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Well whaddaya know, you CAN give them away. Seriously though, the people who want $100 tablets are the same people who want $100 notebooks. And genuinely wonder why they won't boot after six months.
Apple should just send them a bill for 45 units. ...They may even qualify for a bulk discount.
The white MacBook is totally gone, the Pros will look like Airs, and Apple is now selling Airs to the education market. That's pretty much settles it. The entire Apple notebook family will be ultrathins @ 11", 13", 15" and 17". They'll drop Air and Pro from the names and just call the whole lineup "MacBook". SSDs are already cresting 1TB, if you need more than that then you're okay with using externals. Th-th-th-Thunderbolt! And I'm sure the one-fives and one-sevens will...
If Gates had to come out in public to say how he was unaffected by Job's comments, he was affected by Job's comments.
I was wondering if anyone was going to say this. Does anyone remember this?http://www.youtube.com/embed/OhDL48ulKywAside from the prophecies of iCloud and the iPad, listen to what Steve says at 0:50. Video taken from All Things D in 2007.
The fewer "Shoot the iPhone to win!" ads I see, the better.
Are we even talking about the same thing?
I would!
Most of Apple's accomplishments over the last decade have been symbolic.
What year was that built? How is it "high-tech"? I would bet my kidney, cause I don't have any intention of giving up my kidney, that Apple will bulldoze the entire lot. When Apple builds stores in malls they rip out the utility pipes from deep within the walls and install their own. We'll be lucky if Apple doesn't insist on rebuilding that section of freeway from the 2006 purchase.
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