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Are we even talking about the same thing?
I would!
Most of Apple's accomplishments over the last decade have been symbolic.
What year was that built? How is it "high-tech"? I would bet my kidney, cause I don't have any intention of giving up my kidney, that Apple will bulldoze the entire lot. When Apple builds stores in malls they rip out the utility pipes from deep within the walls and install their own. We'll be lucky if Apple doesn't insist on rebuilding that section of freeway from the 2006 purchase.
I feel really sorry for Adobe, when companies start lying outright you know they're circling the drain. If only they'd improve the efficiency of Flash instead of defending a old worn out codebase... That which does not grow, dies.
Bring someone along to take pictures of security escorting you out of the mall. ^_^
"unsavory"? You're not actually suppose to EAT the apple, it's made of resin of course it tastes terrible.
The fusion reactors in the secret sub-basement of course.
The back of Apple's data centre is better looking than the front of Microsoft's.
Reading the post? I've never seen NeXT called out in a current day patent dispute before. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention. Didn't Apple absorb NeXT or does it still exist for select things within the company like FileMaker?
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