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Oh PLEASE let this mean Apple will decide to de-region the iTunes Store. I'm going to hit the Japanese content like an Iraqi-based US Marine on a weekend pass! You heard me.
Elevation = Apple, Inc.
Don't forget, he saved the world from an alien threat... WITH A MAC! The virus that destroyed the entire alien culture didn't so much as affect the G3 PowerBook running OS 8.5 :P
Dammit, I was going to say, these ads seem to harken back to the TiBook days of Apple ads. And I strongly believe that that's a good thing. "Ah well, whatever the reason... Gee, you're just so gonna want one..." - Jeff after trying to figure out why you'd want the new G4 PowerBook. ^_^ What I do miss is the Apple hardware that... ran itself, remember? All the products in the older commercials moved and toiled through their functions without human aid. Like the optical Pro...
OS X 10.4.10 "Bobcat" A stripped down version of Tiger with new code to optimize it for use on even the oldest iMac and PowerMac systems. Designed for very small hard drives (By today's standards), little RAM, and slow processors. Basically it would work with everything introduced since Jobs came back to Apple, it would be a no frills, just work version of the OS that still retained a part of its power (Spotlight, Dashboard lite, etc...).Tiger is already being "given away"...
After leaving my MacBook plugged into AC for a short while I heard the fans spin up and go silent, now when I'm running off the battery the AirPort card stays connected... Backdoor patching? Or did I not give it enough time to finish installing before going to the battery? Aside from that I've had zero issues with both patches, I'm glad I got it since Safari is my browser of choice (No matter how many times I try to use FireFox or something else) andthe patch makes the...
Applied AirPort update... My Core Duo MacBook will now shut off the AirPort card without warning, repeativly if running on the battery.
At first I thought it was my screen but you're right, there's a texture to those plastic windows. We've got Pinstripe, Brushed Metal, Smooth Steel, Plastic (of varying shades)... what should we call this one?I wonder if this is a follow through on the idea that iApps get lighter shades of grey and ProApps darker shades?EDIT: Eggshell?
This is why I think Apple is being modest with an October release. They're not going to be working on refining the GUI if they're that far off from releasing the product. They aren't going to be concerned with the polish yet if they have things being worked on under the hood. I'm still holding for a June/July release of 10.5.
4chan? On MY AppleInsider? I'm still waiting for Lions Gate to put up Antitrust, and for TNT to put up Pirates of Silicon Valley. ^_^
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