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Big Broth--- I mean, IBM?
You mean, the best selling player from Microsoft?
Apple is the king of demo software, they don't take stuff out or nerf the functionality in anyway when they release demos. I don't know of any other major software company that does that.
"Apple, has yet to launch any significant new iPods so far this year," hahahahahahahahaha... These people make me laugh, I shall allow them to live.
The new Wireless Mighty Mouse box looks exactly like the Mighty Mouse box, with the text Wireless in the front center top in black with a black box. Both wireless models have opaque shells to hide the machinery and the battery pack from view. I just thought it was interesting, why is an old Wireless Mouse box hanging around the cameras at Apple?
Odd, there's an image on the Tech Spec screen: That shows a new AppleCare box, and an old Wireless Mouse box? EDIT: And the monitor has the Panther wallpaper...
What kind of manufacturing? Technology equipment? And where at, in the states? China? I'm sure things vary whereever you go and I'm sure that a lot of stupid stuff happens just cause companies are too lazy/ignorant about it. But we know this was a mistake, and I would like to believe that Apple wasn't poising itself for something like this to happen ala: 'Why is there no virus scanner on this test machine? It's connected to the internet.' 'Don't worry about it.' It prolly...
Seeing as how it was a previously known virus, if you got hit by it then you're the one to blame for not keeping your anti-virus software up-to-date... Especially since just about every single anti-virus auto updates by default. If it was out of date you had to knowingly tell it to stop updating. Apple can't be responsible for you at that point.
WAAAAA!!! My computer is not absolutely perfect in every way!!! WAAAAA!!! Apple says they're better which means they think they're perfect which means this is false advertising which means I'm sueing them for lots of money!!! WAAAAA!!! Apple: We recognize that there is a problem with some of our revision A MacBooks. We will replace the defective components as fast as we can supply them free of charge. ... WAAAAA!!! You're not doing it fast enough to apease...
http://www.apple.com/environment/materials/http://www.apple.com/environment/design/Note how the Design page has been updated with a 2nd Gen nano.
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