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Apple patent + my 400+ hour Oblivion save = FFFFF... Fan-fiction starts getting released in beautifully-bound hardcover books!
So does this mean that HP will be in steady decline until 2020 when he'll be begged to return then single-handedly transform an almost dead company into the world's most successful device and media brand?
Job's isn't fond of California road rules.http://www.iphonesavior.com/2008/09/...jobs-barc.html Basically he drives without plates, parks in handicap spots at 1 Infinite Loop, etc. Totally carefree like that. Didn't he used to drive a Jag?
Ethernet but no phone jack. That's ballsy.
I can hear the heads of the music and movie industries forming ulcers in their guts as we speak.
Can't unsee. I'm convinced that unless you spend an hour arguing with the stylist there is no such thing as a perfect haircut. Something always gets overlooked.
In other news, sales of Pink Floyd songs on iTunes momentarily spiked before falling over 50% due to the removal of single track downloading. Toshiba EMI's stock fell 2 points while Apple (APPL) closed at yet another all time high. Funny how people keep accusing Apple of being the ones who take away options. All I ever hear about is content companies and artists shooting their own selves in the foot like this. Give the morons a gun, go ahead, maybe this time they'll...
They're renovating it. Seems like Apple wants to install keystones of their own choosing while the rest of the brick is acceptable just being painted over. A clean yet efficient renovation.I'm also hoping they'll put the Apple logo(s) in the glass. I can just imagine a brightly lit Apple in the top center, it would take away from the building's charm.
I'm far from being a "noob", but you're right. Didn't mean to confuse. I meant any Intel processors aside from the Core 2s and Xeons that Apple is using in their current computers. If they're going to disable one chip line, why not all the others that they have no use for? What are you thoughts on that observation?
The question to that is, why did they not also cut out the code for Centrinos? or Pentiums? Singling out one line of processor like that means they either are going after hackintoshes or they're doing explicit work to that code that requires it to be broken off for now. It's always possible that the Slate will be powered by Atoms. Or the next AppleTV.
New Posts  All Forums: