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Doesn't surprise me. You listen to his closing keynote from the infamous MacWorld 1997 and he hinted to cloud computing, how computers would become devices, and how those devices would connect to (rather than store) our data.
ifixIt gives these headphones a 0 on the repair-ability scale. No phillips screws, everything is glued together, and no user-replaceable speaker cones. This is a slap in the face to Apple's user base.
Business as usual for the anti-Apple war machine. When the haters stop trying to spread vicious lies, I'll actually be worried.
  Mine signature. Everyone calls Wozniak the visionary and Jobs the CEO. Woz didn't tell Jobs to say any of this. And not to put our beloved Segway-mounted Santa Claus down, Woz is one of the most awesome dudes alive today. But looking back I think that Woz had great ideas... While Jobs had a (as yet, not fully realized) vision of what the future could be.
Does Samsung just NOT HAVE an original bone in their body? Oy...
       The culture in a lot of Asia (especially the South Pacific) just doesn't understand queuing or taking turns. Some places get it, Singapore to a degree, South Korea too... Japan is probably the world leader when it comes to being civilized about lines and waiting turns.
The iDevices that support Siri have a special chip and mic hardware with a unique noise-cancelling bit. Remember how they focused on the fact that the new MacBook Pro has a new mic with a dual receiver? I think they left the backdoor open for Siri there.
How much does anyone want to bet that the new MacBook Pro has the hardware for full Siri support?
That picture makes Best Buy look more like a Greyhound terminal than an Apple Store.
This isn't an iOS app, it's a physical product at the retail stores.
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