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I noticed your in Seattle (we are too). We work at the University Zoka coffee shop every day, if you want to stop by some time we would love to give you a demo.
Yes Wil was furious when he found out the president of Delicious Monster (me) was answering a customers e-mail. Wil and I are 50/50 partners and owners in our new company. Please fuck off.Once again, fuck you. You do not know anything about me, Wil or our company. I started designing this app before Wil was even part of the company and have continued to design the UI, features and graphics. Wil and I work together every day shaping our app and our company. We are a...
I just put up a set of 18 toolbar icons developers can use to help make their applications look and feel even better on Mac OS X. The icon set is similar to The Iconfactory's $349 "Stock Icon" sets, including an add button, pencil, document, paintbrush, folders, and more — but is of a higher quality and totally free. Developers can use the icons in their applications completely free of charge and as long as they would like. I hope some people find a good home for...
Well we can just wait and see how iPhoto does it when they copy us.
no I like to only have preferences where they are absolutely necessary. If people REALLY want it was will add it but right now it does not seem like people care. It is just cool out of the box .
keep it around. I'll bet you'll find your self needing it soon.Yep that is totally custom. Glad you like it. What do you think of the lens?
If you have not already check out CatScan, my new interface recourse collector. The basic idea is you drag in any Application or folder and it scans it for any images/icons, Nibs, and HTML files. It then will display them all as thumbnails in an easy to read grid layout. It has a bunch of cool flashy fun stuff also . Download CatScan or Checkout more info
The new icon sucks. Download my replacements here.
I happen to know the designer of the sonicare and that is infact how it works. one side sends a magnetic pules and the other side picks it up and makes it electricity. This MIGHT be able to work with date like 1 pulse=0, 2 pulses=1 kinda thing. I bet it would be slow though. This would rule though. LONG LIVE THE SONICARE!
Just use apples IconComposer. It is so strait farward. Iconograffer gives me a headach when ever I have to use it (witch is when I want to get an icon into Photoshop).
New Posts  All Forums: