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ANY Richard Dean Anderson on iTunes would be step in the right direction. And am I the only one that wants to see Adult Swim programming on the Music Store? [edit] ANY Amanda Tapping would be a step in the right direction as well. ^_^
Judging by the second picture from the link, that's the exact same type of table used in Apple Stores. Except it's painted black for some odd reason. It's also using the exact same clear acrylic sign holders with signs that look like the ones Apple supplies its stores. Hopefully that means that Best Buys are going to get Apple sanctioned employees that actually know what they're talking about like CompUSA (Whos Apple Shops also share visual similarities to Apple...
I love all this talk about version numbers. I too used to think that the numbers counted up until 9 then reset to 0 and added 1 to the parent number like a decimal. I've seen shareware do crazy stuff like iApp But the one I like the best is one that I've seen a couple of the programs i follow adapt. I'm in an Apple Store right now, and a piece of software they sell in here does it too. *walks to the software shelf, grabs Diskwarrior* Yeah, this...
Because the next OS X update is going to allow all Intel based Macs to fly!
I'm glad that a new iPod updater is out, I guess it's a good thing that there is a lot of time between them now meaning that there are not that many bugs left to squash. It's just sad that Apple has to waste their time and creative energy to make a peice of software just to get the suits to shut up. And if these people are so stupid that they can't be trusted with volume control then they'll find a way around that too. "Never underestimate the power of stupid people...
*Snaps a crisp salute at the MS employees that said those quotes* You guys really don't have to put up with it, you can work somewhere that'll respect your abilities... http://www.apple.com/jobs/ ^_^
Huh? The only thing that will compell me to wait for a 6thGen would be more storage. If not, I'm working on the 60 white. My iPod use consists of 2 parts music, 1 part file storage.
New Posts  All Forums: