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"A good offense is the best defense." ...Which is something Apple EXCELS at.
Are they really proud of building a giant space heater next to what will become one of the most unique buildings in the world?Troll level: Samsung
*looks at rear-view iPad mount* You know not the evils you have brought upon this world...
Man Jony, you let yourself go. :P Not that I'm complaining, he looks happier than he did in his muscle-building days. And dare I say more jolly?
This seems like a tactical move on Apple's part.
In the words of Jeff Jarvis, "How dare they make money, HOW DARE THEY!"
  As Red Light as you can get in Japan... save for maybe the alleys around Ueno station. It's a shame too, Roppongi is totally different during the day. All the odd shops around there are really neat. Stick to Shibuya for the night life.
That's right, closer to the visa-less Kenyans that harass you to go to their clubs and buy over-priced (and potentially spiked) drinks.
That's a very good reenactment of Jobs, and a very bad reenactment of Woz.
Doesn't surprise me. You listen to his closing keynote from the infamous MacWorld 1997 and he hinted to cloud computing, how computers would become devices, and how those devices would connect to (rather than store) our data.
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