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I'd say Haswell Refresh with Iris Pro still at the entry level and 850M in the higher models. Iris Pro may or may not be improved. This would be in the April-June timeframe.
They tend to prefer supporting just the latest version, which I can understand (DirectX 12 might be Windows 8 only for example just like DX11 wasn't made available for XP) but it forces people to pay Microsoft for OS upgrades. People who use Windows only do so because of the Windows monopoly on software. If the software that runs under Windows ran under the Mac side, nobody would need Windows. Forcing upgrades and lining Microsoft's pockets just promotes this. Apple should...
Do you mean the front or back camera? The front cameras on Samsung's phones are at the top right. That's why in selfie pics, the eyes don't look at you because the people are looking at the display.
That link says NVidia has made the mobile chips a mix of both Kepler and Maxwell and some models even have variants of both so you can get an 860M in either architecture but they are configured to perform the same. It doesn't really matter as long as the performance is higher and the power usage and heat output low.
You sure you did it the way I described? If it's not setup exactly the same way, it won't work. The way I described lets you record both mic input and software audio.You could try an app like audio hijack:http://www.rogueamoeba.com/audiohijackpro/It says it does VOIP recording.The sound aggregator should do that. Soundflower just takes output and puts it into an input. The aggregator mixes multiple inputs and if you set Quicktime and system prefs input to the aggregate, it...
They have to be symmetric to allow for holding it in landscape. They still have room to keep the symmetry while pushing the display to the edges:That allows the display to be big enough that the difference between it and the hand brick (4.7") on the right is small enough to not matter and the same hand that can reach the middle of the top-left icon can reach the bottom-right corner.
I'm guessing DoubleDee is a 'she' from the name Debbie being appended to the post and also from the profile picture, which I would hazard a guess has some link to the username.If you go into /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup, there's a way to add multiple inputs. Click the plus and then create an aggregate device. Select built-in mic and soundflower, this is the aggregate input. If you have headphones, you would want to create a multi-output too with headphones and...
That's true but there are differences like you can't adjust the brightness of the monitor using the Apple keyboard. The display sharpness and output can't be properly calibrated for every display that it's possible to connect to the Mini. People won't always go for a high quality panel either, some will buy on price and end up with a cheap TN panel with poor viewing angles, poor brightness, backlight bleeding etc. Having the control with the iMac means everyone gets a good...
You do realise the Mac Pro is only this size:That would easily fit in a lot of video camera bags.
The full article is behind a pay wall but 9to5mac took screenshots: http://9tomac.com/2014/03/16/sunday-times-interviews-jonathan-ive-on-everything-design-apple-and-much-more/ (put the 5 in the link).
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