMZ.Cook could have ignored it but as others have mentioned, since it already got the publicity, it might be best to call it out as nonsense.The title of the book has been chosen well to play on the widely held view that Apple...
You might need to check the USB headset in the aggregate input but other than that, it looks ok.
Once you hit make new audio recording, there's a white triangle on the window to the right of the record button.
If you open Quicktime Player (Quicktime X) in /Applications and go to file > new audio recording, does that record your audio ok?
The mention of Anki in the interview offered some insight as to how Apple selects at least some 3rd party products to show off. Allison formed her own creative agency after leaving Apple and Anki was one of their clients. Anki has quite a lot of good reviews but I felt the demo they showed at Apple's event was very amateur looking. If there hadn't been that inside connection to Apple, I wonder if it would ever have been shown at the event. Once a company like Apple has a...
New Posts  All Forums: