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Same difference. :P
This article is missing a screenshot from Star Trek IV.
It's comparative research. That it came off as "Android hate" is a byproduct of the ugly truth.
Isn't it funny how the people Captaining a sinking ship are the only ones unconvinced that it's sinking?
All of these things that are coming to light, and this is just suppose to be a very early beta of the software. We went from 'That's all they got done in seven months?' to 'Damn, they did all that in only seven months?' Can't wait to see the next beta release, I'm guessing the visual changes will be pretty severe. And in a good way.
They embedded it wrong, here:
I don't think offering me a link to buy what I'm listening to is an ad, rather it's a convenience. If this is what Apple considers "ad-supported" then sign me up. At least with iRadio I know I won't be told that I have "1 new message waiting" *blinkblinkblinkblinkblink*. >_>
If all Apple gave us was faster hardware, running a more stable, faster version of iOS, with much-needed updates to the core apps, and simply continued to improve Maps and Siri, I'd be happy as a clam. Apple spoiled the media by continuously hitting the ball out of the park for several years and now anything less, no matter how factually successful, will look like failure to them. I'd say who cares what they think, but what they think could hurt Apple no matter the facts.
It's over, Apple is doomed. (I'm never going to get tired of saying that either)
Zuckerberg went so far as to say that they weren't creating an OS or forking Android yet used those points as his excuse for not deploying on iOS. Facebook already has a choice seat at Apple's dinner table, they have far more freedom with iOS than most others, so the reason Facebook Home is going to Android first (and maybe only) is purely a political one. Home is clearly for the Facebook obsessed. It's not greater enough than the Facebook app to make me want to get a new...
New Posts  All Forums: