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Everybody hold on to your hats! Apple is moving off of WebObjects!!! :O
Imagine everyone's face when Apple puts out a car... in Japan first.
Those who can't, complain. Loudly.
That makes it sound like a cheeseburger.
Didn't say anything to the contrary. But Apple and Samsung were negotiating over this years ago and those negotiations broke down because Samsung walked away from the table unsatisfied. Now they just reentered the room, sat back down, and no one has to say anything for them to know just how desperate they look.
Samsung gets the tar beaten out of it in multiple countries (including South Korea), they've now spent hundreds of millions in court only to owe Apple almost a cool billion, Apple is renewing motions to ban their products, and now they want to negotiate again? WHAT A TWIST!
"You got tiles in my rounded corners!"
I think the real issue here is that someone is taking a vacation in Hawaii and has to make a SPREADSHEET. This is Microsoft's idea of "doing work".
Shot in the dark guess: It's a meeting for store employees and every store that is changing their hours is in a country where Apple is either not allowed to hold employees past normal business hours or would have to pay overtime to do so. Therefore, their meetings will occur when they would have normally been on duty anyways. I really don't feel like researching this, it's just first thing that crossed my mind.
Ever since upgrading to iOS 7 on my 4S, my WiFi has actually improved (On iOS 6 I would sometimes have to manually turn WiFi off and on to get a solid connection), and I've been running 7.0.2 since the day it was released without a single issue. I'm inclined to believe that some people just need to do a backup and restore.
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