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I think the real issue here is that someone is taking a vacation in Hawaii and has to make a SPREADSHEET. This is Microsoft's idea of "doing work".
Shot in the dark guess: It's a meeting for store employees and every store that is changing their hours is in a country where Apple is either not allowed to hold employees past normal business hours or would have to pay overtime to do so. Therefore, their meetings will occur when they would have normally been on duty anyways. I really don't feel like researching this, it's just first thing that crossed my mind.
Ever since upgrading to iOS 7 on my 4S, my WiFi has actually improved (On iOS 6 I would sometimes have to manually turn WiFi off and on to get a solid connection), and I've been running 7.0.2 since the day it was released without a single issue. I'm inclined to believe that some people just need to do a backup and restore.
Same difference. :P
This article is missing a screenshot from Star Trek IV.
It's comparative research. That it came off as "Android hate" is a byproduct of the ugly truth.
Isn't it funny how the people Captaining a sinking ship are the only ones unconvinced that it's sinking?
All of these things that are coming to light, and this is just suppose to be a very early beta of the software. We went from 'That's all they got done in seven months?' to 'Damn, they did all that in only seven months?' Can't wait to see the next beta release, I'm guessing the visual changes will be pretty severe. And in a good way.
They embedded it wrong, here:
I don't think offering me a link to buy what I'm listening to is an ad, rather it's a convenience. If this is what Apple considers "ad-supported" then sign me up. At least with iRadio I know I won't be told that I have "1 new message waiting" *blinkblinkblinkblinkblink*. >_>
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