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Thanks, that's one of the most reasonable explanations I've heard. Makes me a little less frustrated with Adobe.   I still hate the fact that I'll probably be stuck with Dreamweaver CS6 forever. But I don't use it enough to justify paying Adobe $20 per month.
Me too. My main concern is that Apple will do something in an OS upgrade that prevents Dreamweaver 6 from running. (It happens a lot.) Then I'm screwed.
Perpetual payments. Gotta love it.
You're basing your evaluation on a store demo. Blame Staples for not maintaining their demo hardware properly. The Nexus 7 is actually pretty well built.   I would be concerned about a $99 tablet. If this rumor is true, which I doubt, there would be a lot of compromises to get it to that price.
edit: already said by someone else
I agree and hope there's a simple way to ignore the Facebook integration.
And I would have said items were stolen from the home of Steve Jobs' family.
Remember when car keys were asymmetrical? A real pain to use, especially in the dark. I'm glad we got past that and I'm glad Apple is too, with their connectors.
I had a look at the Galaxy Note today at Target. It's a little bigger than I thought it was. The Galaxy S III looks more suitable as a large phone that would fit in most any pocket. Screen sizes are 5.3 and 4.8 inches respectively.  
Ok, half the time you wear a jacket and the other half you wear shorts with deep pockets! Why does it need to fit a pocket to be more portable, light and easy to handle? Why do I continue to post here?  
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