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Could never figure out why Apple didn't do this years ago. Android had it. When you're about to type a lower case letter it should be displayed as a lower case letter on the keyboard. Showing caps all the time seems so 20th century. It's a (mini) computer, after all, not a typewriter. Why anyone wouldn't like it is beyond me.
How about short MagSafe dongle adapters. You put Part A into the MacBook and Part B at the end of the cord. $89.95.
No matter how you configure it, an iPad is not a Mac notebook computer and it won't run Mac OS X. The MacBook is a real Mac, with a larger screen than an iPad and a real keyboard. It folds up instantly to be moved around or taken with you, unlike an iPad with separate keyboard which is kinda fiddly. Some people can get along fine with only an iPad. I find them useful for a few things but after using one for about 10 minutes, I want my Mac back. Your mileage may vary.
I think adapters like that are likely coming soon. Since USB-C isn't a proprietary Apple thing, Apple can't stop third parties from making such a dock/adapter, can they? Makes sense to have the charger on the floor (or wherever) connected to a few peripherals with just one USB-C cord running to the MacBook. I don't use my MacBook that way, it's only a laptop, but it's a good idea.
Exactly! I see the MacBook as a big iPad that runs OS X and has a real keyboard. Which is exactly what I've been wanting, and what I think Apple has designed the new MacBook to be. I don't need ports on my iPad and won't need them on the MacBook. My iPad is likely to go up for sale after I get a MacBook. It's like a super-improved version of the 12" PowerBook which I loved!
Seriously? Do you think it won't be able to do those things? Sure, if you want a heavier laptop, they are available with better performance. But they won't surf the web, send email or stream video any better.
Agreed, for an ultra-portable machine the new MacBook will be excellent. It's extremely light, has great battery life, an awesome screen and adequate performance. It's a perfect on the go or on-your-lap computer, while not for those who need loads of power. I think that's what the MacBook Pro is for. This new MacBook will replace my iPad, which frustrates me each and every day.
I disagree. Lots of laptops are still sold. Tablet sales are slowing because everyone has one already. Both have their uses, neither will go away.
Thanks, that's one of the most reasonable explanations I've heard. Makes me a little less frustrated with Adobe.   I still hate the fact that I'll probably be stuck with Dreamweaver CS6 forever. But I don't use it enough to justify paying Adobe $20 per month.
Me too. My main concern is that Apple will do something in an OS upgrade that prevents Dreamweaver 6 from running. (It happens a lot.) Then I'm screwed.
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